Uplevel Academy Gold Mastermind Success - Nancy Moran and Fett - Christine Kane

Nancy Moran and Fett, have been a couple and business partners for years. It’s been incredible to work with these super-cool entrepreneurs, and watch them grow their business since they’ve been a part of my Uplevel Academy Gold Mastermind group. During our last retreat, they shared what they’ve experienced and where this has taken them.

In their first year of Gold, they had tangible success in the form of clients, recording projects, and yes, money! They’re woking together with a common set of tools and truly Upleveling, and they now, they have a rock-solid belief in themselves and in what they offer.

Nancy and Fett started Azalea Music Group back in late 1980s as a record label to support Nancy’s recording career. They lead a very wonderful life in Nashville, working with musicians, songwriters, performing artists, composers, recording engineers and producers who are serious about their music as a career. Best part… they’re successful, and and they love what they do!

Do you love what you’re doing? Do you have a vision of what you could be in the next five years and of how you want to grow your business? Tell me about it in the comments below.



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