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Welcome to the second part of the Vision Board Gallery. You can view yesterday’s gallery here.

Some of the women at the retreat chose to do Vision Books, not Vision Boards. That way they can continue to add images throughout the year. This is a handy alternative because it’s portable. (I wrote more about Vision Books in this post.)

Here are a few images of the Vision Books.


Some of these photos are from the same books. I think someone came close to filling her entire book!



Here are a few more traditional Vision Boards…




Below is a poster board folded up for better suitcase stowaway. This one touches me deeply because of the huge awakening this person had about her relationship with horses after she did her board.



One of the participants had come to a retreat two years ago. Her house had just burned to the ground, and she was not only dealing with grief, but she was rebuilding her life. She brought her vision board from that retreat just to see whether or not she had shifted in her vision for herself. I’ll let you decide.

Here’s the vision board from two years ago:


This is the vision board she made this year. As she told us about it, she said she could feel the lightness and the difference in her direction and vision for herself.


  • stelio

    Can you please tell me what are the best software program suitable for vision boards? The software you suggest in your book … does not exist anymore as the weblink does not work.

    thanking you in advance
    for your help,

    Author of
    Depression: My Witness, Your Solution
    (Five easy steps to reprogram your little inner voice and set your mind free)

    • Christine Kane

      Stelio – I know that LOTS of people are using Pinterest for their vision boards now. ( It’s a new-ish social media site!

  • Dellitt

    I am planning on doing a vision board and came to your blog to learn how. Thank you for the simple instructions. One thing I wish, though, was that I understood how they actually wind up working in a person’s life. I know you gave examples above but I just didn’t understand how lots of pictures of cats and dogs and candles and soap and such wound up guiding people. I guess I mean do you have a vision board you could explain as in how each part wound up functioning for the person? I know it’s very personal but maybe if someone doesn’t mind posting one and sharing that would really help.

  • Kris aka Krispy

    Hi Christine! Once again I have loved reading your blog, always get so much from it. I was especially hit by the second entry from the Vision Book. It really brought up a remembrance for me, between the dance images and the acoustic guitar, it reminded me of the magic and the possibility that I encountered when I first moved to San Francisco. I have been going through immigration for 5 years and have not been able to live in SF, but visit several times a year. As you can probably guess, the struggle for immigration really has crushed some of the life out of the possibilities that I once felt. But, there was the vision in the Vision Book and it reawoke something…maybe SF hasn’t changed in the way I think it has, let’s be honest, it is me who has changed, me who has stagnated.

    Thank you for whoever made that vision book. It has brought some new life back to a 35 year old English codger like me!

    So, is there any chance that you might run a co-ed retreat at some point? Being selfish, I would love to be able to do a retreat with you. I am also doing a lot of community building work in the gay community in SF and this kind of retreat would go down a storm as well…

  • Angie Hartford

    I like the books more than the boards. The seem less vulnerable, especially if you’ve got a teasing sort of family. Hanging a vision board is kinda scary, but a book, well….it’s just for you!

  • Christine Kane

    ruth, sylvia and tim – thanks much for your insights and thoughts!

  • Tim


    Awesome posts!! I just gave a speech in my Toastmasters group about visionary leadership and used a vision board as an example of how you can use it to improve your vision. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to do one of my own–but I will do one on my own soon, because I think they are a great way to attract what you want into your life. I am blown away by how great they look.

  • Sylvia C.

    I love the idea of a vision book. I have always been more of the book type…

    Thanks for the idea.


    Sylvia C.

  • ruth

    thanks so much for sharing these. it takes me right back there, soaking up all of the possibilities and dreams and powerfullnesses of all of you.