What To Do If You Don't Charge Enough - Christine Kane

What to Do if You're Not Charging Enough by Christine Kane Uplevel YouShrinking seems rational.

After all, the economic roller coaster ride we’ve all been on has left some business owners scared, nauseated, and wary of taking anything that looks remotely like a chance.

Add to that the 24/7 media fear parade, and you end up with a hostile environment for the average mindset of the average self-employed human.

So, if business is down or if you’re just not bringing in enough cash…

…then yes, it would seem logical to respond to that outward assault by joining in the collective cowering, shrinking a little smaller, and keeping your prices way low.

Hey, you have to compete, right?

What better way to compete than by lowering your prices, right?

Well, actually, NOT right.

Wrong, in fact.

For at least three reasons…

Reason Number One

(and here, I am stating the obvious, yet people seem to forget this one every day…)

your business is SUPPOSED to make money.

Many solopreneurs got into business because they love what they do.  They’d do it for free they love it so much.

And when the talk turns to money, all their “stuff” comes up.

So, pricing themselves low turns out not to be a competitive strategy at all.

Turns out their low prices are merely a convenient way for them to avoid their fear of charging what they’re worth.

If that rings true, here’s a reminder:

Regardless of your LIFE purpose (or passion) — the purpose of YOUR BUSINESS is to make money.

And unless there’s a very good strategy behind being the cheapest “X” in your industry, there’s NO good reason to be a commodity and go for cheap.  You are not toothpaste or batteries or a tampon.

Second Reason…

In many cases, bargain hunters make terrible clients.

Do you really want a client who went on a long search for the cheapest life coach she could possibly find?  How invested do you think this client will be in her own long-term results?

Here’s what I mean…

Many years ago, I offered three-day personal growth retreats for women.  (Yes, I was still on tour playing music a lot – but even back then, my passion was all about helping people Uplevel their lives.)

At first, I didn’t know what to charge so I went for “cheap.” I looked around at what other people charged for retreats, and I went lower.

Slight problem, though…

At each retreat, there were always several women who – in the middle of the activities on the second day – would leave to go shopping downtown.

They had no interest in doing any of the work I was teaching.

They just wanted new shoes.

While there’s nothing wrong with new shoes – this certainly wasn’t the kind of person I wanted at my retreats.

When I raised the prices of the retreats (significantly), I no longer attracted the day-shopper ladies.  I only attracted the people who truly wanted to get results.

And I learned a huge truth about money…

Money is a channel for the most powerful thing on the planet:


If someone is not committed enough to her own growth, passion, fun, health, wealth or business to INVEST in it through working with you…

…then most likely, she will check out to go shoe shopping halfway through your work with her.

The third reason that cheap is wrong is that it’s just plain lazy thinking.

You are SO much smarter than that tired old solution of pricing yourself low.

Being the cheapest or having the very best deal?


That’s like your lizard brain just took over your marketing department.

Don’t let your lizard brain take over your marketing department.

Reclaim your marketing department and understand this:

If someone does not see the value of what you offer, then you simply haven’t shown her the value of what you offer.

And guess whose job it is to clearly communicate the value of what you offer?

(Long tense pause while you look around and say, “Me?”)



And what that means is that your income is directly connected to your clarity, your connection, your communication… in essence, your marketing.

And that brings me to some bad news…

If you insist on remaining in the fetal position and letting your fear dictate your pricing and your business, then you’ll miss out big time.

But there’s good news too…

I’m offering a free training right now.  It’s the only time this year I’ll be delivering such a massive amount of content for no charge at all.

It’s called The Money Master Class.

I’ve designed this class explicitly for the solo-business owner who’s got passion out the wazoo but who still goes through up and down cycles month by month – (and KNOWS she doesn’t charge enough).

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started, or you’ve been hoofing away in your business for years…

you will learn so much in this training that you’ll have no choice but to stop shrinking, fire your lizard brain, charge what your worth – and consistently double (or even triple) your income this year.

(Oh, and say good-bye to that horrible up and down cycle that you seem to think is “just how it is.”)

[Spoiler alert!]…  Plus, I’ve got this REALLY hip “Money Map” to give you.  The Money Map ALONE will reduce your lizard brain to the size of a lentil bean. (And it will just make you happy when you post it by your desk.)

Sound good?  Good.

Click right here, my friend, and sign up for the Money Master Class.

(I’m in there coaching away as you read this!)

  • Don Dodds | Atlanta Web Design

    I was on Pinterest looking for inspiring content to share with a client (more friend than client) and came across your article. The 3 simple reasons for not charging enough are right on target. I feel compelled to share it. Great job Christine!

