What to Do When Your Website Server Goes Down for Days - Christine Kane

1 – Give your dog a bath.

2 – Approve graphics on your upcoming DVD packaging.

3 – Deal with getting a bar code for the new DVD. (Because, let’s face it, you’ve been putting that one off for weeks.)

4 – Pay bills.

5 – Write a song.

6 – Call your web guy.

7 – Bite your nails.

8 – Watch three episodes of West Wing in a row.

9 – Go through your inbox in the Getting Things Done way. Get things done.

10 – Call your web guy again.

11 – Go to a Japanese Spa.

12 – Do your best not to become someone who would shake a fist at someone else and say, “You’ll never work in this town again!”

13 – Call your friend and ask her to please listen to you talk about anger, even though it’s an unpleasant topic.

14 – Play your guitar, write a cool new chorus to a song you were stuck on, and feel the aforementioned anger dissipate.

15 – Learn a lot about what makes good customer service, and what makes bad customer service.

16 – Call your web guy again.

17 – Watch your blog subscriptions go down. Decide not to look at these kinds of things anymore.

18 – Listen to a Janet Evanovich mystery.

19 – Write a post as soon as your site comes back up again.
20 – Give away some free stuff. (Or, Be the good customer service you would like to have.)

Hello everyone!

The server where my website resides got hacked on Wednesday night last week. Everything went down until last night at some point. I am back. And it appears that so is my website. These kinds of little earthquakes happen in every workplace and in every life at some point. And no matter how much I envisioned myself in orange monk robes moving “beyond” such minor frustrations, I still kept coming face to face with my human-ness.

One time, my husband was dealing with a huge situation at his work, and in the midst of it, he said to me, “…and we have so much going on here that needs to be done that’s not getting done.” I responded, “No. You don’t. This is what needs to be done now. This is it.”

So, I gave myself that advice. And though I got through other things (My in-box. Writing songs.) I also slumped into despondency at times. (Biting nails. Watching West Wing.) I managed to avoid the All-or-Nothing Thinking that said things like, “Don’t go to the gym! You’re in a bad mood! Go get a big chocolate chip muffin instead!” I went to the gym. I meditated. I did my gratitude list. (After all, my cats are still adorable and my dog still wanted to play (dogs almost never care about website servers), and my husband gave me big hugs, and the Japanese spa was beautiful.)

GET A FREE DVD! So, in the spirit of customer service and blog love and welcoming me back, here’s a fun little contest for my blog readers and commenters. If you leave a comment today (Sunday), I’ll put your name in a hat (okay, well, maybe it won’t be a hat), and I’ll pick out five names. These five people will get a FREE COPY OF MY NEW DVD when it is released. (In about three weeks.) The DVD is a Live Concert filmed at the Diana Wortham Theatre. It also includes bonus features, an interview with me all about creativity, writing, and pursuing your dreams. There’s also a master class on how to play some of my songs and use open tunings on the guitar (with songwriting tips, too).

I’ll send you an email tomorrow if you are one of the winners, and I’ll get your address then!

Thanks for sticking with me!

  • Katie

    First time reader, first time commenter. Just had the same problem and growled my way to your site. Good thing, because I found myself laughing at myself as I read this post. Now I found a new blog to read and adjusted my attitude at the same time. Thanks for a great read found at just the right time. (sorry for the cheesy intro – feeling a little smart alecky after dealing with the downtime.)

  • Chris Owen

    what a pity I am behind with my blog reading!!!
    That’ll teach me! Missing out ona chance to win your new DVD!

  • Aaron M. Potts


    Good to have you back. I was going to link to one of your blog posts over the weekend and I was almost as freaked out as you when I realized that your site was down!

    Welcome back to the fold, and I’ll put that link up this coming weekend instead.

    p.s. – GREAT attitude about handling the whole situation.

    p.s.s. – I’m sure your dog didn’t care about the server. I know my cat doesn’t care that I can’t see through him when he stands directly in front of my laptop screen…

  • ChickiePam

    Awwwww! I missed the drawing! Shucks! I was having a no computer day on Sunday because my daughter had her last-one-of-the-season gymnastics competition. She wound up with 2-2nd place medals, 1-4th place medal, and best of all………FIRST PLACE TROPHY ALL AROUND FOR THE 12 YEAR OLDS! Go Rinnie!!!!! And she looked great, too, with glitter in her hair.

