The Magic Words that Multiply Productivity, Results and Happiness EVERY Time! - Christine Kane

I dated a guy in college who had a strange ritual.   Every now and then, he decided he was out of shape.

“I’m disgusting!” he’d announce to no one in particular.

That afternoon, he would run for miles and miles. As if he could compensate for a sedentary semester in one quick spell.

The next day, his body would be so sore he could barely move.

Compare that with my friend Susan who lost over 65 pounds in one year.  She made health a habit. And even after losing all that weight, she has a daily practice of working out, eating well and watching her mindsets.

For Susan, it wasn’t an Event. It was a System.

Now, consider a big goal that could multiply your business results this year.

What systems, habits or practices (different words, same outcome) do you need to put into place to create the results you want?

Here’s why this is such a crucial question:

A system or habit is something you set up in advance from a place of intention.  You schedule it in advance. You set the alarm, define the work, set the timer, show up and get it done.

When you do this, you become immune to reactive thinking, to those days when you feel whiney, to the “I don’t feel like it’s,” and to the sudden moments of panic (like my college boyfriend used to have).

Your Magic Words are a ridiculously simple (but powerful) phrase that will multiply your results every time:

“This is just what I do.”


•  The alarm goes off at 5am. There’s no asking yourself if you feel like getting up from the flannel sheets. (Of COURSE you don’t!)

You say, “This is just what I do.” No big deal.  You head to the gym.

• Every Thursday at 6pm, you spend 30 minutes in QuickBooks, reconciling, analyzing and getting clear on your finances.

This is just what I do means you don’t race to your on-line banking account in a fury when your worried thoughts take over.  You don’t have to react. You’ve got it covered every Thursday.

•  It’s 9am which means it’s time to spend two hours marketing your business even though you don’t feel “inspired.”

This is just what I do means you sit down and write.   It’s part of your business.  It’s scheduled. It’s non-negotiable.

•  It’s 5:30pm.  Your co-workers are all leaving the office. You’ve started your own business, so you stay at your desk for an hour to generate ideas and connect with your “A” List of contacts.

This is just what I do means that you’re creating long-term results and opportunities, rather than rushing out for a second job to get that extra cash right now.

This is just what I do also ensures that you’ll continue the practice, rather than giving up after one or two phone calls!


If you fall prey to moods or “what if’s” or negative thoughts, then start using the Magic Words:  “This is just what I do.”  Creating systems, habits and practices will teach you more about success than success itself!

I started this article with not one single idea in my head.  The committee in my head wanted me to think there were no ideas left, and perhaps I’d be more inspired tomorrow.

Then, I just sat down to write.

This is just what I do.

  • Julia

    Christine, this is a timely post for me. With my youngest about to start nursery school, I will have time in the day that needs to be allocated to being productive and making things happen for my business. I can feel my own timetable coming on… thank you for this great tip! I am half way through clearing my clutter, so next step is to get organised and stay organised. I can feel the shift from “Arghhh… HELP!” to “It’s just what I do.” Thank you! x

  • N. Porter-McShirley

    I enjoyed reading this post. I’ve just put up the website for a new business, and I’ve been reading the book, “Get Clients Now” by C.J. Hayden. Your post fits right in.

    It’s okay to work smarter instead of harder (whenever we can figure out how), but we do have to work. Nothing gets done if we don’t.

    Focused motivation produces business. Unfocused work is just busy-ness.

  • Vicky H

    I just happened upon your website today and i’ve already busted through a dozen articles! LOVE THEM! You’re super inspiring and super cool.

  • Joanna

    Boy, did I love this one! This is probably my favourite your article ever! Also because it comes at a VERY good time for me! Thank you!

  • Kathy Anne

    Such a great article. I am making self care and exercise a daily habit. It’s doing wonders. Your Uplevel Your Life program is amazing and I’m loving it. Thank you!

  • Ben

    Wow, there is alot to be said about making habits something “that you just do”. It’s like my weight loss journey i’m on at the moment (lost 10kg so far!)

    I always would do things way too much, overdo the exercise, go extreme. And it’s not until now i’ve built up, worked on making a habit, aswell as exploring my patterns and letting go of what has caused me to be overweight that it is shifting!

    I work more and more on making it being “just what I do!” 🙂

    Of course I have some awesome tools to help me let go, and i’m grateful for that too!


  • Sandi Thompson

    I love the idea of creating habits of health from a place of intention. Powerful and empowering. Good habits also set up the underpinnings of ‘willpower’ by making us more aware of choices. After a while it truly does become “it’s just what I do.”

    Great article!!!

  • Ann

    Christine, great tips and loved the imagery of your college friend – it really is all about getting into the habit and that (like success) rarely happens overnight 🙂

  • Stuart

    Know I’m a bloke, but just had to tell you, that I love this article.

    I am trying to start my own wesite now, and it takes a lot of time and effort, especially producing content. I have spent every spare bit of time I have had over the last 4 months trying to build this site, and it would be sooo easy just to pack in.

    I just keep telling myself I am never gonna quit – “This is just what I do,” is better

    Thanks Christine, I shall be recommending your site to my customers

  • Verette Pennycooke

    Christine – Thank you so very much for your update on your very productive meeting with your powerful Uplevers! Hind sight is 20/20. I’ll say no more. Business owner or not I certainly would have gained tremendously. I have been a professional procrastinator. Now you have created a “monster” in me that talks back when I don’t do what I’m supposed to do when I’m supposed to do it. It’s too soon to give you the full details here. But I will!

