Starting Small with the Law of Attraction - Christine Kane

Small victories teach us how to do big victories.

Way too often, people hear about the Law of Attraction and they get all wild-eyed and fanatic thinking about the million dollars they get to have by next week. Though I absolutely believe that you can get a million dollars by next week, I don’t believe that most of us have that level of faith or power yet. We probably don’t have the right mindset, or else we’d probably already have the million dollars.

So, in the beginning, when you’re first working with the idea of your thoughts, and shifting your beliefs and patterns, it’s great to start small so that your whole being can really get what it means. It’s not just your mind and your thoughts. It’s all of you. It’s becoming the mold of that thing you desire.

And starting small is good because it’s harder to get all wonky and bent out of shape when this giant thing isn’t manifesting. Really, this stuff is supposed to be sort of fun. If you’re clenching your fists and holding your breath and saying, “Damn! I must manifest this thing so I can finally prove that I canโ€ฆ” then most likely you’re off course. Let go. Start small.

Manifesting Peace and Parking

I had the wildest experience with this during the holidays. I was on my way downtown to meet a friend for lunch. It was cold. It was pouring rain. I live in a tourist town, so the Christmas crowds can be brutal. As I was driving towards the exit, I noticed I was feeling cranky and tense and nervous about going into downtown and dealing with all the people and the rain. At that moment, I remembered Esther Hicks’s words about how important it is to feel good, to let go, and to have fun. And I just decided to relax and be in the moment and have fun with my friend and love my town. (I can get really grouchy about tourists and how crowded it’s gotten here.) I just held in my heart the feeling of gratitude for how much this place has taught me. And I let go of worrying about the crowds and the rain and whatever . I remembered how much I’ve loved living here.

I pulled into a parking garage directly across from the restaurant. As I pulled in, a car pulled right out of its space in front of me. I parked in the space, walked across the street and got a seat at the restaurant. I sat there and thought, “Wow. The tourists must have all stayed away because of the cold and rain. I hope the business owners aren’t too upset.”

Five minutes passed. Then ten. Then fifteen. Then twenty. Finally, my cell phone rang. It was my friend shouting, “This town is crazy! I can’t find parking!” I asked her if she tried the garage, and she said, “I drove through it twice! It’s totally full!” She finally showed up ten minutes later. She was soaking wet and angry and ranting about the tourists and how awful downtown has become.

I couldn’t believe it. Our experiences were so remarkably different. I’m not judging her experience at all. Of course, I’ve been in that exact place too! What struck me was that I had thought the town was deserted. I had experienced complete ease and peace. These two realities co-existed. Thoughts really do create reality! Zoinks!

And I didn’t clutch the wheel trying to manifest a parking space, trying to make myself believe that I could get whatever I thought about. I think it’s because I let go and remembered how to love the present moment and intend peace and happiness. The learning I got from that one situation still stays with me. Having fun, feeling good, enjoying the moment can allow your whole body and spirit to open up and manifest what you need or intend in each moment. It might seem stupid and shallow, but you can learn how to do it through small triumphs.

My experience that day was a teenie tiny victory. But through that one tiny thing, I got a huge lesson about mindset and gratitude and love.

What small things in your day can teach you about the bigger things you’re aiming for?

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  • Coral

    I am new to LOA and just started learning how to use it. It has only been 4 days or so- i have a clear money goal and house i will live in by August next year. I will get there but at the moment i am working on smaller things to help me with my big goal. Just yesterday i received my $50 hula-hoop i had ordered a few weeks back (for a friend for chrissy), it was supposed to be exactly the same size as mine. I rang the lady who worked at the shop in another state. She looked up my order and was amazed she sent me the wrong size the first time a baught a hoop and thats why they were different. i was expecting her to say “just send it back and we will exchange it” but instead she said “work out which one you like better and i will just another out to you and you can keep them both” ๐Ÿ™‚ i had been thinking of another hula-hoop for myself. LOA really is working for me! I am so lucky and grateful!

  • Rev. Lynn DeLellis

    Nice story and very true.

  • Joanne

    The thing that strikes me about this is that you didn’t try to materialise a parking space. you focusedon feeling happy, enjoying time with your friend and loving your town. it wasn’t dependent on finding a parking space. you manifested conditions that supported your intent but you hadn’t made your intent conditional on those things happening.
    Jo x
    I know this is an old post but I am slowly exploring your blog which I discovered a few weeks ago.

  • Law of Attraction Lover

    I filled out a check that you can print from the Secrets website. I wrote it for $50,000 in 30 days and hund it by my mirror so I would see it morning and night.

    I found that putting the check there caused me to have negative feelings. I would almost panic cuz I was getting closer to the 30 days and attracting the cash.

