The Rule of One: A Surprising Touch that Snags your Ideal Client Every Time! - Christine Kane

In your business, the number “ONE” can be a surefire path to failure.

If you have only one employee who runs the show – what happens when that person has an emergency or has to quit for some reason?

Or let’s say you have one major client who brings in 80% of your revenue.   If anything happens to that person’s business, then the impact on your business will be devastating.

Got it?  Good.

Now blow it off.


Yes, today you’re going to discover where the number one IS the best option:

Your marketing and communication.

Many solo-entrepreneurs drive away business because they present too many options on their websites, in their emails – and in all their communications.

So, why do we do this?

Well, my theory is that many business owners act from a “lack” mindset.  A lack mindset makes us try too hard. It makes us “grab” at people.  We try to tell them too much.  We give them every possible option because we’re scared we might lose someone.

The problem nowadays is this:

Everyone is just a click away from leaving your site or your email. If they’re confused, they have other places to go, other sites they can visit — someone else who is NOT going to confuse them.

So, from now on, every time you communicate with your clients or prospects ask yourself, what is the one thing I want them to do?

What is the one thing I want them to do when they come to my site?

What is the one thing I want my prospect to do when they read this email?

What is the one next step?

Don’t fire-hose them. They’ll go away if you do.

Just focus on the rule of one and you’ll be surprised at how much faster your clients and customers respond!

“Yeah, but what about if you have lots of great stuff to say??”

If you have this problem, then most likely you’re not communicating regularly enough with your peeps!

Consider communicating much more often – but in smaller doses.  If you’ve been sending a monthly newsletter, try moving to a weekly format.

When you do this, your customers will be able to consume your information.

And they’ll love you so much more for making their lives less confusing and for serving them at a higher level.

  • Jill Dawson

    Fab advice Christine and I’m loving the podcasts too. I offer just one thing: top class writers mentoring first time writers. I sometimes get tempted to change this (offering other kinds of creative writing courses, tutoring etc) and it never works out. Clarity. Simplicity. Let others offer all the rest! !

  • Janelle

    Yes, this totally realigned my thinking! Thanks so much Christine. I find that I do that with confusing websites. I go away because it’s just too much, and I don’t really want to spend that much time there. I want to find the best that they’ve got and read it, interact, learn, buy, what-have-you. This is why an opt-in page for my website and facebook is top on my list.

    • Christine Kane

      So happy to read this Janelle. Sometimes those little reminders and tweaks are all it takes to massively uplevel your income!

  • Becky

    Ditto on the good advice. Dear departed Dad said most of us need the 12 step group for people who talk too much: Al- and on and on and on. Especially during this brave new world of information overload. And texting / typing on tiny screens with thumbs.

    • Christine Kane

      Thanks Becky – “Dearly departed dad” sounds like he was quite a hoot! 🙂

  • Heather Waring

    Great advice and one I see so many of my clients make too. Fear is the reason and I’ve had to give so many of them the feedback that shows that the confusion is out there. Some respond and get it but others still go on adding more and more things.

    • Christine Kane

      Heather – Yup. I have even caught myself doing that too! Simplicity requires discipline!