The 6 Snarkiest Misconceptions about the Law of Attraction: #2 - Christine Kane

This is the second installment in a week-long series on the snarkiest (and most common) ways we misinterpret the Law of Attraction. To view Part #1, click here.

#2 – Making Law of Attraction a Part-Time Philosophy

“Have you ever noticed that anybody going slower than you is an idiot – and that anybody going faster than you is a maniac?” – George Carlin

A mentor of mine says, “Either you believe in Law of Attraction or you don’t. That’s it. There’s no in between, or sometimes about it.”

This means that it’s all your creation. It’s all your thoughts. It’s all your beliefs. It’s all your projection. The good stuff, as well as the bad stuff. The unexpected check that comes in the mail. And the idiots and maniacs on the highway.

Many of us only remember to consider the Law of Attraction when it’s convenient. For instance, maybe it’s easy to mention it after you’ve been intending a new job and you get your first interview. However, it’s not as easy to remember it when an angry email arrives or when your dog chews up your favorite pair of shoes. (I think this is because we forget that the word is “attraction,” not “blame.”)

Of course, some people may even have a difficult time accepting that they created the good stuff. In my last e-Seminar, one person was intending wealth as she changed her career direction. One day, she received a large chunk of money out of the blue. I’ve done this work long enough to know not to dismiss this kind of gift. She wanted to acknowledge it, but she was skeptical. Her snarky side was trying to convince her that it couldn’t possibly work like that. It couldn’t be that easy. There had to be some logical explanation for this!

I told her that The Law of Attraction is not an “occasional” thing. You either believe in it or you don’t. It’s either functioning all the time or it isn’t. If nothing else, I told her, isn’t it just more fun to believe that you can create money out of thin air? Can you just be willing to accept it?

Our snarky skeptical side isn’t a bad thing, really. It’s just protecting us from getting hurt. In the case of an unexpected check, it’s telling us not to get too excited because that’s surely not going to happen again. (A belief to examine and release.) In the case of the unexpected bill or angry email, it tells us not to take the blame for creating it because we’d never create something like that. After all, we’re good kind folks! (See yesterday’s post.)

It may be that we make the Law of Attraction a part-time thing because at first as we begin to take notice, it can seem like we’re being dragged all over the map. Good things one day. Bad things the next. We’re up. We’re down. We’re blaming. We’re centered. That’s very normal at the beginning when you embrace this concept.

However, it’s possible to simply live from a place of clarity and neutrality with it. In the challenging situations, you can ask yourself to see clearly where you’ve attracted this and how to begin to let the negativity go. You might even have a moment of gratitude when you recognize an old snarky pattern in your thinking. In the joyful situations, you can honor your power and creativity by acknowledging the manifestation. Practice gratitude. Keep a gratitude journal. Call a friend and ask her to listen to your exciting story of intent and attraction. Then move on without wasting time wondering if it could really be possible to have created that!

Intend to live from this place full-time. You’ll begin to live it daily without even having to think about it. And on most days, the idiots and maniacs will cease to exist!

  • Jim Ingham

    What a wonderful blog you have here. The Law of Attraction is a very powerful force and I for one truly believe that we attract things into our lives. Through positive thinking my life is filled with happiness and contentment and I am glad that others have found this to be true as well.

  • WaP Inc

    Great Article! I began to think that law of attraction is a common knowledge already. Seeing many people so interested.

  • CoreAn_Crack3rZ

    Everythings real!!! just yesterday a someone offered me to be his business partner and a few hours later, a friend of mine offered me a project.

    Isn’t that cool?? What I did is just made the law of attraction a habit! ๐Ÿ˜€ felt great!!!

  • Nevin

    I just saw the trailer on the film โ€œHow Thoughts become Thingsโ€ and thought it was worth talking about here. I think this will be a great movie. The website talks about deeper lessons into The Law of Attraction, using Neuroscience and modern Psychology. The film is being made by Douglas Vermeeren who did The Opus. I am interested to know everyones thoughts. Since Rhonda Byrne has put out her book โ€œThe Powerโ€ and has apparently has no intention of doing another movie like โ€œThe Secretโ€ is this movie the next step for all of humanity?

