[Video] How One Woman Left Corporate and Started Her Own Dream - Christine Kane
  • Pam

    This blog is from July – it is September – I miss you Christine!!!

  • Carolyn Connell

    hi Barbara,
    it was great to meet you at UYP. Your testimony was instrumental in helping me decide to apply for the Platinum level of coaching. My goal now is to do so well that I have to uplevel to Ruby too! Thanks for the heart you bring to everything you do,

    • Barbara Alexander

      Hi Carolyn,
      Thank you for your message… that I am just now seeing… I trust you have followed your heart and I wish the best for you on your journey!
      Sending much love,

  • Barbara Alexander

    Working with Christine has been life changing. She has helped me to build my life/career in ways that I would have never guessed. I had done the corporate route, but this work was my love and inspiration. Who would have thought it would turn out like this?
    So many processes and structures are offered in Christine’s programs, so many creative ideas are there just waiting to come out and Christine helped me with all of it. My world has expanded, my clients have multiplied, and my joy is right there along side of it!
    If I had known that being an entrepreneur would have been this much fun I would have done it years ago! Thank you for your guidance and help Christine!

  • Barbara Lazarony


    It’s so exciting to see where you were in November when I met you at Uplevel Life and where you are today! Congratulations on your continued success!

    • Barbara Alexander

      Hi Barbara! I just saw this comment now… Thank you for your message, it has been an amazing journey!
      Sending much love,

  • ricelin(undirect)


    Thanks for such video sharing!I am moved by it a lot!
    I think every one of us should have our own dream and keep on it,never give up!Right?

    • Stefanie

      Right 😉

    • Barbara Alexander

      Absolutely! Following your dream and living from the heart brings joy beyond anything I have ever known.
      Many blessings,