Swearing Off Quickies: 3 Non-Negotiable Business Success Strategies - Christine Kane

Swearing Off Quickies: 3 Non-Negotiable Business Success StrategiesPeople often ask me for a quickie.


Yuh-huh! They do!  (But not the kind of quickie you’re thinking of!)

What they want is this:

Fast coaching, quick answers, and easy tactics…

“What email should I send that works every time?”

“What should I say when I call THAT client?”

“What should I post on Facebook to get more sales?”

They want me to help them blow it out of the water with one good fix. They want to get it perfect with one quick hit.

Can I help?


But the truth is, the newest, bright shiny tactic isn’t going to be the thing that UPLEVELS your business.

Tactics work. They do.  But if you build a business on them, then you have to keep finding more and more quickies. And that is tiring. And not worthy of who you are as a purpose-driven business owner.

So if you want a business that grows and builds (along with your confidence and capability) so you don’t have to keep reaching for quickies, the following three strategies are non-negotiable…

1. Be present.

This isn’t all that sexy, but the real truth is that your attention and your full engagement are what it takes to have a great business.

Full engagement means that you “lean in” and show up.  It’s about being present.

It’s not about going for the shiny new tactic that’ll make you money this month.

It’s not about “pulling something off.”  Or even “getting” anything!

So, if you’ve decided this business of yours is what you know you’re supposed to be doing, and you really want this, and this where you find yourself right now…then BE there.  Show up.

My clients in Uplevel Academy make incredible strides because I give them (yeah, some would say I pound them) with the structure they need in order to be totally present when we meet, and then apply this same structure everyday in their businesses.  I do this because we are not naturally wired to do what we do as entrepreneurs… so we need to create do-able ways to add structure to our days.

Structure gives us a framework for staying present in the natural challenges that arise in business.

2. Stop making assumptions.

Assumptions are the enemy of communication. Assumptions are the enemy of marketing that works. Assumptions are the enemy of consistent high service and sales.

When you assume, you say to yourself, “Oh, they already know that.”  Or, “They got my first email, they know this is available.”  Or, “I already wrote about that in my blog post last February. They’ve read that.”  Or, “She doesn’t want to work with me. I left a message and she never called back.”

Our brains are wired to make assumptions.  As leaders, we have to challenge ourselves to undo that wiring.  And as leaders, we have to be consistent in our messaging, our guidance, and our service.

3. Stop trying.

“I’m gonnna try to do that,” “I’m gonna try to get this.”

Trying is our way to dip our toe in. It’s our way to not OWN what we truly want to do.

The best way to approach it is this…(if I may do my Yoda imitation for a moment)…

DO.  Or DO NOT.  There is no TRY.

Sometimes this means to open yourself up to imperfect action (something I model in my own business).

Sometimes this means taking a risk on something you’ve been wanting to do but are afraid to. Sometimes it means getting a coach to keep you on target. Often, it’s all of these things.

Commitment doesn’t mean you get driven. But it does mean you seek out ways to seal the deal, instead of just “trying” all of the time.

So here’s my question for you as a business owner…

Do you still hope for tactics and quickies?  Do you ever feel like you’re just “pulling something off?”

Or do you stand firmly grounded in these three strategies for building a strong business?  And how have you managed to do that?

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  • Danielle Louise Ross

    It is so true that most people think they want a quick fix, but what they really want (and need) is something more lasting. And that takes time! At the same time, your blog nicely addressed some big-picture areas that are important to success. Not making assumptions is a good point that I don’t see talked about much in marketing and business blogs. It’s true, if we don’t stay tuned to what our AUDIENCE is thinking, feeling, and wanting, our service won’t have the impact and our marketing will fall flat. Thanks for your post!

  • Sarah Schwab from ContentCreationCoach.com

    You speak the truth in such a beautiful way. This entrepreneurship thing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. These are strategies for the long haul, and the are right on. I see this a lot in my Content Creation business. It’s those who stick with it for the long run who really experience rewards both inside and outside their businesses.

  • Shawnee Kilgore

    As usual, at the heart of the matter when I read any of your articles is that I still don’t truly know what I want to happen with my business. I keep skipping it because it seems obvious–I want to play better gigs and sell lots of photographs–but when I go to clarify the details I clam up and just try to get on to the next steps. “I’ll know it when I see it!” Noooooooooooo! 😉

  • Kimberly Wulfert

    Thank you for being very blunt Christine and right:) I work with women who want to lose weight for life and these are just as applicable there. I built them into my program too!
    “I’ll try” indicates a lack of commitment red flag every time. I know when I say it, I’m setting myself up for disappointment and “failure.” Instead,” I will do this part now or first” sets me up for succeeding and moving forward. It empowers me, whereas I’ll try seems childish.

  • Cena from SaneSpaces.com

    As usual – your advice is clear, simple and right on the money. Thanks for leading us Christine and continuing to send clear guidance!