    Hereโ€™s the website

  • Jimmy Roos

    “The Secret” was a good movie in that it sensitized people to the idea that they can affect and change their reality by changing their mindset. However, the problem that I have with the secret and all the other websites springing up in its wake is the fact that it focuses on techniques and sell the process as very easy. So, people especially those who became aware of the law of attraction through the secret is that they think there is all there is to it. But in my experience, the law of attraction is more than just “thinking positive thoughts” and “feeling good.” if we look at the definition of the law of attraction, it is defined as “like attracts like” or “That which is likened unto which is drawn” one can clearly see that you “have to be like” what you wish to attract. Now, whenever someone comes to the point where he desires something else. Example: someone who is poor wants to attract more money, but it means he is not a match for it. He is a match for poverty. If he was a match for money, he would have it already. But he is not a match for it, that is why he was attracting poverty. If this person wants to attract wealth he has to change into a wealthy person, and “feeling good” and “thinking positive thoughts” can unfortunately not do that for you. The change has to occur much, much deeper than what these strategies are able to effect. You need total transformation… You need to proactively activate the “law of transformation.”
    Thanks for a great blog,
    Jimmy Roos

  • Kim McGinnis

    The Law of Attraction really does work. But since the movie, The Secret, came out in 2006 I think the new catch phrase might be a “Universal Consciousness” and where people a few years back were desperately seeking success I think today people just want to be happy. I do want to clarify something about my belief in the so-called law of attraction. Yes, I believe that if one trains one’s mind to consistently think in a positive way, which, in turn makes one feel good the majority of the time, more desirable situations and people will come into one’s world. The key is consistency and this takes a disciplined practice, which is something most people are not willing to commit to. This disciplined practice is something The Secret does not touch upon at all, and that is precisely why the world is in need of a ‘new secret’- one that explains in a fun yet real way that happiness is something that is absolutely possible – even in the state the world is in today. That’s why it’s time to have a new film – an update to The Secret. And that’s why we at Avenstar Productions teamed with inspirational speaker and author Andy Feld to make that happen. This time the secret is ‘Shamshara.’
    thanks for listening,

  • Sally

    I studied this stuff as a psych major 25 years ago…only then we called it rational emotive therapy and cognitive restructuring. It helped me get over an eating disorder when no therapy could touch me.

    20 years later I am finally letting myself look closely at the LOA and the things it proponents have to say and apply them to my life in earnest. What kept me away all these years are the things that Mark and others are raising here. Being too analytical can really hold you back from taking leaps of faith. I am a smart girl with an extremely analytical approach …but instead of patting myself on my back for “thinking” I tend to be frustrated by all it has kept me from.

    Instead of focusing on events, I think the LOA makes much more sense when looking at the quality of our lives and our response to the world (which effects our health, our looks, our relationships, etc). Why do we have to disqualify something completely because we can’t get our heads around the extreme? Think about how the LOA works on the smallest levels…understand at that level before you start looking at natural disasters and political catastrophes. How about how I attract the fight with my spouse, my eating habits or my depression by the things negative messages I send myself? Thats the easy stuff; get that and work your way out from there.

  • Brian

    Changing the way you think can be more difficult than it seems at first and this is probably why people do LOA ‘part time.’ Although the LOA is always working full time but, to get the results you want, you must change how you think. ‘Pivoting’ is a great technique since LOA more or less dictates that quantum leaps are difficult. Think about it.

  • Edward Litors

    “You either believe in it or you don’t.” Hmm, seems like that applies to almost everything in life. You can believe in something so much, till it becomes your reality. Sometimes I think that people who believe in HELL, fear that in their mind so much, that subconsciously creates HELL in their REALITY. Is there a such thing thing? Depends on what you believe maybe? Who knows….Great blog.

  • david simons

    Love your blog. If you want snark, and who doesn’t, here’s a terminally ill cancer patient (me) sharing another take on the Secret —

  • hkki

    It is funny. Nowadays in this global crisis if I think of receiving money, do you think I will receive?
    I have read the secret. A simple book you can read in front of tv.

  • james

    I just finished reading the The Evolution of Change, by Dr Michael J Thomas, this book opened my eayes to things I never realized, in using the laws, I recommend all read this book, find it at

  • Karen

    Hi Christine,

    I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks so much for sharing so much wonderful stuff!

