The Top 10 NOT-To-Do's of Successful Entrepreneurs - Christine Kane


“Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”
– Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Sometimes when I begin working with a client, we first evaluate what has to be removed from her busy day before we can add any new strategies for income generation.


Well, entrepreneurs are high-achievers. As such, they can learn anything, do anything and try anything to get things moving in their businesses.  Unfortunately, these high-achievers often end up burnt out and overwhelmed if they don’t let go so they can focus only on their genius work.

If this sounds like you, here’s a list of your top 10 NOT-TO-DO’s if you want to be a successful entrepreneur…

#10 – Bookkeeping

Yes or no:

A] Do you toss your receipts in little piles, telling yourself you’ll get to them soon?

B] Are you often running around in early April swearing you’ve got to keep better track of your invoices?

C] Are you considering taking a QuickBooks course at your local technical college?

If you answered yes to ANY of these, then girl, we gotta talk!  You need a bookkeeper.

The reason you stink at this stuff is NOT because you’re a procrastinator.  The reason you stink at this stuff is because YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO!    If you were meant to be a bookkeeper, you’d be one!

#9 – Customer service

In the beginning stages of your business, it’s good to connect with your peeps and directly respond to them.   However, if the routine emails and calls swallow up hours each week, let go and hire someone to take over.  Yes, it takes time to train someone to do this work. (It’s very important work!) But the time you CREATE in the long run is valuable.

#8 – Running errands

One of my Platinum mastermind clients is a successful realtor. She recently ran a “quick” errand to put a lock box on the door of a house. With traffic, this errand took 90 minutes.

This is a classic case of:  “By the time I show someone how to do it, I could just do this myself.”

Maybe so.

But let’s say you do this activity once a week.   That adds up to almost TEN 8-hour days of high ROI work you could be doing each year.

Will it take you 10 working days to show someone how to run your errands?

#7 – Housecleaning

The simple act of hiring a housekeeper can save marriages, heal relationships with teenagers, and make you believe in God.  Nuff said.

#6 – Being a Unique Snowflake

“Ah, Christine, but my business is different. I couldn’t possibly follow your advice.”

“Yes, but I’m very particular about exactly HOW I want my house cleaned.”

“You don’t understand, Christine. My customers are special.”

These pronouncements (and yes, I’ve heard them all) are symptoms of a disease I call the Unique Snowflake Syndrome.

The real truth about Unique Snowflakes is that they are scared. That’s all.

Scared of taking action. Scared of being clear. Scared they won’t find what they want. So, they find the most convenient excuse available: “I’m more different than you.”

The only cure for USS is to take action in spite of the fear and be amazed at what happens.

#5 – Assuming your prospects know what they need

Steve Jobs said, “It’s not your customer’s job to know what they need.”

So true!  And yet, when we are feeling entitled or insecure, we forget this truth. We think our prospects should just “get it” and hire us already!  (HINT: This is why you aren’t making money.)

When you truly understand marketing, you know that it is a service that educates your prospects.  Stop making excuses, and learn how to do it well.

#4 – Assuming your clients remember why they’re your clients

When you make a sale or get a client, do you get complacent?  Do you assume your clients remember why they’re working with you, or why your members even signed up?

If so, you may lose them.

As a leader, your job is to consistently realign your clients with their desires and intentions. Keep your clients connected to their WHY in addition to their daily work and they will thank you for it with loyalty.

#3 – “Drive-By” Delegation

Here’s a 7-Act Play in one paragraph:

Hire someone. Be excited. Tell him a few things to do. Get busy the next day. Forget to show him other things to do. Get frustrated because he didn’t do what you wanted. Call friends and complain that you can’t find good help these days.

Sound familiar?

Well, then you’re what they call a “Drive-By” Delegator.

Try this instead:

When you hire someone, tell him EXACTLY what you want him to do. Lay it out in step-by-step format with desired results and timelines spelled out clearly.  Take time each day to continue the training.  This requires consistent clarity and focus. And it pays off.

#2 — Looking at your unsubscribes


How many times do I have to tell you to stop doing this?

Your unsubscribes are none of your business.  Turn off that freakin’ unsubscribe email alert NOW.

Then, hire a Virtual Assistant to keep an eye on your unsubscribes.

(And yes. I’m sure she will inform you the day your whole list decides they don’t like you anymore and collectively makes a mass exodus. In the meantime, the three people who unsubscribed this week can go out for cocktails together and talk about you.)

#1 — Taking the word “solo” literally

Solopreneur means that you run your own purpose-based business. It does NOT mean that you should “go it alone.”

Girlfriend, you can’t succeed without support from someone who is already successful at what you want to do.  It’s time to reach out, hire a coach, get a mentor, or surround yourself with other successful entrepreneurs.

And here’s a little bonus:

If you’re ready to make a clear decision to succeed  (and get massive support, training and clarity in the process) – then take me up on the Early Bird tuition on my Uplevel LIVE retreat. We’ll spend three amazing days together in December  – and we’ll take your success to the next level so you can hit the ground running as soon as the new year begins! (I guarantee it!)  Click here to grab one of the last early bird spaces!

And of course – leave a comment or question!

  • Angelo Conor Monroy

    This is a great read, Christine.
    I couldn’t agree with you more. Instead of wasting your time, effort and money by doing stuff by yourself, hiring an expert on that field (like bookkeeping) is a smarter idea.
    Skills, a lot of training and experience; that are the things that is important for a bookkeeper to have. Personally, I am into outsourced bookkeepers. It can be risky but having a great technique on hiring and a good knowledge on what skills should a bookkeeper have, you can end up with a talented, reliable and low cost employee.
    There are a lot of job sites that can give you a good bookkeeper, but I find one site interesting. It’s called The unique thing about it is it solely focuses on full time jobs or long term work. I think it’s great to have a long term relationship between employers and their staff.

