The Awareness Link: 7 Focus Areas that Create Success - Christine Kane

Your Personal Awareness is the Powerful Force that will Transform Your Success

Whether you like it or not, your business is about YOU. Your success is about your awareness. And once you understand that nothing is separate from you – then you master success.

This is not about striving for perpetual meditative bliss.  This is about living from a place of power and the willingness to listen to the on-going guidance it brings.

Over 2000 people have gone through my Uplevel Your Life™ Mastery Program. I regularly hear from those who tell me their business got better as they did the program. Or they made more money. OR landed their biggest client ever.  They’re surprised because “it’s not even a business program!”

I’m not surprised.   Success is about awareness.  Your awareness is such a powerful force that it will transform your success on every level.

Here are the 7 Key Awareness Areas that create entrepreneurial success:

1 – Awareness of your body.

Oprah says that your life is always speaking to you.

I’d go a step further.  I’d tell you that even before the externals of your life speak to you, your body speaks to you.

Learning to listen to these signals is critical to your success.  Some call it intuition. Some call it “gut instinct.”  Either way, you must pay attention.

Two times last year I ignored my body signals and listened instead to my rational mind.  Both decisions turned out badly. (Yes, it took 2 lessons – but I finally got it! Never ignore my intuition!)

2 – Awareness of where you’re going.

Some people have a 3-year plan. Some prefer a vision infused with feeling.

No matter your style, you need to know where you’re going.  Decisions are a constant companion as you become more successful. If you don’t know where you’re going, then decisions will be that much harder and daily priorities won’t be clear.

3 – Awareness of the present moment.

I can text, tweet and tech with the best of ‘em.

And I also know I can’t live in a perpetual state of distraction.

We thrive in the present moment.  It’s the only real thing there is.  It’s where all your answers reside!

Spend regular time unplugged.  Practice just being. This is not just for yogis. It’s for YOU.

4 – Awareness of your “rules” and limiting beliefs.

“I have kids. I can’t be successful.”

“I can’t do that.  It would mean travel. I don’t want to travel.”

“I don’t want more money. It’ll turn me into an ogre.”



Most people bump up against their “rules” or limiting beliefs and don’t even stop to ask if they’re true.

That’s because it’s easier to blindly accept them than step out of our comfort zone. (We think our rules keep us safe. Mostly they keep us stuck.)

HINT: Every time you uplevel, you will bump into a new set of rules that you didn’t know existed!

5 – Awareness of the Metrics.

You might be reading this and thinking, “Yup! Got this stuff down pat! Just don’t make me do numbers!”

I hear ya.  No one has EVER said to me, “Girl, you were born to do numbers, graphs and charts!”


Not once.

For years, I thought this meant that the Universe would somehow make it all work for me as I blissfully turned my back on those nasty left-brain atrocities.

What I found out was that I had my own set of rules and limitations that were holding me back. I had to step in.

So, I hire people who love this stuff.   And I learn and grow from letting them teach me.

And dare I say, it’s sorta fun?

6 – Awareness of your peeps.


Why become successful at all?


To get your peeps to the other side.

When you reach more people, you add more value and you change the world.  (And yes, you make more money.)

As this process builds, you must be aware of your peeps, how you market to them, and how your systems work for them.

Many people fail because they never get clear about this, hoping instead that peeps will just “get it.”

7 – Awareness of your victories.

Here’s the secret:

Be grateful to your big ol’ self for even the smallest achievement, and you’ll create more.

Be grateful to the big ol’ Universe for even the smallest gift, and you’ll attract more.

Nuff said.


Leave me a comment and share with me which of these areas is your BIGGEST challenge? Where do you most try to avoid being aware? (If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine!)  🙂

  • Patricia C Vener

    Number 6 is my trouble area. Despite being primary family caregiver for my mother (she has Alzheimers as well as other medical problems), I believe I have made good strides in the other focus areas. But number 6? That is a major obstacle.

  • Meredith

    I’ve got a lot of things together on the awareness piece. Not all, but a lot. My biggest stumbling block is how to find the women who will love my jewelry. They turn out in droves at shows and love my work, but it’s like pulling teeth to get them to sign an email list (even when I tell them they’ll get advance notice of special events and sales). I’m pretty sure I have to uplevel my peeps, although I don’t know how to find them on social or in print media, and am not able to pay vast amounts of money for an agent or ads.

    Any thoughts, Christine?

    Thank you, everyone, for being a great community of women encouraging other women. And find me at!