    I do believe in the LOA and have experienced its effects in my life, the good and the not so good. It’s all good though because I feel like I have an active part in the manifestation of my life.

    Where I struggle with it, however, is when something really horrific happens. Last year my friends’ 26 year old son was tragically killed in a violent car crash. So, my question is: how do you reconcile something like that with the LOA? He was happily engaged and planning his upcoming wedding. How is something like that attracted into his life to the point where his life ended? Into his fiance’s life? His parents’ lives?

    Thanks so much for any insight you can share regarding this.


  • Michael Donlan

    You are so right. It’s all about faith. And much like faith, people are more likely to use it when all is well.

  • Ned

    I just stumbled onto your blog while cruising Technorati, and was immediately attracted by the title of this series of posts. You have hit upon one of my most fundamental disappointments with The Secret and its proponents: the tendency to skim over the role of the “negative” in the larger scheme of things. I was also quite pleased by your comments about no mid-ground. You’re singing my song, as anyone who knows me will attest. ๐Ÿ™‚

    In fact, I just had a dialog with a close friend about the same issue. I told her that while her difficulties may seem to be about people and situations in her environment, what she was really suffering from was the side effects of trying to “work both sides of the street.” She is trying to make a shift to a perspective in line with LoA, but also afraid of letting go of major elements in her life that are counter to it.

    We all do this in our own ways, especially at first. I’ve been on the path for over 30 years, and I still find myself dealing with my own ambivalence sometimes. There is still a voice inside of me that tells me to play it safe by living as if I never heard of the idea that thought is creative. It is very persistent and, even after all these years, hard to ignore.

    That is why I have for the last several years been seeking out “thought tools” that can be used to neutralize such ideas. The collection I have so far, which I call the “Wisdom of the Ageless Child,” are simply perceptions that are readily available to us all, but which we seldom, if ever, actually look right at. A simple example is, “Who chooses your thoughts?” This is a very powerful question, especially when you are feeling that someone else “made” you feel something. Others involve the very underpinnings of our sense of reality, like time, space, and causality. None of these are what we have been taught they are, and it is not hard to experience the truth of that assertion directly. We need only to have the will.

    So again I congratulate you on striking at the heart of the real limitations to the popular approaches, and setting the record straight on them. I await with anticipation the rest of this series and beyond. If you are interested in seeing more about the Wisdom of the Ageless Child, I invite you to my new blog at In the meantime, thanks for what you have already contributed and for what is yet to come.

  • Sue

    I really love this subject and all the replies. I guess I have tried to look at events in the ‘nothing is a coincidence’ sort of way before, where I start to see the magic connection in everything. I think the way you explained this Christine is the best way I’ve heard yet to wrap my outlook around this LoA. I am realizing that the reason I have faded in and out of this way of living is that it takes such conscious intention to do so and, well, there are so many times I’ve unfortuntaly chosen to be less conscious! This seemed ‘easier’ because I didn’t have to think about how I may have influenced any of the events in my life. Of course that leads me nowhere but back to the beginning of the circle I was making a rut in! Thanks for your insight and for explaining this so deftly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cynthia Morris

    I love the discussion that Mark brings up and I think it is good to look at things, question them, let them challenge our beliefs and then decide.
    I do believe in the LoA, because I have seen it over and over again in my life and in those of my clients. I agree with you, Christine, it is more fun to approach life this way. I don’t look at the bad things as just bad, but as opportunities to grow and learn. Regarding 9/11, what a nightmare. Who would want that? But look at what happened – the entire country got in touch with emotions and many people opened their hearts in ways they never would have if someone had just used an intellectual argument to get them to be more open and kind to others. Don’t misconstrue what I am saying, that 9/11 was a good thing. But some of the impact was, for us. I’m not even going to talk about the impact on our government.
    I advocate keeping a magic journal. Writing down the things that come to you is a great way to see how you are attracting and also a way to override the logical mind that wants answers to everything. I’ve been doing this with my Financial Empowerment program and when I look back, I am amazed at the stuff that happens. On another money note, the other day my angel card for the day was Abundance. That same day I got a check in the mail from of all people, the State of Colorado. They sent a refund for my sales tax license, money I had given them was coming back to me. Fifty bucks. Outta the blue. It definitely added a twinkle to my day!