    Oh well, I’ve already pre-ordered the DVD when I was at the concert. But I do so love to get free things!

    I missed you, Christine. I look forward to my little “fix” every day now. Thanks for sharing yourself with me/us.

  • Joy

    well, darn. i missed the contest deadline, but that is only because i couldn’t get your website to come up on my screen after numerous tries, the last of which was about 8:00 last night.

    my consolation prize is that i finally found you again today. that’s the best prize of all, actually. being able to read each new blog you write.

    i was wondering when i saw how many comments you got how on the world you were going to respond to each one in your usual gracious fashion.

  • Caren

    Hmmm… valium salt lick… change it to a lollipop, and I think Mama could get a much-needed break! 😉

    I thought it was an issue with switching servers, until the link took me to some other website, then I realized it might be hackers.

    Glad you’re back, and you survived. Sex and the City DVDs and the Sweet Potato Queens’ Chocolate Stuff are my chosen slumping-into-despondency companions. I’d recommend giving them a try sometime, but you know – I don’t *want* you to slump into despondency. Maybe you could try them just because.

  • NancyCz

    darn! I wish I had looked last night but I was busy watching a law and order svu marathon (I know, sad… but it’s the end of vacation).

    But you know what?

    I bet somewhere in the world right now it’s still Sunday… does that count?


  • Chris Cree

    Oh, Man! Talk about being a day late and a dollar short! I hate missing out at a chance for that DVD! Now I might actually have to *gasp* buy it!

    I give you credit for coping so well, Christine. When the server I’m on crashed hard I was wishing for something like a valium salt lick in my office to calm me down!

  • Christine Kane

    Hi Everyone! I think it would be crazy to try and respond to 45 comments one after the other — but I will simply say that I’m deeply touched by all of your thoughts and words — and some of these made me laugh out loud. I am going to print up a list of all of these. Then I’m going to cut each one out. And then I’m going to put them all in a box. And then I’m going to draw five. It will be random! I won’t be moved to favor anyone by the kind things you said! (though it’s tempting — we artists are all about applause you know!) Anyway, unless I hear huge objections, I will add fivecats to the pile. I’ll announce winners later today. We’re still having server issues with our email, so I am in the midst of lots of stuff today. Thank you all very much!

  • fivecats

    I’m guessing Monday comments don’t count, eh? (But, honest! I was driving from Asheville to Raleighwood on Sunday!)

  • Krispy

    Hey all, I had a couple of inquiries about the book that I mentioned in my reply to Christine’s latest entry. The book that I was referring to is called Wild Love by Gill Edwards and I think has only been published in the UK. You can go onto Amazon.co.uk to order it though (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wild-Love-Discover-Magical-Unconditional/dp/0749926872/sr=8-1/qid=1172499729/ref=pd_ka_1/202-4316030-8942217?ie=UTF8&s=books). Hope that helps.

  • Sandra

    and the winner is…..ME? OK, no Oscar but a new CD perhaps?? If so, I promise to give to someone who needs an introduction to your music and inspiration. Glad you are back on line with everyone! Hugs to all your animals.

  • Tamara

    I’m so glad you’re back up Christine. I always wonder what happened when I can no longer access a website that I enjoy. I’ll remember to be more patience in the future, realizing that hackers can spoil it for the rest of us. Please add me to the drawing, late as I may be. I’e been dying to see what a live performance from you would be after reading how it looks from your perspective.

    Regardless I’ll be continuing to read your posts. I really appreciate your perspective on things. Here’s hoping your ISP upgrades security to prevent a reoccurrence! 😉

  • Kevin

    Wow, I was a little worried there for a moment. Glad you’re back, and doubly glad someone I admire as much as you has the same kinds of bad days I have. Thanks so much!

  • MB

    Way to bounce back!

  • Joann

    Glad you are back. Even if the website is down, we’ll all come back! Don’t worry.

  • kerri arista

    please add my name to the “hat”

    glad things are up and running for you again. it can get frustrating but it sounds like you balanced it out…

  • Layne Lab

    Servers may fail and/or go down occasionally, but,


  • Valerie

    I am SO glad you are back up and running! I just discovered your site 2 days earlier and then it disappeared, much to my dismay, and the dismay of about 20 of my e-friends. I am still in the process of consuming all of your topics and am enjoying, learning, and culitivating so much from your site. Thank you.

