What to Do When Your Prospect Wants to Wait - Christine Kane

What are the best strategies for the “I think I need time to think” sales moments?

Here’s the scenario: You just had a great strategy session with a prospective client where she’s super excited to work with you—ready to sign on the dotted line…BUT…she’s planning on meeting with a couple of other businesses first. And when you follow up with the prospective client…they’ve seemingly dropped off the face of the earth.

Sound familiar? It’s the topic of today’s #InstantUplevel. Here’s my answer…

What do you do when someone wants to work with you, but needs to interview other people first?

In these situations, its easy to think this all comes down to tactics…saying that one buzz word that’s going to ‘get’ the client. But at the risk o sounding like a used car salesman, how well do those buzz words work? They feel pretty inauthentic, and most of us entrepreneurs know they’re not effective.

What you CAN do is set yourself up in advance to be prepared with talking points for these types of clients.

What YOU do in those moments with the client is get a little deeper with them and address what’s holding them back. After all, its easy for clients to get excited about the possibilities…but at the same time get scared about the changes, and revert to the “I’ve got to think about it” mode.

This is a great opportunity to address your client’s fears and turn this into a coaching moment.

Also, set a time to talk right away! You ALWAYS want to be the one who’s leading what happens next. Don’t take a back seat and let the client be in the driver’s seat.

Set up a time right then and there for you to check in. During that check-in, if they’re still waffling, again, use this as a coaching moment. Be of service, and be authentic in your follow-ups.

Now I’m going to turn it over to you in the comments below. Tell me—What do you do when someone says, “I need to wait?” What has worked for you? How do you follow up?

  • Linda

    My client wanted me to present to the board to educate the benefits of branding and creative design solutions. Later she called to say the president of the board was no interested and said she got caught up in my enthusiasm of the possibilities. This told me I did not clearly state the benefits of my work upfront. I later sent her an article very pertinent to the presidents concern. I asked if I could put her on my mailing list and she gladly said yes. She wants to keep in touch. I stated if the door opens here is a sheet I created on my business outlining what I offer including what successes I deliver and packages. The dance continues.

  • Anthony Barr

    Thanks for this great tip Christine..! This type of interaction puts fear in some folks, me included. But you frame it as always being a resource, taking the high road and staying in power. Like anything else, it just takes practice.

  • Veronica

    Great advise, love the ‘to be the person that’s leading what happens next’! As well as ‘them entering a witness protection program’, haha