This is Part 6 of a series called “The Six Snarkiest Misconceptions about the Law of Attraction.”

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Here is the sixth (and final!) misconception about the Law of Attraction:

#6 – You’re on Your Own

Even though consciousness is a personal journey and Law of Attraction is about your inner thoughts and feelings, the support of others is crucial.

One of the reasons I offer retreats and e-Seminars is because groups create velocity. The group intent becomes its own force, providing more movement, more clarity and more connection. I’ve seen this time and time again. Connection and support ground us and center us. It also helps to have someone else remind you on your bad days that you are powerful, that you are doing great, and that this is just a bad day, and not the truth! (For more on bad days, click here.)

I’m convinced that had I not taken classes and been surrounded by like-minded friends this path would have been slower and harder. At any given time, I could reach out to someone who was working with these principles, and they could see my mental chatter for exactly what it was – which, of course, helped me do the same.

Remember that reaching out, although uncomfortable for some, is an act of committment. You can choose to take a chance and start a group or try out a class that you never dreamed you’d take. Why not?

My rule of thumb is this: If feeling stupid or uncomfortable is the worst thing that could happen, then why not try it if it means I might create wonderful things? Why not risk an embarrassed ego for an expanded spirit?

Here are 5 ways to get support:

1 – Start a Great Big Dreams group or partnership.

Meet once a week for six months. Decide then if you want to keep it going. Meet to check in, read a text aloud, or write down an affirmation for each person to work with each week. Share your Ah-Ha! moments, as well as little victories. Have a 5-minute whining allowance at each meeting. (Some amount of whining might be needed at first. Be compassionate.) Make sure that the listeners don’t get hooked by the whininess, (which could turn into an out-and-out griping session) and that each person learns how to ask empowering questions like, “How would you like to feel about this situation?” “What thoughts would be more empowering than those you just spoke?”

A once-a-week check-in is such a great support system to have in place. You might have a bad day on a Friday, and actually feel some relief just knowing that on Monday night you’ll be able to check back in with people who can help you shift your state.

2 – Take a class or workshop

Religious Science Centers are wonderful places to start. Religious Science – also called Science of Mind – is the law of attraction. The name is a sticking point for some folks – as it conjures up images of Scientology and Tom Cruise. It’s not the same thing, I assure you!

I took classes for three years at the Center for Creative Living here in Asheville, and I remain friends with many of the other people who were in my classes. Unity Churches, New Age Bookstores, UU Churches and Yoga Centers are all great places to start. People drive three hours to take the classes at the Center for Creative Living here in Asheville.

3 – Books and audiobooks

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I’m a huge fan of audiobooks. I highly recommend joining (Click on the button to check out their plans.) You can pay for a bunch of books up front and then download them whenever you need a little motivation or entertainment.

Use the wisdom and inspiration of those who have gone before you. That’s why they write. You might not agree with everything they say – but this is one way to fill your mind with thoughts and ideas that aren’t all your old crappy negative patterned thoughts. You’ll hear (or read) how others have shifted their lives, and maybe you’ll get some new ideas for yourself. If you drive a lot, then make your car into your classroom. I used to perform about 250 dates a year – and I was on the road constantly. I looked at my car as the classroom and loaded up on audiobooks. I consider some of those authors my biggest mentors.

4 – Read aloud to your partner

This works best if your partner, husband or wife is also open to these ideas. It’s not a great idea to push this on someone who is resistant. Don’t force it. My husband and I got into the practice of reading to each other every morning after the gym. We’d get up super early, work out, come home and read for about 20 minutes from a variety of books. Even a small amount of inspiration can do wonders to remind you of these ideas before you start your day. And it will also help you be better supporters of each other.

If you are on a sabbatical from spouses and partners alike, you can always read to your dog. She’ll completely understand this stuff. (After all, she attracted YOU, didn’t she?)

5 – Prayer

I love prayer. Of course, it’s good to make sure that your own judgments aren’t fueling your prayers. (i.e, “Lord, please let Debbie find a man who will take care of her.” Versus “I simply know that Debbie is strong and prosperous and that she is always happy and deeply at peace, and that the perfect and right people are attracted to her at all times. Thank you for this.”) At my retreats, I create a prayer list of names and requests from anyone who writes to me – and each person is included with the group energy during our retreats. I do the same thing with the e-Seminars for each participant.

