Special: Winging it vs Owning it - Christine Kane

Let’s look at the definition of ‘wing it’ to start, shall we…. wing it: to do something with no preparation. I would take that one step further and say, actions taken while winging it lack intention.

When I’ve spoken about this topic previously during our in-person MClub mastermind retreats, this is the point where heads start to turn and I see the look… you know, where everyone asks ‘isn’t winging it normal for a solo entrepreneur!?’

Well my friend, allow me to share one of the key “broken business models” that plagues the typical entrepreneur… this will further expand and uncover some things that may have you privately confessing to have ‘done that.’

But don’t worry, I’m going to share the story of a client who rose above some crazy odds and owned where she was going, and you’ll hear why – as a single mom who found herself jobless when the COVID craziness started – she simple couldn’t wing it.

And you’ll hear how you can follow exactly what she did and how you can use the same tools and resources to attract clients quickly – she had 7 new clients in a week and don’t fall over when you hear how many right-fit clients she had after 3 weeks.

So over to you, hit that play button, and see how you can move away from that reaction energy and uplevel your business and your income and your mindset – and your life. Enjoy.

Episode Transcript

Welcome to the Soul-Sourced™ Podcast, unconventional business advice for the highly creative, secretly sensitive and wildly ambitious entrepreneur. I’m your host, Christine Kane. Let’s do this.

Hello everyone. Or I should say, as we do in North Carolina, Hey, all y’all and welcome to this special episode of the Soul-Sourced™ Business Podcast. And today I’m going to spend just about 10 or 15 minutes talking about winging it versus owning it when it comes to your business. So why does this even matter? I think it’s because it’s about your ability to become confident and clear versus that ongoing feeling of anxiety and nervousness. I call it the other shoe syndrome, and that’s when you’re always just kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop. And that’s how it feels when you’re winging it. So weaning it in business looks like reacting or letting some kind of fear or anxiety force your next move in your business. And that can mean anything from calling people out of the blue to trying to just, you know, drum up business or suddenly raising your prices again, not from strategy, but from anxiety or comparing yourself to somebody and then hoping it all works.

And maybe seeing everyone talk about clubhouse and interrupting your writing to go get an account on clubhouse and suddenly finding yourself in a room with a bunch of people talking really loud and hastily beating a path out of there. Never, never wanting to try clubhouse again, or spending money on Pinterest ads, because you heard someone on a podcast talking about how they made $75,000 a week doing Pinterest ads, you know, the deal, you know how it works and, if someone’s winging it, they often don’t even know they’re winging it or that winging it is even a thing. They mostly just think that this is how it is, or worse, that something’s wrong with them. So sometimes when they hear me describe what winging it is, they’ll realize that this isn’t the way it has to be. And mostly I think, um, I’ve seen that happen when I teach something I call Broken Business Models, and one of those models is something I call the Crap Cycle and crap is an acronym for the cycle of reactivity and panic.

And how that shows up for typically for a solo business owner, is that they have these months where it seems like they’re on the brink of financial ruin because nothing is happening. So again, from that reactivity place, they start drumming up business. They call everyone they can, they, they binge market, all based in reaction, and sure they get clients and many of them are non-ideal clients. And then this starts to move us into the panic part of the cycle, where they’re now delivering on all of their client work, and they haven’t bothered to get clear on who their client is or what they even really do or what onboarding looks like. And so now they’re in that panic cycle, they’re all hyped up and they say things like, God, I need to hire someone which is quickly followed by the thought, ehh, by the time I show someone how to do this, I could just do it myself. We all know that we all know that little mantra, or they don’t hire people. And this is the worst of all. It’s because they’ve been in the crap cycle so long that they know it won’t be long before they’re in the reactivity anxiety place of having no clients. And mostly that happens because when they’re in the panic cycle, they have no time to market or do any kind of business development or strategy. And so that cycle continues on and on and on.

And when I described that, I see, you know, it’s usually in the room at one of my retreats or something, and I’ll see lots of heads nod and people in the room look around like, wait, isn’t, isn’t that how it’s supposed to be. Isn’t that how it is for everyone? And it is funny because it is so true, but it isn’t, it’s not like that for everyone, and a lot of times you have to make a conscious choice. In fact, I’m not going to say a lot of times, I’m going to say every time, you have to be the one to make a conscious choice to stop winging it in your business. And honestly, I don’t know what that catalyst is for each person when they stop winging it. When they realize I’ve got to stop doing that. I recently did a business training on Zoom for my pal, Susan Piver and her Open-Heart project, and at the end of the training, a woman named Stacy came on. I had finished the training and I was coaching people in the group on their particular marketing questions and sequences, and how to think about their marketing and Stacy raised her hand. And she is in my Uplevel Cafe community. And she wanted everyone to know that even if they were confused, how much this stuff worked and she told everyone her story, and I didn’t even know what she had been through, but she shared that she had been following me for a while.

