What Does the Day Before a Sold-out Event Really Look Like? (behind-the-scenes peek) - Christine Kane

My CLiCK retreat is just getting started…and I want to give you a behind the scenes view of what all the pre-event activity looks like – so here are the 5 big lessons I wrote about from yesterday…

Lesson #1: Never let your dog watch you pack

CLiCK is happening smack dab in the heart of downtown Asheville. So you’d think I’d choose to stay at home and make my dog at least a little bit happy. Nope. I’m staying at one of my favorite cool boutique hotels downtown. Which means that my dog had to watch me pack and make several trips in and out to the car… (this breaks my heart of course)

click retreat asheville

(Zoe would prefer it if I would stay home all day everyday.)

Lesson #2: Don’t try to “figure out” your business growth. Expand into it.

If you’d told me just three years ago that I would have a team of amazing Uplevel coaches who’d be on stage and coaching our clients, I would’ve laughed at you (probably one of those ugly laughs, too, where your water comes out your nostrils).

(Three #rockstar strategy coaches and three #rockstar mindset coaches – brilliant business owners each!)

But I now have a team of amazing Uplevel coaches (each of whom is crazy successful in her own business!) who serve our clients in big huge ways.

See, when we just look around at where we are now, we often limit ourselves based on what we think we know now. We say things like, “I don’t want to grow.” Or, “I don’t want to have to deal with a team.” Often, we’re simply saying this because we don’t understand how we’d ever do it given our limited resources right now!   Try this instead: Allow yourself to expand into your next levels. Don’t “figure it out” now. Always be expanding.

Lesson #3: Plan your outfits in advance

Confession: If I had my way, I’d pretty much always dress like this…

click retreat Asheville

(Given the comments, I think we’re all in the same camp here!)

What this means is that I need extra focus when it comes to dressing for the stage. I’m proud to say that I had all of my outfits coordinated and hung in a garment bag one week before the event. (Thank you to Upleveler Catherine Cassidy!)

click retreat Asheville

Showing up proudly at Uplevel World Headquarters with my garment bag in tow!

It takes time and strategy to do this – but it’s worth it because you don’t want to be panicking about your outfit in the hour before you take the stage. (Been there done that. Got the ratty ol’ t-shirt! :))

Lesson #4: Your business has a front stage AND a back stage

CLiCK Business Backstage

Your front stage is what your prospects and customers see. It’s the user experience. Your backstage is where you make everything work just right so that your front stage is flawless. (Well, mostly!)

This is why our opening Q&A session was called “Business Backstage.” It gave me a chance to help these entrepreneurs clearly see their back stages and how to create systems that make the front stage work well – and also to share some of my big back stage challenges in growing my business.

Lesson #5: Only partner with people you love

Common (and stupid) marketing wisdom: You must partner with anyone and everyone because that’s the only way you’ll make money.

Christine’s wisdom: Only partner with businesses and entrepreneurs you love. (and you’ll be happier because you’re being congruent.)

With that said, I’m so happy that Bulletproof Coffee is a sponsor of CLiCK! (They sponsored Uplevel Your Business LIVE, too.) I adore Dave and his whole team — and believe in the message they are teaching and all that they put out in the world. Personal energy, whole body nutrition, high performance… check out how Bulletproof can get you there!


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