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There are crazy uncomfortable moments in business.

And oddly, one of them is when you suddenly see what’s REALLY possible for you.  You see how SMALL you’ve been thinking.  You realize that you can play a wildly bigger game.

The question arises: Can I be this big? Can I let myself do this?

In other words…

I think I’m ready to release these old limitations.  I think it’s time to quit worrying about the opinions of others.  I really can stop hiding.  Am I up for it?!

Many people ignore these questions and go back to their old comfort zone.

Well, when I lead my mastermind retreats, I can assure you that NO ONE is in their comfort zone in that room!  I invite you to use our mojo to re-ignite, re-inspire, and re-invigorate your visions and dreams!

Here are five steps to help you stop playing small and start living BIG…

1 – Mind your Mind

Your thoughts are things. They can be powerful tools, or devastating weapons.

It’s not always quick to clean up years of negativity.  AND the truth is you are the only one who can begin to do just that.  If you constantly berate yourself, doubt yourself, or obsess about the opinions of others, set your intention to heal that pattern.

Create daily (yes, daily) habits to keep re-aligning yourself with positive energy like gratitude, mindfulness, joy, and presence.

Remind yourself: “Energy flows where attention goes.” And be the guardian of your mind.

2 – Stop Waiting

Stop waiting for [confidence, self-esteem, inner-peace] to appear before you’ll take action.

That’s not how it works!

Confidence (and self-esteem) shows up BECAUSE you take action.  Not before!

What one action-step can you take toward your dream today?

3 – Radiate Success

Do you complain to anyone who will listen?  Do you tell your sad story to get people to feel sorry for you?

Living big means you radiate success.

Stop tweeting about how miserable you are.  Don’t moan about your current challenges with your clients.  Refrain from whining to your friends about how hard it is to run your own business!  (Save that stuff for your coach if you need to get it out of your system.)

Remember this: Like attracts like.  When you radiate success, then success is drawn to you.

4 – Exit your Comfort Zone

One of my favorite expressions from the late, great Maya Angelou is this one:  “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got!”

My Platinum Mastermind has their own expression, too:  “Do it scared!” :)

I’ve worked with hundreds of people as a mentor, coach, and leader of retreats. The ones who create breakthroughs are always the ones who are willing to exit their comfort zones.  They let themselves get scared. They say yes to new opportunities. They take time to ask themselves what they want next and how they can create it.

People who live big have one thing in common:

They learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable!

5 – Surround Yourself with Support

I hired my first coach fifteen years ago.  I paid him more per month than my mortgage at the time!  I’ve since been a part of many coaching groups and masterminds – continuing to invest in this model of support and training.  I swear by it!

Many people don’t do this. Instead, they take a “duct tape” approach to their own support and training, hoping they can continue to get away with their same old fearful behavior, always promising themselves that “some day” they’ll get some real support.

It never works. They stay at the same level. (After all, that’s where it’s comfortable!)

Surround yourself with encouraging believers who are, like you, fully invested in their success, and who want you to succeed.

Many people live and socialize in toxic environments.   If this is you, then step out of your comfort zone and actively seek out positive people who want to create and attract their dreams.  Surround yourself with people who want to live big like you!


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May, 2012 and has been given a slight makeover to keep it fresh and current.

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