  • Robert Morgen

    Great Blog Christine! ๐Ÿ™‚

    One misunderstanding that I see people having about the Law of Attraction is that LoA is a process of BECOMING. One has to work through a lot of different issues and attitudes to really use the LoA and it’s that incremental process that makes the difference.

    I’m reading Joe Vitale’s book The Attractor Factor right now and The Secret barely scratched the surface, although it did an amazing job of raising the awareness, which was the point.

    Thanks for putting in the time to help people understand this hugely important concept.

    Robert Morgen:)
    The Spiritually Aware Entrepreneur –

  • Danny

    More Kudos to Stacey. I have had that mindset of creating my response to situations for far longer than I have consciously known of the Law of Attraction, as such. When I look back at the periods of my life that were the least joyful, I notice that those are the times that I allowed my responses to be more negative.

    In another manner of speaking, Abraham would have told me at those times that I was not reaching for the better feeling and working up the emotional scale. The Vibrational Escrow that I accumulated during those times was tremendous, though, and I am following my bliss more and more every day.

    If we live in the past and question why this happened and why that happened, then we are not living in the present and seeking the joy that is available to us. Therefore our future path will likely be paved with the recycled bits of the past that we are focused upon.

  • m

    I’m with Stacey ‘I create my response to the situation’ I’m not sure how one attracts the situation in the first place though ! HOWEVER ! I have noticed that when one starts from an expectation of ‘I want better I deserve better’ and keep the channels open in a non whiney way and start being open to all the oportuntites then it does feel that one is attracting more good stuff. But you know the good stuff was there all along.

  • Mark

    okay, whew! thanks…I had one foot out the door, but I’m back for a quick encore!

    Christine & Katherine – I would describe my questioning to be intelligent – not just a ‘figuring it out’ mindset, although yes, I can be guilty of that!

    Remember, I used to be the guy who swallowed entire New Age sections of bookstores in one gulp. I was a believer! I still am. I love this stuff. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t use the critical & logical parts of my brain. George Carlin says, “I’ve got this real moron thing I do, it’s called thinking!”

    For example, I used to be completely liberal minded. But then I started listening to some right-wing radio just for kicks, and you know what? I’m better for it. I’m a little smarter, a little more informed. (Boy, now I’m really gonna get the boot, aren’t I!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Katherine/ME

    Mark’s voice sounds like mine! the one that needs to “figure it out” and “IT” can be anything. To let go of that is such a relief and a lot more fun, too. To put out into the world, or to myself, clearly what my heart’s desire is and then let go intead of holding on to it, molding it and basically ruining it with so much handling, has been a new and wonderful experience.
    That “figuring it out” mindset is like a tight muscle that when noticed and gently reminded to relax, does a little “ahhh” and then the body is free to let in and allow more. what I know is that my “figuring out mind” wants to protect me from scary experiences and danger and also really enjoys the exercise! so, balance is good. To know when “figuring it out” is ruining a potential experience and to know when it is just a fun thing to do and indulge…that is my current dance. nice to hear what is real for you Mark. Don’t think you’re offensive at all!
    thanks again CK, for your wonderful blog!

  • glenda june

    Wonderful, I can’t believe I sent this article…..looking forward to more and more.

    glenda june

  • Christine Kane

    mark – no need to leave the building! it’s worth the discussion – cuz I think you’re bringing up the exact things everyone gets tripped up on. thanks for that! and i don’t think you attract earthquakes either. i was a mile from the world trade center on 9/11 – and i still ask myself how that happened…but on some level i know i was supposed to be there. but i don’t think i “attracted” it. Maybe some of this requires an inner strength to know what you can take on – and what you can’t.

  • Mark

    I must seriously be missing the point! ๐Ÿ™‚ So I’m ready to quiet down about it. Sorry if I’ve offended!

    I guess my reaction is so strong because Law of Attraction folk are very big on telling people that they “attract” everything that happens to them, “even the bad stuff”. All I’m saying is, “Really? Is that true? How do you know?” To me this lays a burden on people to stay super-positive-thinking all the time. It’s not natural for me – I’ve tried it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Why do I need to go there? Because LoA folks keep telling me that I’m supposed to believe that I attract 100% of the things that happen to me. And I can only go so far with that, because I don’t think that I “attract” earthquakes and fires and the long list of random scary stuff that happens to wonderful people.