She had been doing some trainings in Uplevel Cafe, then she knew in her heart that she could have a business she’s, she’s a healing practitioner by the way, but she also had a job. So she only ever just kind of winged it. And she never really put the time in, into this business idea and this business desire she had. So she figured that it just wasn’t in the cards. And then at the very start of the pandemic last year, she got laid off from her job. And just like that, Stacy, who is a single mom of two kids had no income. And so that was Stacy’s catalyst. And she told everyone she stopped winging it. And she described longing logging into the Uplevel vault that very next morning, after she, you know, went fetal and like got all dramatic, but she dove into the strategy trainings and she leaned into the mindset trainings and she got very, very clear.

And she told everyone that within three weeks she launched her virtual private therapy practice. And in the first seven days alone, Stacy signed on seven clients. And then by the end of the second week, she had 58 clients. And by her third week of being jobless, Stacy tripled the income, she was making pre pandemic. And she shared that, you know, just over a year now, it’s just over a year, she has this thriving online therapy practice. And after she shared all this people were crying. Like Susan Piper was crying, I was crying. It was very profound. And the key thing here is that she made this conscious choice and she was forced into it, I get that, but it’s also cool, she’s not a bookkeeper or a systems gal, or, you know, someone who’s wired this way. She is a healer. She does a combination of various different therapies, and she has this full practice of high paying clients. And I have also witnessed their feedback and testimonials, and she has truly changed their lives. It’s pretty astounding.

So for some people, the catalyst to stop winging it is a do or die situation that forces you into it. I’m going to say that for me when I was a musician, and this is so typical of an Enneagram four, I just, I couldn’t take it anymore. I was. I know how pathetic this sounds, but I was just suffering too much. It was way too hard. And I have shared with you guys that the, one of the highest compliments that clients say to me, it’s not their financial victories or that someone like Stacey is now making well over triple her pre pandemic salary, or that one of my clients wrote to me recently to share that she crossed the million dollar mark in her company.

I love stuff like that. I really love it. But the shift out of winging it and into owning it is the highest compliment I get. And what they tell me is always, thank you. You taught me how to think. And that’s when I know that I’ve helped them shift out of just winging it and into really owning it. And I know that when I share that with people, I know it’s not sexy. And I get that, like, if this podcast were, we’re like the title of it or something like how to use clubhouse to make $75,000 a week, there would be so much more appeal for people who love to wing it, and they don’t even know they’re winging it, but the choice to move out of winging it and into owning, it is really something that’s all yours. And the best thing I can do is to invite you to first be aware of that pattern and then invite you to step in and make that happen, to really move into owning it, and that the financial rewards may not always be instant like in Stacy’s case, but then when you do step in, they become long-term and they really create confidence.

And so if that calls to you, I want to extend a personal invitation to you right now. I have, just this month, opened the doors to my cool little Uplevel Cafe community. So Uplevel cafe is kind of like a cool, very focused little business school for people like you and me. And it combines trainings in both what I call the Strategy Tracks and the Soul Tracks of your business. And that means that there is an ever-growing suite of trainings in the strategy track in our Uplevel Vault, and those trainings are called Jump Starts because they’re doable and they are simple, and they teach you how to market and how to sell, and they teach you how to think and also how to manage yourself in your week.

And as I record this particular podcast, there are 16 trainings in the Strategy Track in all. Some of the trainings, I’ll list some of them, but how to discover the core messages in your business, how to do a simple Facebook ads campaign boost to reach more people and build your list. And that’s a formula that we use here at Uplevel. And also a formula we use is, um, the Warm Letter Formula, which is a nine day client getting email sequence that I wrote word for word to, for one of my clients, and we just give you the exact emails that I wrote for him, and you can model that. It’s also a, there’s a jumpstart on how to create your first opt-in page, how to create a compelling signature story, which is the why story behind your business, and that attracts your ideal client in ways that aren’t forceful, but really, really compelling to them.

And yes, of course, there’s also a training on ideal clients. And in addition, there are trainings just about your business model and how to set things up in an order that flows and leaves weaning it behind for good. And so if you’ve read my book and listened to my podcast at all, you know that the Strategy Track is one thing, but that the Soul Track is every bit as important as the strategy track. And I think that’s what really makes everything about Uplevel and all that we do here really different from so many other coaching models and the ways people coach business. So the Soul Track is a key focus in Uplevel Cafe as well. And I have stacked the whole Soul Track with videos, all about the many mindset areas of business ownership and topics that go much, much deeper than just telling you to think positive, because there are many, many emotions and reactions and patterns that naturally arise as you run this business of yours.

