See How Powerful You Are? - Christine Kane

Well, we did it!

We reached the end point of the 2010 Word of the Year Guest blog posts. Thank you thank you thank you to all of these amazing contributors.

(Pause for much clapping and “Woohoo!”s.)

I was blown away by your writing, stories and commitment. You coached me with every single post I read. It was thrilling to witness.

What I kept hearing was a phrase that I say to my clients and students over and over again…

“See how powerful you are?”

Whenever they manifest something huge in their lives. (“See how powerful you are?”)

Whenever they set an intention to uplevel and the proverbial poo hits the fan because anything unlike their intention moves out. (“See how powerful you are?”)

Whenever an incongruent client or employee moves on after a new level of mindset and success has been reached. (“See how powerful you are?”)

In fact, in the last 30 days, I’ve witnessed firsthand the following big stories and (seemingly) little victories that prove the statement again and again:

•  One woman signed up for my Gold Mastermind, knowing that it was now or never to create the business she had been dreaming of for years. Exactly one day after her decision, she received an unexpected check for the exact amount. (And just because the Universe loves to show off – she got another one two months later for the exact same amount!)

•  A former retreat attendee emailed me in 2009 to tell me that her marriage had unexpectedly fallen apart, as her husband finally revealed a lie he had been living for many years.  When I emailed her back, I gave her many virtual hugs and also reminded her:  “See how powerful you are?”  She said that it made her a little angry that I wrote that.  🙂 She recently admitted that she now understands exactly what I meant.  She is happier than ever – and she now sees the incident as the answer to her own intention.

•  My Word-of-the-Year last year was Congruence. I then watched as several people in my life, including an employee and a client or two – moved on as I stayed true to my word and my intention.   I am now – months later – surrounded by a superstar team that “gets it.” (And gets my vision!) And my clients are the shiniest most perfect people and SO in alignment with who I am and what I offer.  (One of them said to me on our coaching call yesterday, “Wow. You’re happy today!” And I said – with total sincerity – “That’s cuz I can’t wait to talk with you! This is fun!”)

• During my November Uplevel LIVE retreat, one woman stared at me with fear as I shared some of the secrets of raising your prices.  In that instant, she made the decision to double her prices.  During the break, she got a phone call from a potential new client.  She told him the new price. Without batting an eye, he happily hired her on the spot.

• One of my Uplevel Academy Platinum coaching clients called my team just 12 hours before our first mastermind was to begin. Her flight from California had been cancelled due to the weather across the country – and according to the gate attendant, there was “no flight available” until the next night at 5pm.  She wanted to know if I thought she should just give up and not come.  I told her (via my team) to set her intention and plan to be here on time.  Within 15 minutes of getting my message, she realigned herself with her intention, was on a flight, and made it on time. (Seriously, the gate attendant had told her NOTHING was available!)

Bottom line?

You can get all the business, strategy, how-to, step-by-step information to make any changes you want in your life. (And yea, there’s some great stuff out there!)  However, when you tap into the power of your own clarity and intention – THAT is when you become unstoppable!

Yes, you ARE that powerful.

  • Sue Alexander

    I love reading these inspiring words. Thank you for everything you’re doing here… it helps make me feel so strong and vibrant. I’ve been working on moving from a what was a really very bad year into creating my best year ever. I especially love your bottom line of tapping into “the power of your own clarity and intention”. My mission in 2011 is to spread good thoughts, and so I started a new blog called Inspired Type. I haven’t felt this alive in months, this freely creative in years. It’s so much fun designing for happiness… I can’t wait to experiment with each new idea. You can see it at — — I really hope you like it.

    Live what you love!


  • Becky Hunter

    Just wanted to celebrate doing something new and powerful, and this blog was the place that came to mind as appropriate! I just did my first workshop (teaching artists how to use writing better) and it went amazingly. Someone even drew sun’s rays around a smiley face to show their good feedback 🙂 There’s no way I could have/would have done this a year ago (public speaking was a big no) and Christine’s blog has been a catalyst in my growth, amongst other things. Thanks Christine, and thanks all the lovely supportive readers too. xo

  • Susan Viljoen

    I have just finished a coaching call with a client, and realize that it is exactly her power that we were celebrating throughout the call! Great post, Christine!

  • Kimberly Graham

    Spoke with two new clients today and booked appointments to sign them on later this week, at the rate I set in Asheville, I might add. 🙂 (I’ll out myself. lol)

    And out of the blue, received a court-appointed case that will allow me less busy, frantic time and still allow me to bring in income as I work towards the new business.

    be well!

  • Jill

    Hi Christine! I really love this post, but I have a question… I have read and re-read your entries about intention, and I have read quite a lot on the subject of intention on the internet, but I am a bit confused as to the difference between intention and goals. What is the difference in your opinion?

  • Farnoosh

    Christine, what a powerful post, no pun intended :)! I have been following the posts with the powerful words of the year. And yes to everything you say, about being powerful beyond our imagination….thank you Christine!

