Slow Down to Speed Up [Video] - Christine Kane
  • KK

    As one that is trying to get through your “Uplevel Your Life Mastery Program” once again (and actually finish it this time), I find it fascinating to find previous instances of where you compiled all of your wonderful and pertinent information. This post is case in point.

    It’s really something, isn’t it C? All this information is out there, it’s rehashed time and time again, however, it is all dependent on someone compiling that information into a format that appeals to a certain group of people. Well, I am a person that is drawn by your information. That is what it takes right? Finding those types of people that your compiled information appeals to.

    As noted in my most recent post, “systems” are something that has been something I have forever avoided.

    Do you know that I have the program “The E-Myth” by Michael Gerber, and in it he talks about systems, I would shake my head and say “Uh Huh” and then quickly “Yeah Right” – his words tickled my ears, but never did it produce results.

    Your words however? It made me finally make a list, and for that? I am thankful for you. It’s a start, a start of me slowing down to speed up.

    Thank you.

  • Lauren Veach

    Since I am a “hanging from the ceiling” type A personality. I REALLY, REALLY needed to hear and see you speak about slowing down. Something that would ordinarily sound nuts to me, quite frankly…your powerful words set me free. Amazingly enough, I am in the midst of slowing down so that I can blast off. So thank you from the deepest place in my heart and for giving me permission to slow down and by doing so….do it right!
    I am a new and excited fan! I learned of you from my very good friend, Kevin Ward.
    Making it a great day!
    Lauren Veach, Destin Florida

  • Kathy

    “Slow down to speed up.” Fabulous advice! One of my most beloved mentors put the same thought a bit differently… “when you hit a brick wall and feel stuck in your career,” he said, “turn around because you’re in a great big room.” The brick wall slows you down and all you need to do is “change the how”, how you are navigating that room, and things can really take off. This mantra has helped me recreate myself in my career several times. I am really enjoying my relationship sales job right now but already thinking about what my next reinvention will look like should that brick wall jump out in front of me again. Partly inspired by you and fueled by my amazing mentors/mentees it’s going to be turning my part time (but growing) focus on helping other women succeed into a more full time experience. I am looking forward to your next Up Level Your Business teleseminar.

  • Gayle

    Thank you for posting this insightful video. I’ve been intuitively slowing down, with frustration from some friends, family and associates, and now I get why this happens from time to time in my life. This post allowed me to say to myself, “It’s perfectly fine…keep following your intuition.” Thanks so much for posting this.
    By the way, your new CD arrived and it is spectacular!

  • rabbi ann white

    I wish I had seen this post months ago. As a rabbi and a trauma chaplain and a teacher of Kabbalah, I just kept doing more and more and more, knowing I was tired and needing to slow down or to just stop and breathe. But I didn’t. The Universe took care of that for me. I broke my leg one morning while walking my French Mastiff, Ruby, and wound up in the hospital for 3 weeks and wheelchair bound for 3 months. Talk about SLOW DOWN.
    And from this time out, I am rebuilding my life in a different way. I am still in the rebuilding process and look forward to your teleclass on Uplevel Your Business to help me find the tools to work independently BUT profitably. You are a super inspiration and motivator. Thanks!

  • J

    Great post!!
    Very timely for me.
    Keep up the good work.
    As always, you are an inspiration.

  • Christine Kane

    Hi Joanne! Thanks! The teleseminar is on July 29th (Wednesday). you can click on the link above the video and register for it. (You’ll get a recording the next day if you miss it.)

  • Joanne Giesbrecht

    Hi Christine,
    Can you tell me the date of your teleconference call as I am on holidays in a short while, and may not be able to take it in…

    Love your vlogs – not just that they are timely and so “spot on”, but also that it gives us a glimpse into YOU – your personality really shines through.

    Have a great weekend.

  • pati

    Hi Christine,

    My angels knew I needed to hear this and they led me to you. Thank you!


  • Marilyn

    Christine, I *love* this! I’ve barely commented over the last year as I drifted away from blogging, but I’ve been reading your posts and emails regularly. I just jumped back into the blogging pool a few days ago, so I was ready to hear what you shared here.

    P.S. You ‘pop’ on camera in this intimate video style. 😉

  • juliana

    Christine, thanks so much for this.

