The secret powers of dark chocolate (plus other backstage confessions) - Christine Kane

What’s it like to host your own retreat? I’m giving you a sneak peek behind the scenes of my CLiCK Retreat this week in Asheville, North Carolina.

Here’s today’s behind-the-scenes grab bag from the CLiCK Retreat:

Backstage Confession #1: It takes a village to get me on a stage…

I know. I know. Not many people would actually send a selfie of getting their hair done before they step on stage. (Did you read yesterday’s email? Remember what I taught about “business backstage?” Well, here it is.)

The secret powers of dark chocolate (plus other back stage confessions)

Go ahead and laugh.

So the only reason I can do the number of events I do now, and build the business I have is this:

It’s not just me. We are a team. For a long time (and I watch my clients go through this phase too) I was still stuck in “little ol’ me” mode. It was a place where I was trying to do everything. (I even remember when people would come up to me on the stage and ask me to turn the heat down. And I would!)   No more. (Having Daisy do my hair lets me stay focused and centered before the big day today!)

Get the support you need and you will grow because of it. Don’t wait til you grow to get the support you need. Start small. The relief will be so big that you’ll see growth immediately.

Backstage Confession #2: Why I didn’t choose a more “obvious” name for this retreat…

There’s a reason why I call this event CLiCK, and not, say, “Sell Your Way to Millions!” Or, “Market Like a Mofo!”

That’s because:

A] Those kinds of names give me the heebie-jeebies.


B] I teach TWO tracks in your business.

The first track is the STRATEGY track. (This is where you learn how to market, to sell, to set up systems, and to hire a team.)

The second track is the SOUL track. This is the “soft stuff.” It’s dismissed by many business coaches as “woo.”

It’s not “woo.”

The Soul Track is about learning how to manage your personal energy. It’s not just about thinking good thoughts, or having a great mindset. It’s much deeper than that.

When both of these tracks are working in alignment – everything clicks! And that’s what CLiCK is all about.   All of the tools in my CLiCK book approach business from both tracks….

the secret powers of dark chocolate (plus other back stage confessions)

(We call it the CLiCKBooK! Way better than those giant three ring binders that you have to shove in your carry-on bags, right?)

Backstage Confession #3: What you’d find in my green room if you visited me right now…

Wanna know what keeps me focused and peaceful all day long for three full days?

The secret powers of dark chocolate (plus other back stage confessions)

First day of teaching at CLiCK!


Here’s my secret:

Backstage view of my retreat

(Taken backstage in my green room. Nuff said)

Backstage Confession #4: I don’t do barriers at events.

There’s a huge “talk-to-the-hand” syndrome in the coaching world these days. Hosts barrier themselves away from their students and attendees, never actually stepping into the audience to roll up their sleeves and help people.

For me, this is a huge way to stay disconnected from the very people you’re trying to help! So I do it differently. I love to walk around at the event and literally get on my knees to help someone through a stuck spot.

Besides, if I had put a barrier around myself, I would’ve missed this amazing moment with Social Worker and Intrinsic Coach Rudy Rodriguez who already has made a huge transformation!

Transformations at CLiCK [VIDEO]

Backstage Confession #5: This is my best travel tip ever (You’ll thank me for this one some day!):

Have you ever hit the sack after you turned off the light in your hotel room, and then laid there watching the display of red lights, blue lights and digital numbers blinking, glowing, shining and beeping directly at you?

It’s like sleeping with c3pO.

Anyway –

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about high-performance and happiness, it’s that we all need a lot more sleep than we think. AND we need pitch-black rooms. (Those glowing lights have a profound effect on our melatonin levels!)

So, my first order of business when I get to any hotel room is to put electrical tape on any glowing light I can find. (Yes, I am she who leaps up off the bed to slap a piece on the smoke detector light on the ceiling!)


And… if you’re so inspired by the dark chocolate and electrical tape that you want to tell me something, leave a comment below!

  • Marya

    Yes, it totally works to sleep in a pitch black room…been doing it for years. I had heard that it helps with keeping women’s hormone levels steady-maybe that’s connected to melatonin too. So many people, and kids(!) sleep with all kinds of devices and TV’s etc going 24/7. The body needs complete (cavewoman) rest ! 🙂

  • Jane

    Rudy is a shining light in the mental health community in Asheville! It will be fun to see his success as he implements all that he’s learning at Click!