  • Maddie

    Hi Christine,

    I’m new to your site (and your music).
    I’ve spent the last few hours reading through many of your old posts and articles. Great stuff! I’m 54 years young and married for 33 yrs. to a great guy. Together we have 4 fabulous kids (ages 24 to 30) who recently introduced us to the power of intention. It’s so totally opposite the way we grew up. Hubby and I were both headed for non-traditional lives (he as a musician and I as an artist)…but we caved in to the pressures of the times and “muggles”. Oddly enough, we didn’t pass along those pressures to our kids—they are free spirits for sure—and we are learning new things from them every day. For this, and so much more, we are truly grateful!
    I’ve never written to a blog before. This is my first time.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    I will check in from time to time.

    PS. I love Steve Pavila’s site too.

  • Anna

    Glad it all worked out! Can’t wait to try the spa…

    Please put me in the “hat”


  • redzils

    I love your comment that dogs so rarely care about webservers – how true! Mine wishes I spent less time at the shiny box, and would love an outage.

    Glad to hear you are back!

  • Krispy

    Hey Christine…I am SSSSOOOOOO glad that you are back! I was missing my life fix. You and another lady called Gill Edwards (through her latest book “Wild Love” which I can not recommend enough…kind of like a slightly more compassionate, less gung ho than the Secret version of vibrational living) have been my recent companions in terms of what I am reading for this stage of the journey. So I am very glad to see that you are back. Also, not that I want to reinforce such things, but glad to hear that you have West Wing lapses as well!!!!

  • Lori A

    Your blog is the best! Thanks for writing it.

    Put my name in that hat, my fingers are crossed…

  • Larry Hendrick

    Welcome back, Christine. Now the Good News & Bad News.
    Good News: reading in a feed reader never causes concern over a short-time missing website. All the articles show up for enjoyment and you don’t know if the site is up or down.
    Bad News: reading in a feed reader never causes concern over a short-time missing website because I don’t realize the site was down until the post shows up in the reader informing me.
    Thanks for your thoughts.

  • Lala

    Delurking to have a chance of winning a DVD!!!

    Christine, you teach not just by words, but by example… 🙂

  • Jer

    This is me leaving a comment.

    don’t you just love people who ‘hack’ things? do they wake up and think, “hmm…whose life can i make miserable today…? and how can i go about doing that…?”

    anyways, glad you’re up and running again. and i’m looking forward to the dvd, whether bought or free.

  • mary katherine

    Oh my! I’d better get in on this too. Welcome back, Christine! If you pick my name from the hat (and I strongly recommend using a hat – it’ll be more fun that way) I’ll donate the dvd (since I pre-ordered one) to the Music Library!! Sarah, who commented earlier, will appreciate this.


  • Robert


    Glad you’re back online. With all of the plates you have spinning, I assumed you were away from the blogosphere for a few days by choice. I was beginning to have withdrawal!

    Pesky, pesky hackers! [Insert appropriate expletives here.]

    PS – When I’m despondent I watch entire seasons of “Charlie’s Angels.”

  • Christina R.

    We’ve missed you! Actually, it’s good to go away every once in awhile. This little technical ‘blip’ made many of your readers realize how much we need our dose of Christine Kane.

    I’m looking forward to your DVD, as it sounds excellent, especially the section on creativity, and of course, your singing!

    Thanks for your writing, Christine. It’s feminine and accessible, just like a gathered bouquet of wildflowers.

  • Marcia

    I think most people will hang with you. I’m glad to see your site back online. I really enjoy your posts and admire how you integrate all that you do. You’re an inspiration!

  • Peter

    I have your blog in my reader to make sure i don’t miss your posts. What I like most is your approach to life, law of attraction. You make it achievable in everyday life instead of feeling I need to have a guru. I also enjoy your songs and of course I would like a chance to win a dvd.

  • Joy Langtry

    Christine, the lesson is still good even when we are learning what *not* to do! 🙂
    Thanks for the contest, and I’m so glad you’re back online!

  • Vicki

    I think your blog is great – you are wise and insightful. I would love a CD because I bet you sound as great as you write!

  • Schmoops

    You inspired me to start a gratitude journal and on today’s list is:

    So happy Christine’s site is back!

  • Diana

    I love your blog – thought you were busy. That’s okay. Technoglitches happen. Would love to see your work.