The Law of Attraction is a lot about thoughts, so most people don’t associate it with prayer. But, there’s a lot of mystery in our lives. We don’t always know for sure exactly why certain things happen. Most of us are pretty aware of some form of the divine in our lives. Maybe you know for certain that everything is spirit. Or maybe you’re not quite there yet, but you’ve experienced great miracles. Maybe you don’t believe in God, but you’re quite aware that love is a powerful force for change. It doesn’t matter what the cynics say, prayer is a powerful way to reach out and wake up and move away from your ego with all of its “me against the music” mindsets. How you pray might evolve as you do this work. And your sense of what you’re praying to might also evolve. But prayer is a way to expand beyond just your ego and all of the voices it manufactures. This can do wonders for your growth.

  • shana

    Dearest christene maám;
    i was just googling to find out “how to pray perfectly? and ended in ur cute thought me mANY TIPS AND TECHNIQUES ESPESCIALLY about vision boards..i hail from small village in india,i would feel so greatful to u if u include my prayer in your prayerlist aswell as i dont have any true souls here to pray for me.well my prayer is “|i want to marry theoctor gut whom i dream about.its my top dream and this means the world to me..i spending every minute with this thought.please pray for me too!thanks

  • George

    Excellent Six Points. Thanks so much! Of all the books that i have read onthis topic, seminars& discussion groups that I had attended, your six points have by far made the most sense. Glad I stumbled upon you site. Actually, I found a CD of your music (great stuff) and this is how I arrived here. Keep blogging!!

    Love & Light!
    New York City

  • Lisa


    Thanks for blogging! I just got dumped yesterday and was really feeling down about it…like why why why? I have to realize that the person who was brought into my life came into my life for a reason…he was a reflection of how healthy I am, and so I decided to take a dating break so I can get even healthier and attract even better people. I am in a low place, but thanks to friends (and your blog) I hope to soon be putting out even healthier vibes so I can attract what I want to grow into, not the person I am now…

  • Christine Kane

    hi all – thanks for your thoughts and kind words! pam – the post for prayer requests is coming out tomorrow. go ahead and add your request to that!

  • ChickiePam

    Hi Christine,

    Is it too early to add a request to your retreat prayer list? I sent you an email about my darlin’ daughter. I would love for you to add her to your list. She is OK with it, too. Although I’ve been told that while she is still under 18, I have the “mom authority” to request prayer for her, she is such a delightful, strong person, that I have never used that authority without consulting her first. Even though I know that prayer can NEVER hurt, I want HER take on the outcome. She has given me permission to use email to connect with those who are willing to see her in perfect health, completely comfortable in her body and peacefully sleeping through the night.

    Thanks so much for all that you do. Great post as always.
    Love ya,

  • danny

    Christine, GREAT news has reached me! I am glad to see that you’ll be in my neck of the woods. Thanks for all that you do!

    Diane, thanks for getting Christine here for us.

  • Pat K.


    Since I drive almost 90 miles a day round trip to work in back with the stunningly gorgeous backdrop of New Mexico’s mesa’s and idyllic landscapes, I will most definitely put my iPod to use during these long commutes! I’m usually listening in the AM to Opra’s radio show on XM radio, The Soul Series. She has had many, many people on their lately that, for me, seem to be perfectly timed with what is going on in my life. Thanks for the great ideas. I’ll join

  • Diane

    Yes, I’m the one that instigated you coming to TX! And I needed that reminder because I’ve been having one of those weeks where I feel like I haven’t accomplished much.

    Although it was almost 70 degrees yesterday it has been raining and snowing here today. It was a great day to read to my dog. However, he kept giving me that raised ear puzzled look if I didn’t pet him while I was reading. So much fun!

  • Christine Kane

    janie – barbara and john will be so pleased to read what you wrote. i know they love it that people download their talks.

    thanks mark! if you want to steer people to your favorite podcasts, that would surely help!

    dave – my apologies. you’re right. the internet and the major media can be crazy hard on all kinds of ideologies without even looking into them. so, i stand corrected and will not hold tom cruise’s remarks against all of scientology. i actually don’t know much about it – except for the major medias reports of outrageous stuff. thanks, too, for your lovely comment. alyson is coming to my october retreat and I’m so excited to meet her!

