The Energy Formula for Selling Authentically - Christine Kane

sellingWhen it comes to selling, tactics ALONE are not enough.

You know this because you’ve diligently collected strategy upon strategy—5-step-lists and top-7-tips and one-hit-wonders, ad nauseum—for sales success…

…and you still haven’t gotten the results you want.

And I know it because I experienced it. It wasn’t until I applied what I have learned on the energetic side to my entrepreneurial journey—combining strategy AND soul—I developed some unconventional processes that brought results which, at the time, baffled my more conventional business coach.

Sharing those processes with my clients markedly improved their bottom lines. So much so, that people started asking that I teach them in my masterminds.

And now I’m sharing them with you: I call it the energy formula for selling authentically…

There are three phases of the selling process:

1 – The PRE-Sale Space

See if this rings true: You’re an “in-the-moment” kind of person. An improv artist of sorts. That simply means you’re an entrepreneur. It’s how you’re wired.

As such, you tend to jump right to the sales conversation. You don’t schedule. You don’t plan. You wing it – and as such, end up wondering what went wrong with the sale.

Well, for starters, you skipped the critical pre-phase.

The pre-phase is not about changing who we are; it’s about working WITH our energy, instead of against it.

I teach an energy management technique, Clean Selling™, in my Gold mastermind. All it means it that before you begin any sales conversation with anyone, you must first clear any energies YOU hold around selling. That way, you show up fully aware, and clean.

It doesn’t mean that you’re not nervous, or that you’re suddenly totally Zen and perfect around selling.

It means that you’re AWARE. And you are less likely to let your ego take over, and more likely to stay present.

In Clean Selling™, you shine the light of awareness on who you believe you are in selling, or how you’re tempted to judge the person on the other end of the sale…

Like: noticing that you think selling is icky… which means you believe yourself to be icky for selling…

Or: witnessing how you’ve already made up your mind that your prospective client will be offended that you brought up any kind of offer at all…

That’s ego talking

Awareness helps you recognize those thoughts as ego, and cleans them OUT.

So you can show up for the call IN SERVICE: what sales TRULY is.

None of the subsequent processes will work as well if you don’t clear your energy FIRST.

2 – The Sale

So now that you’re showing up 1) with CLEAN energy, and 2) in SERVICE, you’re 3) able to really LISTEN.

These three practices will close a sale more effectively than any tactic or strategy.

Disclaimer: for those of you who think selling is scary, don’t think you’re off the hook and I’m telling you not to sell… That is NOT what I’m saying.

In selling, you have one job, and one job only:

Guide your prospect to Yes or No.

NOT floundering around in Maybe.

This is where service really comes into sales. Because when you leave someone in a state of indecision, you’re actually doing them a disservice.

Sometimes, you need to push your peeps a little bit to get them out of their own way—if it’s truly in service. This can feel a little uncomfortable.

As a salesperson, you need to be comfortable with uncomfortable.

You need to be willing to let your prospective client judge you for (gently) pushing them.

So many people get so scared of tension—especially we heart-centered entrepreneurs—that we feel compelled to fill those uncomfortable silences.

This is where strategy (a script, prepared in advance, followed faithfully) and soul (clearing energy, showing up in service, truly listening) can help YOU, the quintessential improv artist, operate within the sales process…

Transcend the tension, and guide your prospect to Yes or No.

3 – Post-Sales: The follow up

So often, there’s so much of a build up to that yes or no, that there’s not much invested in what happens next.

This is where a lot of us drop the ball—again, due to our improvisational, in-the-moment, natures.

And again, this is where a little intention goes a long way.

If it’s a yes…

Stay present. Be impeccable in your immediate follow up: have a process to enroll your client, collect credit card info, and distribute welcome packet.

If it’s a wait

If your prospect needs to talk to her or his spouse or guru: set up an actual date and time to follow up… Then show up and be there.

If it’s a no

Let it go. It’s all about service.

If you took a stand for your person and it’s not a fit right now, that’s okay.

Sometimes a no is a yes, just not yet

Your job in follow-up is to be a consistent presence, coming from a place of service.

Create a follow-up sequence that’s really of value to your audience—getting to know them, and what they most need—until they’re ready to authentically say yes.

The sales process is, in reality, not some separate thing.

Like every other aspect of business—as the new class of purpose-driven, heart-centered entrepreneurs—we understand that managing our energy (soul) is as vital to our success as knowing what to say and do (strategy).