  • Joe Sheehan

    Christine, I read your website every post w/ Google Reader, and the stats page on there shows that i read 100% of your posts. Now, The Top 3 Reasons why I’d like one of your DVD’s:

    1) I’ve never really listened to your music before, even though I’ve been reading your blog for months.
    2) Reading your blog alone has made me give NC a second look as a place to vacation peacefully.
    2) Because you so openly discuss emotions that I, as a mid-20’s single male engineer, had never really occurred to me, but I see evidence of them in my life, as well in the lives of a few people who are very close to me.

    You open up my eyes Christine. DVD or not, thank you for everything.

  • Jon Dittert

    Welcome back! I can say from personal experience that you haven’t truly slumped into despondency until you watch entire SEASON of West Wing back to back. Yeah…

  • Carlie

    i lost all internet and cable on valentine’s day, in the middle of a snowstorm. i went into tech-withdrawl for a couple hours, but then finally found myself at peace with a book overlooking whiteness, and later hiked a mile to go sledding with a 4-yo. when things go wrong, i always expect that i’ll have a period of angsty adjustment, followed by an it’s-all-good attitude.
    congrats on the forthcoming DVD!

  • Paula Kawal

    LOL Christine! I knew just what you were going through when I noticed your site was down a few days ago…I’m working on turning my attention away from the stats on my site as well:) I’m glad you’re back…you have such a talent for bringing lightness and ease into what you create!

  • Kristine

    I think it is less important to post every day, or even on a regular basis, than to write something meaninful when you (as in I) do post. I really enjoy your insights and look forward to getting to know your music.

  • Kevin

    Really glad your site is back up.

    It’s one of the first places I check every morning, and the last few days just haven’t been the same without being able to read through your blogs and the archives.

  • Cris

    Congratulations on your return! In true Oscar fashion, I am preparing my DVD acceptance speech- just in case. However, it is indeed an honor to just be included in this rich company of fellow nominees.

  • Susanne

    Ha! Now I know why I choose to check my bloglines even though I don’t have time for it right now. For once there was a valid reason besides procrastination.

    Well, having a new song and a new chorus is worth a lot, isn’t it? I though your site might be down due to the server move or something.

    I’m living on a different continent too…

  • Lawrence

    Glad you’re back online. Just dicovered your blog today and really enjoy the positive writings! Thanks and keep it up!

  • Jen

    Oh my goodness! You’re back! :o) Yay!
    I just discovered your site the middle of last week and have learned a ton already. Your All or Nothing Thinking posts have really touched me as well. I’m looking forward to spending more time going through the archives as well as keeping up with the new blog entries.

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and reaching out to the rest of us here in cyber-land :o)

  • Mustafa

    Welcome back! And congratulations on getting other stuff done in the mean time. You’re all-or-nothing post just before the downtime got me revisiting my Word of the Year and thankfully the weekend’s given me the change to get back on track.

    All the best,

  • thodarumm

    I am so glad to see you back online. Christine, I checked your tour schedule, you are not coming near me. But I will keep checking! Have a great Sunday.

  • Sarah

    Dear Christine!

    I’m in the middle of a project with a deadline and procrastinating by going to your website. Lucky me – you are helping me get over bumps and walls that I can’t see over (just mistyped wee over, I guess that too!). Anyway, even if you don’t choose my name I am going to buy your DVD, but that leetle competitive voice in me said, go ahead, post a comment…who knows? You help in so many ways and I thank you for it all…and I’m one of the people who is saying so. Just think of all the others who don’t. You rock!! Thanks again, Sarah (MK’s friend)

  • Cathy

    Glad you’re back! Bad web host…..

  • Kelsey

    I applaud your spirit. Customer service is so important. I will pay more and go out of my way to give my business to a place with good customer service over a cheap/close place that treats patrons poorly. There’s just no reason to make your bad day everyone else’s bad day, you know?

    I’ve really enjoyed your latest posts about all-or-nothing thinking (gets me in trouble all the time!) I thought maybe you were just giving us time to practice!

  • Germaine

    Thought it was my computer playing tricks,not allowing me into your sight! Not sure if other continents are included in your dvd offering, would be great to receive it though! Well done on how you handled the whole IT-thing! Chat again, G

  • Ruth

    happy back on line day….. we’re all still here, YOU’re still there, we just lost the connection for a moment….glad to hear you made it through the trauma. now pick my name so I can gift your DVD to my friend.