    Moral of the story, Don’t put a time limit on it. This causes the wrong emotions to attract it. Be flexible on the how and when.

  • Terence

    Thanks for the post Christine. What you mentioned in your post really resonates with me. I’m sure it resonates with a lot of other readers too ๐Ÿ™‚

    I especially like the part about manifesting a parking space. Many a times, when I’m circling the parking area of a shopping mall, my mind is telling me ‘Damn, there are so many cars here, I’m sure I won’t find a parking space!”

    And you know what, the Law of Attraction goes to work for me and sure enough, I fail to find a parking space!

    But those times when I catch myself and force myself to believe that there WILL be a parking space available for me, The Law of Attraction also goes to work for me and I am sure to find a space within a very short time.

    Those who still don’t believe in this universal law, you only need to try it out and you will see it happen for you ๐Ÿ™‚

    For those who would like to bring the Law of Attraction to a whole new level, you can check out a site I just came across:

    To your massive wealth and abundance,

  • Chrisna

    Great info.

    I watched the Secret DVD a few months ago and got another book on Law of Attraction,
    but it didn’t really start happening for me until I wrote down my intentions. I found that to be
    VERY powerful. is a book I just got, which makes
    planning out your Law of Attraction goals easy. Just fill in the blanks and you’ve got a road
    map to follow. Has been working well so far.

  • Marria

    Two things…

    1. If I had to sum the entire thing up, it’s that the Law of Attraction
    is all about alignment. You’ve got to do the “work” if you want to
    bring something info your life.

    This is where I think people mess up, which gives the entire thing the
    “MLM/Amway” kind of vibe. You can’t just sit around eating junk food
    and watching reruns and expect to live on the beach…regardless of what
    the infomercials say.

    People like Joe Vitale are out working. Bob Proctor is out working.
    James Ray is out working.

    2. I found a FREE book (yes, FREE) that helped me figure out all of
    this. has it and it’s well worth the read.

    And like I said, it’s FREE. So you can’t argue that the guy is trying
    to take advantage of people looking for a “magic pill” or whatever else
    I’ve been hearing over the last 2-3 weeks since this thing hit Oprah.

  • Christine Kane

    HI Susan, I don’t yet have a blogroll. I promised myself I’d go really slow. But keep up the blog, and I’ll check in with you when my site gets re-done (two more weeks or so.) Thanks for your note!

    thanks BJ!

    Thanks Barb. Hooray for your progress. Little, big, whatever…it’s still progress. Thanks for sharing it!

    Hi Aaron! And thanks. You’re so right about that. That detachment thing is so easy, isn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Aaron M. Potts


    Great writing, as always, and your post illustrates one of the most important points about using the Law of Attraction – letting go. If you can want something SO badly that you can’t think of anything else except for that thing, but in the same breath not really care if you get it or not, then you’re set for life. ๐Ÿ™‚

    – Aaron

  • barbb

    laws chile, I was flusterated at work. I finally went back to the book, ASK and IT IS GIVEN and looked up an exercise that christine had mentioned, segment-intending. well my emotional state was well below the recommended so I looked at others. FOCUS WHEEL. I made one concerning work, studied it almost every day either literally or in my mind, took 2 key words “productivity and fresh” put them on a stickey so that every time I opened my notebook at work, I would see them. ANd after one final conversation with the bossess, I have found that I am not lazy and go to cup-a-joe’s every day and drink lattes instead of work. my time clock set up was wrong. I felt so good at the end of the day and driving home. so from a cynic, little tiny steps, wait for your subconsience (sp) to get a handle on whatever, and go for it. also want to mention that I got all caught up in the LOA, read the book, and then expected changes both small and large. did not happen, i got too overwhelmed, stopped reading, rested my mind and am now going a lot slower and re-reading and integrating one thing at a time. the focus wheel is it for right now. thanks for the posts. bb

  • BJ

    I just thought you and your readers might be interested in this…

    The Oprah broadcast of “The Secret” will be February 8th. I also just found out that it will be followed by an International Law of Attraction Teleconference. If you want more info go to

    Also, the more posts that Oprah gets on her message boards about a particular topic, the more inclined she is to repeat the topic. So go to and find the message board for The Secret to let her know that you want more of the same!

  • Susan

    I really like your site it makes me realize that I could start noticing all the little things in my life that are manifesting and quit taking it for granted. I was wondering I am fairly new to blogging and wondering if you wouldn’t mind linking to each others site to assist each other to receive more traffic and exposure. You can check out my site at Thanks.

  • Christine Kane

    Thodarumm, I’m sure you have lots of wisdom to share! Thanks for the lovely thoughts!….