So I’ve also added in this time around we, we, this is part of why it took such a long time to reopen Uplevel Cafe, but I’m particularly proud of this. We have a little section in our vault called perks, and, uh, there is one perk that you can unlock on the 21st day of being in Uplevel Cafe, and that is the Soul-Sourced™ Mindset Intensive. So if you’ve taken part in my Uplevel Your Life Program, or Becoming 360, you know, the power of having a daily coaching lesson delivered to your inbox and the Soul-Sourced™ Mindset Intensive is six weeks of mindset immersion with a coaching lesson every day, all based on the principles of my book, the Soul-Sourced™ Entrepreneur, and it’s all new and all designed for the highly creative secretly sensitive wildly ambitious entrepreneur and business owner. And yes, speaking of the perks, they do keep on unlocking the longer you’re in Uplevel Cafe.

But I wanted to begin with the mindset intensive because that’s how important the Soul Track of your business is when you stop winging it and really step into your power as a leader in business owner, it creates that very strong foundation for you. I also in Uplevel cafe wanted to give you access to me, because I get so many questions sent to me on email and in, you know, background behind Facebook and Instagram. And I wanted people to be able to talk to me and just get some coaching. And so we have a Strategy and Soul coaching session once every month, and we all get on Zoom and I coach you on your stuck spots and strategies and tactics in your business, and you can write in your questions if you can’t make the Zoom, and if you’re there and we need to talk it out, I will have you raise your hand and we get some context and I do some deep coaching with the people on that call.

And there is also speaking of the people in the group, there’s a closed community on Facebook, where you can connect with peers. You can ask questions, you can get a resource that you need. And I also post videos in there as well with coaching guidance and that kind of thing. So we do a lot of accountability work because accountability is part of the deal. In fact, we just on our last group coaching call, someone got on and, and it was that constant question I get, which is how can I do this so that I can get over my fear? Or how can I get over my fear so that I can do this work. And we all know that the fear is often still there. The, the, the stuff still comes up, but the thing that gets us over it is having the accountability, having a deadline.

And so we set it up so that you have those deadlines and you’re not waiting for the fear to go away. You’re not waiting for a more perfect version of yourself. If you’ve listened to my podcast on the Eight Waits, you know, that that is a key trap in having your own business, Is that propensity for waiting like, oh, I’m just going to wait. And we set it up so that you have accountability that you have, um, people watching and witnessing and supporting you as you accomplish things in your business. So Uplevel cafe is set up to serve you if you’re ready to stop winging it and really start owning it. And the cool thing about it is that you can simply pay as you go. It’s a very doable investment of just $47 a month. And there’s a lot that you get as part of our group in there.

So we’ve made it so that you can, you can get out anytime you want. I don’t make it that you have to write in. You can just two clicks of a mouse, you can get out anytime you want. But what I do suggest, is that if you are thinking of doing it, you consider staying for at least three months so that you can get your feet wet and you can do the mindset intensive, and you can get some zoom coaching with me. So many of our members have actually been in Uplevel Cafe for years. Someone like Stacy, for instance, she’s been an Uplevel Cafe for three years, and now she’s gotten that huge return on a $47 a month investment. And I have no idea if you can create a return on your investment over 3000% like Stacy has. But what I do know is that the combination of Strategy and Soul of training and accountability and coaching have worked, these things have worked for hundreds, if not thousands of our Uplevel clients.

And a real quick note, just to dissuade anyone who this isn’t for, so I set up all of my Uplevel programs to serve people. It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or if you’re an extrovert, or if you’re a newbie to business, or you you’ve been in business for a while. I set things up so that it serves everyone, but to really create a sacred space for expansion and growth and learning, I also set this up to dissuade some people, all right? So to that end, this is not a place, Uplevel Cafe is not a place to come in and sell your wares or pitcher stuff, or come in with that, you know, aggressive kind of, I’m going to get people out of this. And it’s also not a place to come in with an attitude of doubt or belligerence. Our clients, our peeps, as we like to call them, they’re smart. And they’re curious, and they work at this.

So we just had, like I said, we just had our June, uh, group coaching Zoom a few last week, week four. And the questions and coaching were super strategic, very focused. And the group was high attention and they had this clear level of willingness and commitment. So that’s where we want our members to be. So with that said, if this sounds like you, like, if you sound like you want to stop winging it and winging it is no longer an option and you don’t want to have a catalyst like, uh, getting fired from your, from your job or having everything fall apart, and you’re really ready to expand and Uplevel your business as we call it, and your income and your mindset and your life, then please visit Uplevelcafe.com and take a look around at everything that comes with it, and then join us and step in, give yourself this opportunity to really own your business in a big way this summer, because summer is a great time to do this work. The world is starting to open back up very slowly, and the opportunities for your success are now everywhere.

And so with that, I really look forward to serving you in there and you’ll, you’ll get all kinds of great instructions for how to do it. We really take this step-by-step, it is an overwhelm free environment, and we really make it so that you can start to trust yourself and really trust the process and really build your business and make it be something that serves you in your life and also in your contribution to this planet.

So you guys thank you so much for listening today. I will see you next week.