  • Heidi Van Impe

    The very next day back from the retreat, something happened that would have made the “old” me go into my “small self”. Now I can look upon that situation and see it for the possibility and opportunity that it is. There are so many doors that open when you stand in your power!

    • Christine Kane

      Heidi – Go you! I think you saw this from me at the Gold Retreat – but this kind of expansion and “opportunity to know your own power” happens constantly as you uplevel! I’m proud of you for standing firm!!

  • Anna Garrett

    This gave me goosebumps. I’ve learned so much about power in the last few years..but quite honestly have always been a little afraid to really let it loose. No more. This my year to DECIDE to let it rip 🙂

    My year started off with an opportunity I had intended all of last year…a chance to teach a group of 150 women about their power and creativity ..and it was amazing! Just realizing that I CAN teach this is POWERFUL!

    And Lainey….save me a seat on that plane…I’d go to Scotland FOR SURE!

    I was recently given an opportunity to speak to a group of women and part of what I talked about was the idea of choice and power

  • Elaine Bailey

    P.s. If you ever decided to come over here I’d lend you my USAirways plane… I got it free including a full crew with ALL my airmiles 😉 😉

  • Leonie

    I tried to comment last night but my Internet was playing up.

    First off – count me in for a UK retreat, I’d sign up quicker than I can spell my name.

    Second – I love reading all these stories: the word of the year ones, the annecdotes, the comments. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

    Lastly, I love that you chose a tiger picture for this post! I was born in the Chinese Year of the Tiger (which fills me with joy ;)) and I love the qualities I ascribe to them: strength, dignity, quiet when necessary, loud when required, utterly mysterious and not about to explain themselves to anyone. I could use a bit more tiger 🙂

  • Elaine Bailey

    Here’s what a client emaled me this week about 3 hours after our coaching session – So I know this to be true:

    “Just thought I’d let you know that YOU do have the POWER! – two of the things we talked about this morning are already being actioned.

    Thanks for the chat – brill stuff.”

    Thank you for continuing to remind me about this – I’m seeing this daily in the people I coach and experiencing it through my own transition and transformation. It makes make teary – AWESOME!

    P.s. As YOU know (living in the UK) – Scotland totally works for me – Edinburgh is an amazing place! (BTW…Dorset is stunning too LOADS of hikes, boats and nature!) 😉

  • Allison J

    Just read Vicky’s post about a European retreat in Scotland – can I second that suggestion!!!

  • Allison J

    I was just marvelling at the same thing. I’m doing Uplevel Your Life at the moment and I have started using segment intention. I have done this twice, once at a networking lunch I was hosting and another for a meeting I had this morning. Both times things manifested just how I intended!!!! Not only this but my intention for the course is wealth and we’ve already had an injection of cash!! I am marvelling at my own power – power I never realised I had! A big thanks to you Christine for opening my eyes and showing me the way. I cried this morning when I realised and owned my power for the first time :o)

  • Vicky

    Rock on Gold Dust Woman! (in a good way) x I’m really looking forward to more of your inspiring posts in 2011. Would you like to do a special European retreat from a gorgeous country house in Scotland? That would be cool! 🙂

  • Kathy Troidle Jackson

    Welcome back Christine! The posts this past month have been so inspirational but your adoring fans are glad you are gracing the blog with your words of wisdom once again. I’ve got another story to add to your list – I wrote about my word of the year SUCCESS previously here on your blog – that I thought it was all about money and learned instead it was about the journey. My intention from UpLevel Your Life that I’ve been working on all year was that “Money will flow easily as I do the things I love.” I have been repeating that over and over again in the face of leftover debt from our dream home renovation. I am happy to report that this month I received the largest commission check I have ever gotten in my 23 years at IBM for business we closed in December. It will more than pay off the entire amount of our remaining debt and start us saving for the garage and breezeway we didn’t manage to get to yet. It has been quite the year and if I learned nothing else, I certainly learned just how powerful I really am! Thanks once again for a “spot on” post!

  • JOY (your joy)

    And YOU always drooled over those cool DWELL houses. Now you and your team work in one that’s all your own. One more example of how POWERFUL you are!

  • lisa @thebeadgirl


    Thanks for the reminder Christine!

    Excited to see what this year holds!


  • Glad Doggett

    The timing of this couldn’t be more perfect. Today, at the urging of a fellow Upleveler currently in your Gold Group, I set my intention to be part of your next Gold program.

    I’m not going to worry about the “How”.

    Ok, Universe! Let’s do this!!!


    • Kimberly Graham

      Hey, wait a minute, that’s-a-my-intention, too!! (reference to I Love Lucy episode in Italy, “that’s a my birthday, a-too!”

  • Laura

    Thanks, Christine, for always reminding us how powerful we are. For some reason, it’s easy to forget. In 2009 I set the intention to get remarried to someone who would be a loving stepfather to my kids (it’s recorded in my journal several times.) One of my children was dead set against this man I had been dating on and off for years. But something happened, it was nothing I said, and we got married last July and this child loves my husband soooo much. (long story way short) Now they really support each other in a wonderful way. xoxo, Laura