  • Danelle

    Hi Christine,
    I am in your Money Mastery Class and signed up for the webinar. I’ve been an entenpreneur for 12 years after leaving the education system as a teacher with my Master’s 12 years ago. I am a big picture thinker, always thinking outside the box and am always seeing new possibilities. I have acted on a few of them and most have done well. Times are always changing and so am I. I am sitting at a crossroads now and trying to make the best decisions once again. My heart has a burning passion of a business to pursue on my own, something that I know women/mother’s are needing. It’s what I do. My question is how to know, how to price appropriately. Do you have some more specifics on your recommendations on how to set prices? I have read much of your blog and get your email marketing too, but really need some help on how to set my pricing. Also, I’m at a point in my life where my kids are busy and active and I find the risk taking a little more serious than at other times in my life. Any advice you might have would be so appreciated. You are such a breath of fresh air to my life. Thank you.

  • Christine Springer

    High-5 Christine!! i love this article. I need to read it over and over and over again. I SO related to the idea that “bargain hunters don’t make the best clients”. Thanks for this!

  • Elli

    I live in Greece, and the unemployment rate is around 40%. Having no job, I am trying to start a business. I had this idea about OFFICE LUNCHES, since I live in the city center, and there are 300 offices around my house. Unfortunatelly I experience all the three money problems you describe, and I was wondering what PACKAGE could apply to my job??

  • Kimberly Sherry

    It feels like I have two businesses…the one online that works with packages started a year ago where I have been and am getting some clients there but still looking for improvement…and the second is my former massage practice that has evolved into more healing.
    My biggest challenge has been finding a way that I feel comfortable with while stretching to merge the two so that they feel more congruent. I feel confident about the online biz that is working at a much higher base rate for packages (2 1/2 times) but know that members of this gym would not pay $250 hr for what they perceive as a massage. I know you don’t want us charging by the hr…but I guess I would consider this my day job even though I am my own boss and am not willing to give it up completely since I love it too much…funny that is the first time I have ever thought of it as a “day job” but it feels like I am getting clear as I write…I see how I am working towards eliminating my “day job.”
    So I finally just posted a price list for the old biz at the gym (1st time in the 15 years I have done this) to show my menu of “Services” where a Package of 5 would allow the old price otherwise it is substantially higher. I did include my intuitive reading prices that are the same as online. This is my way of transitioning old clients to where I am headed to either start coming on board or they are not my peeps. Several have gotten the package… I think I know what you would say about this but won’t assume…so curious what you think…

  • Kimberly | New Spark Coaching

    “Money is a channel for the most powerful thing on the planet: Commitment.” Letting that one really sink in. Your feedback on Facebook really challenged me, Christine. Still struggling to wrap my brain (probably the lizard part!) around this concept of charging what I’m “worth.” Pricing seems very arbitrary and value is relative. To a lower-income person who really wants to change their life, a $300 package could be a HUGE financial investment that symbolizes their commitment. While, to a higher-income person, a $300 package could seem cheap enough to require little from them in terms of money or effort.

    I know that there is A LOT of room for improving and enlarging my money mindset. In the meantime, I’m pressing in, pressing on, and growing into bigger possibilities all the time!

    Grateful for coaches like you who inspire, challenge, and equip those who want to play a bigger game in the world and make a bigger impact.

  • Gloria

    My biggest aha coming away from your retreat last year was that I don’t value what I offer, even as much as my clients do ( at least in terms of dollars). It seems like a crazy problem to have. Someone could be offering me $5000.00 and I’d look at them and say no I’ll do that for $3000.00. Having an awareness that there is something deeply rooted here for me has been huge. I love what I do so much I really have to keep reminding myself that I’m running a business and it is supposed to make a profit. Thank you for consistently holding the vision that we can do what we love and make money as well and for guiding us back to that vision when we get lost. I am so grateful for all that you offer..
    In joy, Gloria

    P.S. Looking Forward to the Money Master Class! 😉

    • Christine Kane

      So happy to see you are still staying focused on this Gloria. You are intensely talented. And the only hurdle for you is mindset and value. (And yeah, that’s a common one for artists.) I believe in you more than you know girlfriend! 🙂

      • Gloria

        Thanks Christine, Your belief in me is continuously felt and has been absolutely life changing.

  • jen

    Christine, Well said girl! I am starting a new venture and immediately wanted to charge cheap prices to get someone to come to me, but nope, not gonna do it. I’m gonna charge what I’m worth and send that message out to the universe right from the start! Thank you for your knowledge, wisdom and plain awesomeness!!

    • Christine Kane

      Jen – Good for you! In some cases, when you’re just starting out — even FREE is better than CHEAP. But paid is best of all!

  • Marcie

    Christine, I am sooooo loving you right now as I have just completed an article on this same topic. I had been underpricing my services and felt horrible. Now that I know better I am going to do things differently.