SOBCon'07 - Take Your Blogging to the Next Level - Christine Kane

There’s gonna be a fabulous event in Chicago on May 11 and 12, 2007. It’s called SOBCon’07. It’s a conference. It’s a gathering. It’s all about blogging. It’s all about connecting. It’s all about learning. It’s all about business and relationships and being remarkable. There’s only space for 250 people, which means that the connections and lectures and discussions will be personal, intimate, intense, and accessible. (These are words that are very important to me!)

It’s your chance to meet other bloggers, build important relationships, learn how to make your web guy obsolete (just kidding Brent), and take your blogging life to the next level. (Or, if you’re like me, to the next point on the long upward sloping continuum.)

Anyway, here’s where it gets fun for me…

I’ll be the person who opens the whole conference on Friday night with a live performance. (Oddly enough, they’ve invited me to perform, as opposed to giving a lecture on, say, “Surefire Ways to Optimize your Blog for Viral Marketing and Other Business-y Sounding Things.”)

(It’s better this way obviously.)

Register soon because a sell-out is inevitable!

Here’s the line up of speakers:

  • Christine Kane

    Hi Ryan, We’re talking with Freight&Salvage about Sept 21 or 22nd. You can call them and give them a nudge if you so desire! 🙂

  • Ryan

    Christine…Are you coming to perform on the West Coast (Northern CA) anytime soon???

  • Christine Kane

    hello all! I’ve been spending my time working on my new website with web guy, and I lost track of comments. Thanks for writing in! Tim, I’ll be performing at the theatre at Old Town School of Folk in October this coming year… (that’s in chicago.) And I will meet most of the commenters here in person in May. Looking forward to it! Caren, I think SOB has something to do with Success and Blogs… as opposed to sons and, well, you know the rest of that one!

  • Terry Starbucker

    Hey Christine – as much as I wanted to hear your speech on “optimizing your blog”, I am more excited about your performance at SOBCon – will you play “If I Can’t Have You” for me? 🙂 See you there!

  • Michelle

    I enjoy Succesful Blog, it ought to be a good conference.

  • Tomas

    Wow… !!!
    and my Lithuanian English looks… a bit childish.
    I would like to come and to hear you and all other- to awake myself, but unfortunately that is equal the dream to play with the stars… in my concrete case.
    I would greatly appreciate if you could mention my blogs (my artwork world) to your friends and, of course, you are my best guest.
    While my main blog is the Captains bridge, the Modus Vivendi blog share some more light- people you will find there are inseparable part of me.

    I wish you success in forthcoming gathering. I am with you though in dreams only but the most sincerely.

  • Caren

    Oh – by the title, I thought it was S.O.B. Con — couldn’t figure out why you’d be blogging about that. 😀

    I can *feel* how powerful the conference is going to be! A performance by you is the *perfect* way to open! Take lots of CDs!!


  • Chris Cree

    Christine, I’m looking forward to finally meeting you and hearing you perform in person!

  • Phil Gerbyshak

    Christine – Music will soothe us all, so I’m ecstatic you’re going to be opening for us. You could share lots of blogging tips too, so we just may get you up there Saturday to share your genius 🙂

  • Bob Glaza

    this is setting up to be a keen event – and music a much better way to kick it off than “…business-ey sounding things” 🙂 – we can open ANY conference with that!

  • Tim

    Christine, thanks for the info! I live in Chicago and would love to get a chance to hear you speak. I’m also working at getting my first blog together. Any chance you plan on performing at any of the local clubs here while your in town?

  • David Armano

    Looking forward to seeing (and hearing) you in person!