On Being Cut Out for Business - Christine Kane

I’m doing something totally different in this episode. I got a couple of inspirations that made me want to switch things up. Yup, call me a Quick Start. 

I recently did a coaching Q&A call, and many of the questions received from podcast listeners, such as yourself, had a similar theme: Am I sabotaging my business being the way I am?

So today I have the perfect antidote for the feeling of “I’m doing something wrong,” by sharing the intro of my new book The Soul-SourcedTM Entrepreneur, which is all about the inner game of having a business.

It’s a story I called “On Being Cut Out for Business” from the early days in my music career. It’s a behind-the-scenes story proving that you don’t have to be the way all the strategists and gurus tell you to be in order to be successful.

You’ll also hear why I require my clients to check a box that says, “I’M IN.” (HINT: It’s an acronym for: Initiating intention, Managing power, Interpreting experiences, and Navigating decisions. 

Discover why the business world is one you’re cut out for, my friend, and more importantly, one that’s cut out for you.