I just posted a new video at the Uplevel Live site all about how I took a pretty lame situation backstage one night – and turned it into an 18K bonus during the next six months – just by thinking with a little bit more strategy and a little less reactivity!

In the video, I show you a way to approach your business that truly honors people and allows you to market with clarity and authenticity.  (And YES, it will also make you a lot more money!)   I call this model “The Pyramid of Peeps.”

(NOTE: There’s a bonus download worksheet that comes with the video – be sure to click on the link below the video!)

  • Christine Kane

    Kelly – thanks for pointing that out.

    I realized that this link goes to the video that was featured THAT DAY. So, i need to update it.

    if you click on video #2 in that series – it’ll show you this story – as well as an entire lesson on how to do the same thing.

  • Kelly

    Thank you for this! Great ideas are coming out of it. I’m curious where the $18K lemonade story is though. Is there a mislinked video somewhere? Did I miss something?

  • Christine Kane

    Thanks Geri and Alina – So glad this is helping you! (We’ve got quite the conversation happening over at the UplevelLive site – so feel free to leave a question over there!)

  • alina

    Just huge huge thank you for everything you do that others can benefit from:)

  • geri

    i got this in my inbox yesterday, and have watched three times so far. excellent material to chew on – look forward to the others! thank you so much.