When Boundaries Get Broken (Part 1) - Christine Kane

Boundaries are a big topic for Soul-SourcedTM entrepreneurs … whether they’re being broken by clients, questioned by your team, or even when you’re the one breaking a clear boundary you set up yourself.

And to be clear, boundaries aren’t necessarily a “none shall pass” impenetrable barrier. They’re often just simple needs and standards you have. The ways you work most effectively. The kinds of clients you’re meant to serve. The types of team members you groove with. 

Essentially, boundaries are the standards you set based on what works best for you and your business. To help paint this picture, you’re going to hear what I learned when a musician I admired held firm boundaries with me backstage at a show. 

Navigating these situations can feel tricky, so let’s talk about how you can clear your emotions and operate from a place of integrity. Listen in to learn the three questions to ask yourself when you’re experiencing a boundary issue – including how to see it as an opportunity to expand. Then I’ll walk you through four simple action steps to take BEFORE you address your concerns with someone else. 

Be sure to check back next week for part two where I’ll cover five key areas we often find crossed boundaries, and the unconscious core beliefs that cause us to break them.