  • tracey

    Thanks so much for this amazing article! I’m a dating coach and every time I see an unsubscribe it pains me. You made me realize that I need to take my own advice that I give to my clients and stop taking it personally. I appreciate this great reminder!

  • Lori Woodward

    Hi Christine. I listened to your phone session last night, and while I am not in a position to take advantage of the offer at this time, I hope to take you up on a similar offer at some point in the future! I so appreciate what you do – and the unique way that you present information in an “easy to comprehend” way.

    Did some soul searching this morning in my journal. I’m already successful as far as peeps go. The part of your talk that I needed the most: not feeling guilty about what my services are worth. I’ve been the type of person to give away almost every service I offer, and because I want and need to make a living, that attitude has got to change.

    This morning, I brainstormed some excellent ideas – unique and valuable. I’ve written instructional articles for art publications for some years now and am doing this on my own at this point. Thanks for your sharing, upbeat attitude, and excellent advice.

  • Farnoosh

    Right on the money as always. My question is, Christine, so who does our book-keeping? I have tech support (lucky, my brother), even though I am an engineer and a huge techie and could do it on my own but it’s too much but the book-keeping I have been doing myself, and if I don’t, I would not be organized. I hear you but not sure what to do about it. Thank you!

    • Christine Kane

      Hey Farnoosh – Bookkeeping: Hire a trained experienced bookkeeper! I started with Craigslist – and when that bookkeeper didn’t work out, i began asking around to every entrepreneur I knew – and found my amazing virtual bookkeeper who works through LogMeIn on a dedicated computer at my office. Very cool!

      good luck!

      • Farnoosh

        Oh my gosh, I never got an email response that you replied here, THANK YOU Christine….. Great to know. I will do that although ideally I want to “hire” my mom :)! I just can’t afford to pay her yet … and that is where YOU will come in. One day soon, I will be in your classes. I was hoping this December but I am out of the country. Thank you Christine!

  • Sharon Gannon

    I heartily agree with “hire a bookkeeper”. I have seen so many people put off bookkeeping until it is really a crisis.

  • Jonda Beattie

    #9 really spoke to me. I am so aware that I need to start a “not to do” list. Besides working on my business, I need time to have a life. Have signed up for the uplevel live in Dec.

  • Libby Spears

    Love the “unique snowflake” metaphor. SO true!

  • Susan

    Just cracking me up…I love to hear your voice through your words:)

    I said to the kids just the other day when they asked what I was up to with all of my “realignment” around the house.

    Me: …”Hey, you might see me in the kitchen cutting veggies today…but in a short while, there will be a new person here cutting veggies…and I will be taking those veggies and sitting down at the table to eat with you!”

    Kids: “Cool…like a personal chef? Hey Dad! Mom says we will be getting a personal chef!”

    Me: “Yeah, baby!”

    Dad: “I love Christine Kane…”

    Intention: Preparing for a personal meal planner as I “uplevel”.

  • Nancy Harder

    So right on, Christine. Took a big step last year with #7 and it has made SUCH a big difference. Shifted the energy in the house completely (and therefore my office/studio!)

    • Christine Kane

      Nancy – One of my clients upgraded her house cleaner to twice a week! So there’s a new goal for you! 🙂

  • Joanne

    I am actually taking action today and hiring a VA to help me with some of these areas, including the bookkeeping! I can’t wait to stop doing everything myself and build a team to support me in expanding my genius work! Thanks, Christine, for reminding me (again) how important all of these NOT to do’s are!

  • Kaylee

    #1 especially resonates with me. When I began my journey (only a short time ago), I thought I’d have to do it all alone. As I’m looking at the long journey ahead though, I can see that I’m gonna need a little help! Thanks for the reminder and another great post!

    Peace, love and a steaming cup of Zen,
    – K

    • Christine Kane

      Kaylee – i”m with you. I spent WAY too many years without a coach or mastermind. And I felt so isolated. (Plus, I could never figure out what to do next!) So, YES to getting support!

  • Lisa Larter

    Fantastic list Christine! I just wrote a How to Start a Stop Doing List which also talks about letting go. Love how tactical your list is tho, I agree with you 100%, you are so fricken smart!!

    • Christine Kane

      Of COURSE you love “tactical!” 🙂

      The woo-woo list of what not to do comes next!

  • leanna

    I love this post! You need a “tweet it!” button.

  • Anne Couzens

    You’ve hit the nail on the head……….. thanks for the wonderful advice. I have sent your email to my Sister-in-law who lives in Atlanta – +770 7226659(with my dear Brother) and hope she can do your December course. Would love to be there but will be at home in Durban, South Africa…….my dog, Skye will be having puppies then.
    health and healing
    Anne Couzens
    Health+Fitness Expert
    Poet, choreographer, Dancer, Singer and Coach
    +27 82 653 8094

    • Christine Kane

      Thanks Anne! hope to meet your sis-in-law in December!

      • juan

        Hello Cristine

        I follow you for more than two years , I allways Listening every thing some time ,10 times at time I am Slow to pick n’ up thing,,But in tree week I wiil be Wholesale Belts,
        I pray ,one Day I wiil be sit ,That not Matter is all that way in the back , But Be there Personaly