    Thanks Debra for visiting and for your kind words. I know how those bursts of emotion (especially on a Sunday!) can really hit hard. I’m glad you were able to move through it!

  • Debra Moorhead

    Here’s a “small victory” story for you. I was having a great Sunday afternoon when my husband forwarded an e-mail he recieved from one of his employees that brought me crashing down. Knowing that I need to feel good in order to pick back up where I left off before having to deal with this unexpected issue, I “remembered” bookmarking your site. (One of my readers directed me to your site a couple of days ago. I thought, “looks like really good writing, I’ll come back and check it out.”) WOW! This post was just what I needed to get my Sunday back on track. Thank you. Now I can hardly wait to read everything else you’ve written.

  • thodarumm

    Oh, I have no wisdom to share, except to say I love your entries. I am in the phase of life where I am just having the time of my life, I am loving the smallest things, I cannot explain, my heart is filled with so much emotion, it feels like it would burst open and I feel so grateful.

  • Christine Kane

    Hi Ruth! Thanks for the thoughts. Yea, baby steps are so important. Otherwise, nothing would get done!

    Kris, I’m a firm believer in a holistic approach to the LOA thing. When obstacles and challenges come up, I think it’s great to incorporate other modalities of healing as you go. For instance, I could NEVER have started Law of Attraction/affirmation/visualation work when I was getting over bulimia. There were just too many other layers of crap to work through! So, go easy on yourself too! I still have to be very aware so as not to fall into that “omigod” perfectionism place. Thanks for the horoscope! (I’m a Taurus too!)

  • Caren

    I don’t think this is *exaclty* law of attraction… but maybe it fits here…

    Several years ago (over 15 years ago!) I had a spiritual awakening. I won’t go into all the details here, but for the first time in my life I was hearing things about looking within and calming my mind. It was like a foreign language, I tell ya. The first time I heard “look within” I had NO idea what that even meant!! I was very confused. Luckily, the voice speaking to me said to just relax about it, and the answers would come. And boy, did they!

    OK, now – the story. I had to take my kitty to the vet. She LOVED to ride in my truck. Often, when I was going somewhere she’d come up to the door and beg to come in. She loved to sit along the back of the bench seat behind my shoulders and look out the back window when I drove. So, to take her to the vet, I just had to put her in the pickup. I had a carrier for taking her into the building and waiting in the waiting room with all the dogs. We got to the vet, and I got out of the truck, thinking I would just reach in, pick her up and put her in the carrier. Well, exactly at that time a sweet doggie came running up to me to say hi! My cat freaked out, and ran out of the truck into some woods behind the vet’s office. I immediately started running after her — we were at an intersection of two busy streets; I was very afraid she’d run out into traffic. So, she’s running through these woods, and I’m running after her. I’d lose sight of her, stop, then I’d see her again, go towards her, and she’d take off running. All of a sudden, I heard some of what I’d been reading, about not chasing after things, just calming my mind and allowing them to come to me. So, I stopped running. I sat down in the fallen leaves, and just tried to BE where I was, without thinking about the cat. Noticing the peace of the woods, the sunlight coming through, etc. After about two minutes, the cat came up, purring, and curled up in my lap. I took a minute to let her just BE after her adventure, then I scooped her up and carried her back to the truck to put her in the carrier.

    It’s a lesson I sometimes forget – but such a cool experience, with perfect timing in my life.


  • Kris aka Krispy

    Hey Christine. I am really only just beginning to get my head around this whole law of attraction thing…or at least beginning to integrate it and I am in that place of “OMIGOD, I create my own reality so I have got to monitor all my own thoughts…can’t possibly feel crappy…must feel good, must feel good” place. As I am sure you can imagine, this is proving both frustrating and exhausting. Then I go to my favorite astrology site and my horoscope from for February says…

    “Taurus: Right now as we speak, throughout the world, hundreds and thousands of people are lying on their backs. They are not asleep. They are in therapy. Following various different new-age techniques for self-understanding and improvement, they are engaged in the process of creative visualisation. They are bringing positive pictures into their mind’s eye in the hope that this will enable them to turn their dream into a reality. Why are they doing it? Because it works. Venus insists that if you now focus on a bright vision, you can make magic happen all through February. All it takes is a little self-belief and some continuous effort.”

    So I react with “aaaargh, good things possible…pressure, pressure…must visualise,must visualise”.

    I logged on here tonight to find your article on gratitude and I find that you have posted this article. Will you please get out of my head!?!? ;)))). Thank you for being the cavalry!

  • Ruth Marciante

    Loved this. Too often we try for stuff that is too large in scope. I am a firm believer in “baby-steps!”