    I’m experiencing this with gigs lately. I’ve had to learn to say “no” to a couple of gigs that didn’t feel right to me even though they were paying gigs… I just knew they would take too much of my energy! As a result I’ve recently booked a couple of really great shows that I’m thrilled about. Having fewer gigs right now is just fine with me, since every single one I have coming up is something I’m going to enjoy.

  • Christine Kane

    Thanks y’all! Lance – of course it’s challenging to do this! (otherwise I wouldn’t need to blog about it methinks!)

    The thing that is always hardest is knowing that WHILE you’re slowing down that it’s going to be “worth it.” For instance, with my retreats, there were a few times when I thought to myself, “Dang, I should just keep doing it the way I always have. At least I knew what i was doing!” (Even though I was definitely letting customers fall between the cracks!)

  • Joy Resor

    Oh Christine,

    So GREAT to see you again, though in video, and you look
    radiant and elegant without a bit of clumsiness anywhere.

    Your message, as always, is extremely helpful, encouraging, and logical. I’ll take your advice as soon as my recent journey (the separation, moving three times in a year and a half, trips to assist my aging parents…) allows.

    Bless you and your creations!

    Is there a remedy for wanting to listen to your new CD (Wide Awake) 24/7? I hope not.

    Joy Resor

  • Lance

    Hi Christine,
    This idea of slowing down…can be so hard to do. For me, I think it’s an uneasiness of what lies ahead in the unknown. Or maybe the fear of what I’ll discover (and to take it one step further – what I’ll do about that discovery). I’m there right now. And the next “slowing down” steps seems especially uneasy. It has led to me to work with a life coach, and still – it’s challenging.

    So, hearing it again here from you, Christine – is so good. (and yet so difficult to fully commit to…)

  • sue

    Like Jenny said above, there is such relief in knowing there are other ways besides stress, more caffeine, and ‘buckling down’ to improve work or personal situations. You are so good at explaining these things and your real life examples, as always, are invaluable. Thanks Christine!

  • Jenny

    I love how you talk through breaking down the difficult parts of your practice, like the auto responder for the retreats. That’s such a great idea.

    This also provides me a great feeling of relief. My practice is starting to overwhelm me as it’s growing. And the idea of slowing down is scary, but I do understand that I need to take care of myself first, so I can truly come through for my clients in my practice. Thanks for the reminder!

    Thanks for your continued insights and thoughts to help us all make the best lives we can.

  • Sue Sullivan

    Christine, I love this! It also applies to my daily life. I do best with a quiet time in the morning, but am many times tempted to skip it to jump into the day. I’ll remember this, “Slow down to speed up.” Thanks 🙂

  • Christine Kane

    Thanks Laine and Jodi! Awesome extra thoughts here. Laine – that feeling of “lighter” is the best sign that you’re on the right track. I love those moments of “oh, hey, this gets to be easy!” Jodi – in the work i do with my clients – the “breaking things down” into do-able steps brings out the biggest a-ha’s. It makes life so much more easy!

  • Jodi at Joy Discovered

    Hi Christine,
    This was so nice! It was great to get your message on video (a nice change of pace)! Your message today is one that benefits everyone, especially those of us who are in transition. And the timing for me is miraculous, so thank you! I just got refocused on the big goal in my life of teaching this class about discovering joy–the two big tasks ahead are finishing the curriculum and presentation and finding a place to teach the class. Yesterday, I figured out, this must be my #1 priority everyday. I sat down to work on it and I didn’t know where to start! Ack! It’s been a while…So my slow down period will hopefully be brief: I need to set up a system that breaks down this project w/ weekly goals and I need to set it out on my desk so I can easily pick up where I left off each time I work on it. Thanks for this! Have a great day!

  • laine

    This is so great.

    I have a law practice and for a while kept thinking “I don’t want to do this anymore…” But I had an epiphany the other day about the type of client that I really want to work with and that instead of getting out of the law, I can change the “how” instead.

    I can prepare my marketing materials to reflect who I really am, and who my ideal clients are so that they will see themselves and say “Yes, that’s me & that’s the attorney that I need!” and the people who would drain me will say “She’s not the right attorney for me” and will find someone who is right.

    After I had that vision (and wrote it all down and called my coach and told her about it) I felt so much lighter, and could finally imagine having my law practice for so many years into the future.