    I think I make sense, but I will leave the building so as not to be the bad guy! I wish you all peace! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Christine Kane

    well, here’s the thing, mark — why do you have to even go there? why not just use it in your life and get fully aware of how it works on that level? the point of working with it is that you become a responsible aware awake human who knows the power of your own actions and thoughts and judgments. not so that you can run around explaining the events of the world. i still feel that to try to figure it all out is to take away the simplicity of it – and to make it easy to avoid working with it for ourselves. gary zukav was on oprah once and there was a couple on the show whose baby died. the show wasn’t on law of attraction – but there was a component of that principle being discussed. gary’s response was so articulate and beautiful because the couple wanted to know WHY this happened – and he offered a “soul” perspective that was so loving and compassionate that they could hear it. but as for “attraction” – in order to get really upset and disturbed by it means that you are looking at everything from the perspective of “this is good!” or “this is bad!” and truthfully – who really can judge that at its deepest level? and no – i don’t think if you believed 100% in LOA that you’d ever have to look at that mother and say that.

  • Mark

    Thanks for responding Christine.

    I agree with you – when “bad” stuff happens it is an opportunity to learn and grow. A Teaching Opportunity.

    So why call it “Attraction”? That’s the word that bugs me.

    When random “bad” things happen to people – and we know what they are – the 9/11’s, the tsunamis, etc., I cannot wrap my head around the notion that these people unconsciously “attracted” it to themselves. It seems absolutely preposterous to me.

    Correct me if I’m wrong in this example:

    If one believes 100% in LoA, then it seems to me you’d be able to look a mother in the eye who lost their child by a random violent act and say, “Well ma’am, you see, it was the Law of Attraction. Your child unconsciously attracted the kidnapper/murderer.”

    How can anybody know this? Declare this? Who knows for certain why these things happen? Not me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Christine Kane

    hi diane – thanks for opening up about all of that. I think it’s safe to say that there’s a lot going on at a soul level in our lives – not just “i made this happen!” I do think that people decide when to leave the planet… though I may not always understand why. And you’ve made a great choice to “see blessings everywhere.”

    kevin – thanks. in my e-Seminar, participants are required to keep a “gratitude, gifts and gains” journal. it’s like a practical tool that habituates them to seeing the openings in their lives. i think sometimes it comes down to a basic everyday practical workshop approach to changing your attitude and negativity. i know it works for me!

    stacey – wow. thank you for sharing that. and before i got into the LoA stuff, I was blown away by Stephen Covey when he said, “It’s not the situation. It’s how you translate the situation.” That is ALWAYS going to be the highest truth for me. It sounds like you’re quite remarkable in the work you do.

  • Christine Kane

    Thanks Elaine – You describe it perfectly when you say “the more i travel the less it becomes part time for me.” no one has to start out completely absorbed in it. usually, it takes a lot of moments where you go, “Oooooooh…NOW, i get it!”

    hey mark – well, it’s good to have issues with these things. It’s how we get through them! the stuff presented in the last post was my biggest challenge with it. learning how to not make it blame. So, when Joe Vitale (or anyone) says that — I don’t think they’re necessarily doing it with evil intentions. They are saying that unconsciously something is going on. One thing I DO like about Joe Vitale is that he always admits his own stuff – all the crappy stuff that he has attracted in his life. He hasn’t ever presented himself as perfect. I think that helps people see how this works. And yes, he can be quite ballsy in that. You wrote “Guilt, shame, blame, and paranoia seem to be the default by-products of believing FULLY in Law of Atraction.” I respectfully disagree. When these things come up – I think they are TEACHERS…not necessarily by-products. The more I work with LoA, the less I have these emotions/neuroses come up. I’ve become less selfish, less shame-y, and less blame-y. I think that’s because there’s so much deeper stuff going on than “I wanted a car! And I got a car! Vroom!” That’s such the surface-y stuff. As for the “God” question… I believe that we are all one, and that there is only one thing going on – and that’s a WHOLE other discussion. If I said, “We are all GODS” – there’d be a lot of unsaid stuff in there!

