[VIDEO] How to Get Back on Course - Christine Kane
  • exhale. return to center.

    ahhh….thank you so much for this. i really needed to hear these words today.

  • Christine Kane

    martina – that’s so great! Thank you!

  • Martina

    I asked a pilot of Lufthansa airline about these “off-course” thing and he confirmed that this is true. Although they have better equipment now that can do the math much better there is still these off track equipment in use.
    have a nice week, martina

  • Allison

    A great and timely post. Thank you x

  • Cheryl

    Love the video, Christine. I had just been thinking about revisiting my word of the year and refining its definition for me. Thank you.

    Becky, I’d encourage you (if you haven’t already looked in to this path) to read Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. Write your morning pages first and vent all you want about your jealousy of those famous artists. Get it out! Clear your mind and allow space for creative ideas for little artistic endeavors that you can accomplish in the bits of time you do have daily. The artist’s date is another tool, as well as walking mindfully for twenty minutes at least once a week. Good luck in your artistic pursuits!

  • Becky

    Hi Christine… this message was great! It’s helped me be less down in the dumps today. I have a question though… my word of the year was ARTIST but I have v little time to practice fine art because I’m doing a Masters in History of Art and am absolutely hating it. I’m half way through the course so don’t want to drop out, but dread getting up in the morning to write papers on art when I want to be making it. I just end up getting jealous of the artists I’m writing about! Can you (or any of your readers) offer any advice on how to get through this year?

  • Holly

    Likewise! This is exactly the message that I needed to hear–coupled with your e-zine article about kicking the procrastination habit. Perfection is crippling–and while it often appears as laziness, I know–and you know–that it is anything but.

    Many thanks for all of your inspiring words, always.

  • Juliana

    This video is adorable! Thanks so much for sharing this… February is the perfect time for that reminder, too.

  • Kathy Troidle Jackson

    In addition to being the kick in the pants that so many of us (including me!) need right now, this brings technology and blogs together in such a great way. Hearing your voice saying the words is more powerful that reading them and watching the clip art and photos you chose to emphasize the points revealed even more of your wonderful sense of humor. I could feel how much fun you had putting this together and it came right through the computer to make me smile. This post gets a bookmark and we could all benefit from coming back to it over and over again when we feel we’re straying a bit off course. Yay Vanessa. Yay you!

  • Fiona

    I was feeling that familiar old downer creeping in and looking around for something to counteract it – thanks so much, you reminded me that all I had to do was get back in touch with my real self, which is the creative, clever, solution focussed lover of life and let that moment pass

  • lisa

    Christine I was feeling just like vanessa and was needing a little pick me up thank you for inspiring us all to be the very best we can be and that its not about doing in all its about being happy and stopping and enjoying the small steps we take everyday I so needed to hear that as I get caught up in thinking I have to do it all Thanks so much

  • Nathalie Lussier

    This is awesome Christine! Thank you so much for creating this video and sharing this coaching insight with all of us.

    Truly very appreciated, and oh so delicious tidbits of connection… Yum!

  • Káren Wallace

    Hi Christine, like everyone else has said – I needed this today! Thank you. Great coaching (and I love the delivery…)

    [Tinfoil Katt? We need tinfoil? NOW I know where all these great coaching moments come from!]

  • pati

    Hi Christine,

    You’re terrific.


  • Tracy Stewart

    Hi Christine,
    Thanks for this. It was a great acknowledgement that I actually AM on track today 🙂 and a reminder to check back in on that word more often. Great stuff, as always.

  • Chrissy

    This is an amazing post that just seems to fit today. Many thanks.

  • sue

    This is awesome! Love the photos- the cat, the little girl (great) and how simple and perfect this is. Thanks for somehow knowing when we all need a little nudge in an inward direction so we can truly shine. Go Vanessa! 🙂

  • Anna

    ChrisTINE!!!! I loved this (cuz I’m kinda in that place and need a teeny push)….but also cuz it was so cute and entertaining. Awesome!

  • Patricia

    I was just thinking yesterday that my word for the year just wasn’t cutting it for me. Thank you so much for clarifying the situation. I may still choose another word that resonates more clearly for me, and if I do I’ll know how to honor it – and myself more clearly.
    Thanks for the charming photos. What a great way to start the day!

  • Glad

    I needed this today. Thanks for delivering a kick in the butt when I need it most. xoxo

  • elaine

    Simply Awesome! This was so much fun and a wonderful and clear message to help me get back and stay on track. A great reminder that I’m going to be that little girl EVERY DAY. Oooo! Thank you 🙂
    (I love the kitty with the cube too!)

  • Martina

    So good !!! I´m very visual and I love love love those pictures. I totally can identify myself with the little girl in the red dress (6:28). That is my PICTURE OF THE YEAR. (my word of the year is JOY) And I always feel this Joy, my Joy, if I see her. (It is the same picture at day 9 in the uplevel your live mastery program.) Thanks so much, Christine. I wish you a great day!

  • Katt

    Thanks Christine, it’s like you have tiny cameras in my house and you know that I needed this lesson today. Either that or I’m not wearing enough tinfoil to block the mind control! 😉

  • Sue Sullivan

    I love it, Christine! You make personal growth fun.

  • couscous sylvia

    Perfect message at the perfect time, too.

  • couscous sylvia

    OMG WTF this was SO FRICKIN HILARIOUS. Christine you’re amazing. And woohoo to losing three pounds on a cruise! 😉