  • Dave Stewart

    Christine, as always your writing is incredibly insightful. I have found your wisdom to be a valuable addition to my life, and I’m grateful that Alyson Stanfield’s newsletter steered me in your direction some time ago. I have recommended you to many of my fellow artist friends.

    My father and step-mom are both into Ernest Holmes’ teachings and the Science of Mind or Religious Science in a big way (in fact, she is a minister with her own church)- and I, on the other hand, have been a Scientologist for over thirty years! Yes, they are not the same – there are differences, big ones, but there are truths that are shared by each as well …. big ones. Please don’t buy into the news/ yellow journalist’s distortions of Scientology or Cruise as representative of the truth, as most of it couldn’t be further from it. My parents and I find that we really agree on the nature of our own spirituality and how we relate to the physical universe, much more than we disagree! Again, not the same, but please don’t discount it without knowing what it’s really about. There’s a lot of trash on the web, but the truth about it can be found at their official site,

  • Mark

    Great post Christine – right on. I love driving because it’s an opportunity to listen to a new lecture or podcast and feed my mind with good stuff. By the way, if you guys haven’t gotten into podcasts, there’s a wealth of incredible ones out there – and they’re free! Whatever your interest, someone probably has a podcast about it. Scope ’em out on iTunes.

  • Janie

    After noticing a link to The Center for Creative Living on your site sometime last year, I checked it out. It’s now a favorite of mine. I’ve downloaded a bunch of the Sunday services recordings to my iPod and listen to them at least a few times a week on my way to work. The services are upbeat, humorous and inspirational. The ministers are fabulous speakers and the content is just wonderful. Even though I have never met them, I feel as if I know them and they know me. I feel like they are in my corner, rooting for me and firm in their belief in my power to create the life I want. What a wonderful community to know about and feel a part of, however far removed I am by geography. As always, thanks for sharing and being an inspiration Christine!

  • Christine Kane

    Hi Mackie! I’m really excited to be heading back to TX in the fall. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there. Last series of shows got cancelled when the flights refused to take off – one after another after another. Thanks for lining up friends! And thanks for your kind words. I’m glad to know this series helped you!

    katherine – it sounds like a fantastic dream. i’ll be creating another prayer list before next week’s retreat – be sure to add that to it! and as for being cool – well, my nieces have my poster up next to hillary duff and hannah montana – how cool is THAT?

    stacey – the peter pan diner would be a great place to have a meeting at around 3am. you could order scrambled eggs, hashbrowns and a martini!

    thanks diane – what a beautiful quote. and is it not true that you are the one responsible for me heading to TX? thanks!

  • Diane

    Thank you again Christine for this beautiful series! I love prayer too and some days I feel like I’m in a constant state of prayer. I’ve always liked the following quote and think others will too.
    “In prayer we discover what we already have. You start where you are and you deepen what you already have, and you realize that you are already there.”
    – David Steindel-Rast reflecting on time with Thomas Merton

    I agree with Mackie…nothing will be the same in October! You coming to Texas will be so fabulous! We all will have the very best time.

  • stacey l

    Thank you again Christine for providing me with some great “food” for thought. I am going through a stressful time right now, IVF… trying to get pregnant and all good thoughts are welcome. This law of attraction is a good way to live now and always. As always Christine, inspirational!
    I wish I could find a group in this area… right around the Peter Pan Diner… do you think I could start one there?

  • katheirne/me

    My 17 year old son thinks it is cool that CK is my personal friend. He doesn’t quite get that you are deeply in many lives but we are not as deep in yours…collectively perhaps. But if my teenage son thinks I am cool because Christine Kane is an important person in my life, I’m gonna leave it at that! “Cool” is not an adjective that my children use often to describe their mother. Thanks for the boost to my ego Christine! And thanks for the great advice in this last post. I am currently dreaming big of expanding my massage studio to owning a yoga/massage/art gallery/community creative living resource center studio and all ideas are welcomed into my dream!

  • Mackie

    Christine, dear girl…can I just say thank you?! Revisited the “bad day” link. All of this comes with such perfect timing. So glad you are a part of my life and so very wise! AND I’m so thrilled you are coming to TEXAS in October!! I’m already planning to pull together a huge group to attend your performance! Either you OR Texas may never be the same! Sending lot of love your way.