    For now I’ll just say a BIG thank you for your help, for your love and support and for being the greatest teacher I’ve ever had.

    With love and appreciation,


    • Christine Kane

      Wow! You are welcome, Verette! Looking forward to meeting you in the future!

  • Sally

    “This is just what I do.” So simple, but powerful! Thanks Christine I needed this right now.

  • Ruth

    Even after participating in UYL, I cannot get myself to commit to any practices such as these. How can I master this willingness to pursue change in daily doses?

    • Christine Kane

      Ruth – why don’t you call in to our group Q&A tomorrow and let’s chat about this? It’s a common situation – and definitely do-able!

  • Natalie Gelman

    Beautifully and simply put Christine! Love it. I’ve been living with an MO of ‘What’s Next?’ and focusing that way but I think some more systemizing will help me get more productive – andmaybe even some more down time too!
    Thanks for this

  • Marie Ande

    Thanks for the article, Christine. Perfect timing for me! I have changed my habits so much in the past year since being in Fabienne F. gold program and know I need to continue this. I like how you show that when things become a matter of “just doing it”, it takes the pain away! So true! I do get up at 5:00 in the morning because I have to even if I don’t want to – it has to be the same for everything else (like writing when I’m not inspired!-thanks for that one!).

  • Kalia

    Oh I love this- takes me straight to the heart of it- what a relief to not have to decide if I ‘feel’ like doing what has to be done!! thanks for this.

  • Fiona

    Thank you. I really needed this today. Yesterday I received some bad news regarding funding for my work which makes the future more uncertain. This has set me off on a train of thoughts in which I worry that I made a wrong decision at the end of last year when I turned down a job which would have given me security. Instead I am stepping out on my own with my heart in my mouth and today am struggling on not panicking! Remembering that “this is just what I do” and that systems will help me get there is very helpful.

    • Christine Kane

      Fiona – worrying is backward daydreaming. use that power instead to keep looking and moving forward. you did not make the wrong decisions. the gremlins just want you to think you did. ONWARD!

      • Fiona

        Thanks Christine. I certainly need those encouraging words today. Onwards it is!

      • Sally

        “Worrying is backwards daydreaming.” I love it! Thank you Christine. Now I am empowered to “plan my work and work my plan.” This is just what I do.

  • Taryn

    Hello there Christine,

    This post is going down on my “Gifts” list as a variation of it got me through my workout yesterday (decided to Be a person who enjoys and does her workout, even on tough days) and then as I walked to work today, I thought, “A system, I need to create a system for my writing and then just do it.”

    As always, your words are wise and true. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with the world! All the best!

  • Chris

    Yes, this is so important to establish a routine for as many things as possible. It’s all about mental energy. Every time you think about doing something – and then probably put off doing it anyway – you are using up mental energy.

    I just listened to an excellent audio set “The Power of Full Engagement” by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwarz. One of the themes is that you have a certain store of mental energy and not an infinite amount. You need to use it carefully and ain to make a habit of doing those things that you know you need to do.

    Brian Tracy also wrote a book “Million Dollar Habits” which is about developing positive habits – successful people have successful habits so they accomplish much more. I must re-read it.

    • Christine Kane

      Chris – The Power of Full Engagement is a great book on this kind of thing! My Uplevel Your Life program is literally showing people how to create systems for cleaning up the leaks and drains on their time and energy – as well as systems for creating what they want! It all comes down to those things we do over and over again, doesn’t it?

      • Martina

        Oh, it does!!! Learned it from you, Christine!!!
        love you. 🙂

  • Barbara

    Perfect thought. I waste a lot of time struggling against systems when they’re actually exactly what I need. Love the concept as presented by Twyla Tharp in her great book “The Creative Habit.”

  • Rachel

    Hi Christine,

    It is such a delight to read your posting every week. Your insights and ability to write about them clearly never fail to give me a jolt of energy and an “Oh yeah! I remember that,” lift. Thanks so much!

  • Wynn Godbold

    Oh boy, this hit the spot today. I was contemplating rolling up in a ball- instead I will go do what I do.

  • Suzanne G

    Love this mantra! So much better than “I hafta.” “This is just what I do” is best friends with “I choose to do this.” They make an effective and exciting team.

  • Stephanie

    Thanks so much, Christine! Your newsletter today along with this article has helped me see why I am feeling stuck and unproductive. I need to schedule some time to work ON my business, not just in it. Then with a quarterly plan, make the time in my schedule for the activities that will lead to success. Then just do it!

  • Araceli

    You hit home for me with Quickbooks. Saying to myself this is what I do and just doing it weekly because “it is what it is” is perfect. Thanks for sharing this article that created that inspiration for me!

    • Christine Kane

      You are most welcome Araceli – now go schedule that time and stick to it! 🙂

  • Lynn V.

    LOVE IT! Thank you for another awesome and inspiring article!

  • Janelle

    Great inspiration. I’m just returning from vacation and needed the reminder to look at my calendar and schedule my marketing and writing instead of reacting to the e-mail build-up. Thanks!

  • Denise

    How simple and how perfect. I can see myself using this mantra everyday! Thank you Christine.

  • LivewithFlair

    Oooohhhh!! I just LOVE this today. I’m about to go grade a stack of college essays, and I am dreading it. No more. This is just what I do as a professor. This is just what I do!!!

  • Farnoosh

    “This is JUST what I do.” I love it, Christine. I really do, of course it doesn’t make your college friend’s words any less hilarious ;)!
    Systems, systems, and habits, habits. So true, they work. Thank you for a fabulous piece, and I am So enjoying your Uplevel Your Life program.