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Sue Ludwig was an overworked, underappreciated neonatal therapist who had this nagging thought: “Someone needs to create an organization just for neonatal therapists.” That someone turned out to be Sue herself, who - with the help of Uplevel Academy™- created the National Association of Neonatal Therapists, and a platform that is transforming neonatal care.


By following the Uplevel steps,  Sue grew her membership from zero to over 1000 through list-building, public speaking and stay-in-touch marketing. She set herself apart from the medical-industry norms with a high-value membership package.  She sold out her first annual conference, and got corporate sponsorships from some of the top companies in the industry.  She built a second revenue stream by creating an innovative online program for hospitals.


Sue went from full-time employee to visionary entrepreneur, quickly replacing her hospital salary and having to quit her job. NANT is now an international forcefield, boasting over 1000 members, dozens of corporate sponsors and five sold out annual conferences - and offers an innovative certification program, the first of its kind. Today, Sue is a sought-after national speaker, consultant, writer, and educator.

From ‘Someone Needs to Do This’ to Being the “Someone” Who Does...

When Sue first came to a retreat, she was a full-time neonatal therapist who thought, “Someone needs to start an association.”

“I was really looking for someone to step up and do my idea. Someone ‘out there’ that’s this really charismatic leader-type. Then Christine said to me, ‘YOU are that someone. This is your  vision…’”

Sue had served as a neonatal therapist for many years, but wasn’t feeling recognized or supported in the NICU. She saw a need in her industry for an organization, but didn’t think she had the expertise or charisma to lead it.

Watch as Sue explains how she surprised herself by becoming the leader she didn’t think she could be.

Uplevel 1:  Turning a single passion-driven idea into a profitable passion-driven business...

“…I just had an idea. I knew who I wanted to serve, but I didn’t know how to get that idea out to them. I didn’t know what I should provide to them and so, what Christine and Uplevel taught me was the exact steps that I had to go through in order to bring my idea into a real-life thing.”

Sue calls herself a farm animal. “I took every step and I just plodded along and plodded along and kind of kept my head down, but I really just did everything Christine told me.”

That unwavering action quickly paid off. Watch as Sue describes how small and consistent actions can result in big rewards:

Uplevel 2:  Getting her first 100 members by applying unconventional strategies...

“My vision was NOT the typical medical association model… I wanted something more for the people that I wanted to serve because I was those people. And there had never been anyone to serve us.”

Sue used the marketing content trainings and sequences modeled throughout  Uplevel Academy™ to use each piece of her communication with NANT members into inspiration and impact.  She was deliberate about each and every email, touchpoint, thank you page and training along the way. Her words:  “Christine taught me how to talk to my members and share what I could provide them to help them with their challenges – to step in and serve them.”

Watch how Sue describes the importance of vision in positioning your business, making decisions, and staying in alignment.

Uplevel 3: How to sell out your first event in a matter of hours...

“I pretty much modeled everything I learned in Uplevel when I put on the first event.”

Hosting your first event can be terrifying. There’s a lot more at stake when you’ve put down a deposit and have signed contracts for F&B minimums! This is why most people won’t take the chance, or why they play small.  Sue had a blueprint - and access to a coach who had sold out events for years. The first thing she nailed down was her marketing and messaging. She learned how to create excitement and scarcity. The first event sold out in days.  Since then, Sue has built on that know-how and has had sold out crowds at five annual events!

Uplevel 4: How to position yourself to attract elite partners

“Very big names in the medical world saw what I was doing and wanted to be a part of it.  Suddenly, I was in closed-door meetings with people and they were asking ME about how to market and use social media. In their eyes, I was the expert. That showed me all I had learned by having Christine on my side.”

Sue and Brene Brown at NANT’s annual conference
Sue and Brene Brown at NANT’s annual conference

Sue has not only attracted top names in the medical industry as corporate sponsors and partners, but she’s also worked with some of the most respected thought-leaders in the world.   

From the day she began in Uplevel Academy™, Sue learned how to strategically put together a package offering, which led her to create a compelling suite of corporate sponsorship and partner packages that drew top names in pharma and medicine to her side.  Sue has also made certain that her members are inspired and influenced by leaders in brain research, creativity and mindfulness and has teamed up with luminaries like Jill Bolte Taylor, Brene Brown and Glennon Doyle Melton.

Watch as Sue describes the process of setting her intention and watching it unfold.

Uplevel 5: Expanding your money comfort-zone

“If you truly want something, it’s really just up to you to make that happen, but with a lot of support and guidance it’s absolutely realistic. You’re worth the investment – and your ideas are worth it.”

As she became the bread-winner in her family and owned her role as entrepreneur, Sue discovered the meaning and joy of having a relationship with money. It wasn’t always comfortable, but she continues to be clear on her mindset.

Sue says that support and guidance can make the difference between simply having an idea and making it happen.  She credits the guidance and support she received in Uplevel Academy™:

“It’s been a conscious decision to join Uplevel Academy™ again and again, because not only has Christine’s guidance been brilliant and supportive, but the group – these women are just amazing in the support we have for each other, personally and professionally, it's unlike I’ve ever found elsewhere…To have the space where it’s completely different and supportive, it’s been life-changing.”

Need help turning your idea into a reality?

As Sue described, you need to create a strong relationship with money
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Entrepreneurs must operate by a different set of rules when it comes to money and wealth. If you’re trapped in old scarcity mindsets, you’ll never even take the first steps that Sue took!

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