Six Magic Words that Will Make You More Productive

You’re a busy entrepreneur, and carving time out to create your passion business. How does an entrepreneur get it all done? Let me tell you a story…

I dated a guy in college who had a strange ritual.   Every now and then, he decided he was out of shape.

“I’m disgusting!” he’d announce to no one in particular.

That afternoon, he would run for miles and miles. As if he could compensate for a sedentary semester in one quick spell. The next day, his body would be so sore he could barely move.

Compare that with my friend Susan who lost over 65 pounds in one year.  She made health a habit. And even after losing all that weight, she has a daily practice of working out, eating well and watching her mindsets.

For Susan, it wasn’t an Event. It was a System.

Now, consider a big goal that could multiply your business results this year.

What systems, habits or practices (different words, same outcome) do you need to put into place to create the results you want?

Here’s why this is such a crucial question:

A system or habit is something you set up in advance from a place of intention.  You schedule it in advance. You set the alarm, define the work, set the timer, show up and get it done.

When you do this, you become immune to reactive thinking, to those days when you feel whiney, to the “I don’t feel like it’s,” and to the sudden moments of panic (like my college boyfriend used to have).

Your mantra becomes a ridiculously simple (but powerful) phrase that will multiply your results every time:

“This is just what I do.”


•  The alarm chirps at 5am. There’s no asking yourself if you feel like getting up from the flannel sheets. (Of COURSE you don’t!)

You say, “This is just what I do.” No big deal.  You head to the gym.

Every Thursday at 6pm, you spend 30 minutes in QuickBooks, reconciling, analyzing and getting clear on your finances.

“This is just what I do” means you don’t race to your on-line banking account in a fury when your worried thoughts take over.  You don’t have to react. You’ve got it covered every Thursday.

•  It’s 9am which means it’s time to spend two hours marketing your business even though you don’t feel “inspired.”

“This is just what I do” means you sit down and write.   It’s part of your business.  It’s scheduled. It’s non-negotiable.

•  It’s 5:30pm.  Your co-workers are all leaving the office. You’ve started your own business, so you stay at your desk for an hour to generate ideas and connect with your “A” list of contacts.

“This is just what I do” means that you’re creating long-term results and opportunities, rather than rushing out for a second job to get that extra cash right now.

“This is just what I do” also ensures that you’ll continue the practice, rather than giving up after one or two phone calls!


If you fall prey to moods or “what if’s” or negative thoughts, then start using the mantra “This is just what I do.”  Creating systems, habits and practices will teach you more about success than success itself!

I started this article with not one single idea in my head.  The committee in my head wanted me to think there were no ideas left, and perhaps I’d be more inspired tomorrow.

Then, I just sat down to write.

This is just what I do.

  • Elaine-

    really like this, i’m going to take that mantra, thank you so much

  • Chrissie D

    This was very helpful today. Derailed this week for various reasons and just trying to get reentered. Mercury Retrograde isn’t helping matters. I know with the finance part, I need to get into the habit of carving out 30 min one day a week to deal. Same with end of day routine. Thanks!

  • Nathalie Lussier

    I love this!

    I’m a huge fan of systems, and another great reframe is instead of saying “I can’t” when you’re faced with something you’d rather not do… say “I don’t”. For example, instead of “I can’t eat that” say “I don’t eat that”. It changes the perspective immensely!

  • lita


  • Marie @ Substance of Living

    Christine, thank you for today’s inspiring message. I also like Kimberly Salvati’s mantra. Both are powerful and will keep me focused in the moment.

    Thank you,

  • nolakes

    Thanks for such powerful yet simple mantra. Timing couln’t have been better! Definitely going to apply this.

  • Dionne

    Wow, so simple, so powerful. Thank you!

  • Suzie Cheel

    how simple is that- I am going to try that today thanks

  • Wendy

    I absolutely love this mantra and overall approach – thank you! I have GOT to get more structure into my days too – scheduling meetings for myself around certain tasks/goals.

    Thanks 🙂


  • Lora D.

    Love this article. Very timely! Thanks!

  • Emily

    I love this message…just what I needed to hear today!
    I wrote down the six words on my list of intentions today….It’s Just What I Do..
    What a great way to focus and stick to my commitments when I just don’t feel like it!
    Thank-you!!! For Sharing~

  • Alle L’Eveille

    Love it. No excuses.

  • Kimberly Salvati

    I’ve found the following mantra also works, especially when managing emotions. ie. airing on the side of kindness for example, instead of complaints or criticism. “It’s just who I am”. It allows us to increase our awareness of being in the moment, rather than saying an off-the-cuff comment designed to hurt (which is usually reactive anyway!)

    “It’s just who I am” also works when you’re working on the process of “becoming”.