  • Kay Fudala

    You had me at Oprah! 🙂
    I love #6. What is success for, if not for the peeps – your family, your community and ultimately this world? Success becomes not as much about money as about making a difference in this world.
    I also love what Gina said about success means more work – when I write something and I am intrigued by a tangential topic, it is more work. But it is joyful deep work, not like a job. But there is an avoidance there because sometimes you just need to give your mind a break, you know?

  • Jennifer

    I think I’ve spent the last year overcoming limiting beliefs, figuring out what I think success is, wondering if I really deserve it, and trying to figure out what it is I really want, plus a lot of other minutiae that needed to be got through so I could move on from a strong foundation. I think I’ve about got it. It’s just hard for me to move so slowly and feel like life is passing me by. I think I’ll have to have a “conversation” with you next week about these points, pretend you’re sitting in front of me and imagine what you would say. Is that like channeling? 🙂

  • Gina

    Ellen, Maggie and Alle, I am SO with you!

    I’ve done the, “what does success mean to me?” thing, and I’ve always answered with what I want success to mean: more money, the freedom it brings, etc. Now I’m finally realizing that what I really think success means is more work. That’s why I distract myself with comfort zone activities like watching tv and eating cookies (I’m really good at that). I’m trying a different tactic now, and that’s redefining “work”. The new biz I’m launching is really what I love, so that work is more like “play-work”. It can be difficult, but in an interesting/challenging sort of way. I think the question I need to ask myself, in order to take my baby steps out of my comfort zone is: will this lead me into launching the “play-work” that I love, or away from it? So each time I’m reminding myself that success doesn’t mean “work” as I’ve previously defined it…thanks everyone! 🙂

    • Miranda

      Gina, this is SUCH a smart insight. It knocked my socks off, I had never realized that I thought the same thing. Thanks for sharing – great food for thought!

      • Gina

        Thanks Miranda! Yes, knocked my socks off too, definitely an “aha” moment…a bit of a “duh” moment too, or maybe more of an, “ooooooooooooooh” moment 😉

  • Alle L’Eveille

    Great reminder. #4 is a the never-ending battle!

  • Maggie

    I needed this today! I’ve been bumping up against my “rules” all week. Time to step over them and move on.

  • Deane

    To point #7 I say, “Right on!” Best. Point. Ever.

  • Rachel Claret

    Here is what I am bumping up against today… If I am not doing something that I think I “should/ought” to do…. am I in a state if Avoidance? Or am I listening to a deeper part of myself that is trying to get me to slow down and Feel what is underneath? I really struggle with this some days. I have so much now. Why do I always want MORE? When will I experience Enough?

    • Christine Kane

      Hey Rachel… These are powerful questions. And they may be leading you to some greater truth for yourself…

      AND, if I were to sit you down and really ask you the question you posed here… “What is enough?” I’ll bet you could give me a heart-centered answer. Right now, it looks like you may be lost in thought, up in your head, taking all of these questions at face value, trying to “figure out’ an answer. And this is fine… but in my experience doesn’t really get us anywhere in the long run.

      I don’t think there’s a straight answer to the “should/ought” question. For me, sometimes I am avoiding, and sometimes, I am simply in dire need of rest. It sounds like today might be a good “rest” day for you, no? 🙂

      • Rachel Claret

        Wow. You ARE good! Rest (and permission to rest) was exactly what I needed today. My heart KNOWS the path is perfect. My BRAIN reads too many magazines (sometimes). 😛

  • Alecia


    It just keeps getting better and better every day!!!!

    So I keep asking “How does it get any better than this?!!!!
    And it just does!

    You Rock and I am loving UPleveling every day!


    • Christine Kane

      Alecia — I saw your email girlfriend! Congratulations. this is going to be VERY big for you! Talk on the Q&A today???

  • Jill Goldman

    Great Stuff, Christine, as always! Loved this, especially:
    Why become successful at all?
    To get your peeps to the other side!

  • Ellen Coker

    Thank you for sharing this post. “#4– Awareness of your “rules” and limiting beliefs” This is definitely where I want to be more consistent in bringing my best self and positive beliefs. I want to let go of my habit of being “hijacked” by my limiting beliefs. Being aware and reminded–this will be printed and highlighted and posted. I wonder where I most need to see this!

    • Christine Kane

      Ellen – Oh man, you should totally come to the uplevel your business event next june… we do a full evening session on this one piece alone. It is seriously powerful stuff. And such a common sticking point for people!

      As a starter, just really really pay attention to the “yeah, but” voices that arise whenever you face an opportunity or a challenge. Opportunities and challenges are the true tests of those rules and limiting beliefs.