  • Stacey

    I came over 100% to the LoA camp when I realized that I didn’t have to see it as “I create my reality” (tsunamis) but rather “I create my experience” (my response to the tsunami). I think our spirits manifest having chosen scary/challenging experiences because they know that they are good and necessary in the expansion of their spirit. This, to me, helps explain why children would get ill and die. I am a nurse-midwife (10+ years) and I am intimately involved in the experiences people call the happiest and saddest. (I was present at the birth and death of one child and have attended the births of many children with serious medical conditions.) I have found that being present (fully engaged without thought or judgment) and compassionate allows me to feel more connected to my spirit and those of others. I am grateful for all of it.

  • Kevin

    This blog entry really resonates with me because I have the problem of taking the blame onto myself when I attract a negative outcome and being extremely skeptical when attracting a positive one.

    While I have certainly improved in living hopefully and positively, there is still a nagging voice inside of me which oddly enough discounts a lot of the good things which happen to me.

    Hopefully finally keeping a gratitude journal will be the next step in my journey toliving positively all of the time.

  • Diane

    Thanks Christine,I’ve enjoyed your insights to LoA. When I saw The Secret my first thought was an angry “I haven’t wanted all the bad stuff that has happened in my life!” Like someone mentioned yesterday sometimes stuff just happens. I wasn’t divorced quite a year when my ex died. Right before my son’s 9th birthday…the death was unexpected and the timing really sucked. Sixteen months have passed, there have been many ups and downs, and our lives are getting better. I’m always amazed when people seriously ask me “How can I get my ex to die?” and “You are so lucky” I assure them that death isn’t something to wish for…or the answer to whatever problems they are dealing with…no matter how bad their problems are. Despite all the stuff I’ve dealt with I know I choose to always be hopeful…and I choose to see blessings everywhere.

  • Mark

    Ha! Oh boy you were right Christine – I definitely have a few issues with this post! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I agree – it takes a certain courage to dive in fully with the “Law of Attraction”. When Joe Vitale suggests that even kidnap victims somehow attract their fate, etc., I feel a certain crazy admiration for the guy for having the brass to say that – and I also think he’s freekin’ NUTS!

    There’s a difference between accepting “What Is” by choosing to learn and grow from so-called ‘bad’ events- and thinking you’ve attracted that tsunami. In my world, the tsunami comes, I don’t say “Oh dear, I must have attracted this.” (guilt, shame, inherent.) I say, “Hm. Maybe I shouldn’t have built my beach shack here. Time to head for the mountains.” or I might ask myself an empowering question like, “What good can come from this experience?”

    Guilt, shame, blame, and paranoia seem to be the default by-products of believing FULLY in Law of Atraction.

    I believe I can manifest a cup of coffee – or a great career – if I think about these things hard enough. But I notice that when my airplane hits turbulance, and I have scary thoughts, it’s always a smooth landing anyway.

    Are we really that powerful? Law of Attraction suggests that WE are all powerful Gods. Are we? Who said, “Man plans, God laughs.”?

    I do my best to stay positive no matter what happens, focus on what I want – learn from mistakes, and live the mystery!

  • Elaine

    I have now been working with LOA for 11 months (since your March Retreat ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and it has really helped me to change how I ‘show up’ in my life. I have also shared it with several of my friends.

    I have experienced some good stuff and some bad stuff manifesting – but even the manifestation of what I perceived to be bad was actually in alignment with my intention and I realise now that I had to go through this and face uncomfortableness and fear to enable me to move forward and make sustainable change. LOA really helps me to look inside myself and begin to unpick some of my patterns and habits that no longer serve me.I am now taking notice when things happen and you’re right Christine it is ‘up and down’ and ‘all over the place’ at times!

    The manifestations were a little scary for me at first – I didn’t realise I had power in myself to focus on and create what I want…Honestly? Initially I did ask myself the question ‘did I really create all of this?’ then almost backed away from the perceived power of it all! Now I have lots of examples where this is really working for me.

    I’m still learning about this…but for me it has so far been such an amazing and enlightening journey. The more I travel the less it becomes part-time for me!

    …enough of my ramblings!! Great posts Christine… can’t wait for the next one!