When Good Label Makers Do Bad Things - Christine Kane



This is Eva’s dog. Eva returned home from my March retreat with a renewed enthusiasm to get things in order in her life. After clearing out the clutter, she bought a label maker. Then, she sent this photo so I could see her progress.


p.s. The June and October retreats are both so close to being sold out that I’m almost ready to close registration. Many people have written to me about wanting to come to one of these two retreats. And I totally understand putting off planning something that’s so far in the future. But if you’re considering coming to a retreat this year, you might want to sign up soon! (Or email me at christine@christinekane.com to get more info.)

  • John Trosko

    I agree with Monica! Found out the same way.

    I just twittered this post: http://www.twitter.com/johntrosko

    – John

  • Monica Ricci

    My colleague sent me this link, as we are both organizing experts and have (ahem) considerable experience (cough cough) taming the occasional unruly, rogue label maker. I think it’s clear that poor Eva has gotten hold of one of these rebel machines and poor puppy is paying the price!

  • Eva

    Christine – LOL – I was surprised to see my pup’s picture when I sat down to read your blog. But I told her she made other people smile and she has forgiven me. For clearly her mission in life is to make hearts smile. 🙂

  • Danny

    Poor puppy…

    “Once you label me you negate me.” – Soren Kierkegaard

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.


  • Christine Kane

    hi connie! it was bellsouth blocking my server! so, i think the problem is fixed. i have you down for june’s retreat. right? are you feeling better???

  • connie

    Is your email address still blocking bellsouth?
    I have a deposit on for June as I had to cancel in March, just need to confirm. LOVE the label maker gone awry!

  • Elaine

    OOps sorry for the repeat… it didn’t go on the 1st time (or so I thought!)

  • Elaine

    I just love this picture… just off to find a label maker to label my 5 cats!!

  • Elaine

    …I just love this picture! I want to get a label maker and go label ALL my cats!

  • Sue

    Even though I have seen this, it still made me smile ear to ear. Love it!!!! I want to squish on him he’s so cute!!!!

  • Pat K.

    Oh my! I just want to pet that Doggen’s nose!