"Here it is. My new CD! It's called Wide Awake, and it's all about what it means to experience life with open eyes. It's my gift to anyone who lives courageously, creatively and with an intention to live out loud."

Dear Friend:

Seven months of flights to New York City to record in my favorite studio.

One or two trips to Nashville for some co-writing tweaks and photographs.

Eight different recording sessions with six different musicians.

Two spiral notebooks filled with songs and drafts and re-writes.

An experimental website called Be My Record Label.

Several rounds of final mixes.

A few debates on the title.

Finally! The CD is done!

You've been waiting a while, so I'll make this short:

I've put together three packages. Three ways to get the new CD, plus a few other cool items as well. Go ahead and pick which one suits you best.

One last thing: EVERY purchase of the CD comes with a BONUS gift called The Kitchen Table Sessions. Read about it at the bottom of this page!

And thank you for visiting!

Christine Kane


"Christine Kane's music is wildly deluxe, tenderly intimate, and heart-zoomingly intelligent."

- SARK, Best-Selling Author, Coach, Artist www.planetsark.com

"Christine Kane is the real deal, the complete package. Her writing is extraordinary, and her vision is huge. She's got this amazing way of changing lives and healing souls with just a single song. I listen to her CD's non-stop."

- Steve Seskin,
Grammy-nominated songwriter of seven #1 hit songs, performer, author and Master Teacher

Wide Awake
~ The Packages ~

The Basic Music Lover
(Digital Version OR
“Hold-It-In-Your-Hands” Version)

  • Digital Version -

    Download the CD now.


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  • The Hold-It-In-Your-Hands Version -

    Sent right to your mailbox with FREE SHIPPING!


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  • The Basic Music Lover PLUS

    Get BOTH!

    Go ahead and get the download as soon as we release it. (No waiting!) In the meantime, the actual CD will be heading right to your mailbox.


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    “Gimme Music, Gimme Mindsets, Gimme More!!!” Deluxe Package


  • BOTH the digital download of the CD AND a signed copy of the CD mailed to your front door.


  • YOUR CHOICE of one of Christine’s earlier CDs. (FIVE to choose from.)



    Christine’s Exclusive Groovy Mix Tape

  • Okay, so I had a reputation in high school. I was known for making the best mix tapes of any of my friends. A mix tape from me was a coveted birthday or Christmas gift. I prided myself on this! (Hey, I was 15! I had to pride myself on something!)

    So, here’s a modern day version of my high-school days! A compilation of the best and brightest indie musicians on the cutting edge today -- hand-selected by me to create the perfect mix tape for your iPod or for downloading onto a CD. (All music used by permission.)


    How to Be Real:
    A Simple Guide to Authentic Success

    The most common thing my clients say to me is this:

    "I wanna do what you're doing."

    No, they don't mean writing songs! They mean, "I want to live authentically. I want to succeed being EXACTLY who I am."

    So, how do you do that? How do you live authentically, successfully, and creatively in a world that has become so full of pressure and high demands?

    "How to Be Real" is an audiobook download that will show you how to discover your passion, live your life on your own terms, and create success authentically, easily, and joyfully!



    4 Monthly Payments of $27.00

    Order Now

    "Christine's songs and her voice are a real inspiration and joy to me."

    - Rosanne Cash


    The Kitchen Table Sessions

    When I was recording this CD, a group of about 420 people helped me in the process at www.bemyrecordlabel.com. They got to hear the songs in their un-produced stripped down form.

    In other words, they heard me sing them at my kitchen table into Garage Band.

    As each song went through the studio process, some of the people pleaded with me. "Don't lose the "Kitchen Table Session" of the song! That's my favorite!"

    So, this is my answer.

    "Wide Awake" will be available in full Kitchen Table Session format to EVERYONE who purchases it from me. The Kitchen Table Sessions will be released soon. You will be notified by email to get your BONUS DOWNLOAD.

    "…a petite powerhouse of a singer!"

    - Washington Post

    "What impresses me most about Christine is her courage. I've seen it on stage, in her lyrics, in a workshop we co-lead, and in her fierce dedication to her beliefs and ideas. I love questions and one I like to ask people is 'What would you do if you had 10 times more courage?' One answer is Christine Kane."

    - Jennifer Louden,
    Best-selling Author, Life Coach, Speaker, Social Commentator

    Hey! One last thing!

    I've told lots of people that this is possibly my last CD ever. This doesn't mean I won't write songs. It just might mean that the tactile tangible hold-it-in-your-hands CD will no longer be how I put songs out in the world. So, this is a last-chance kind of thing…

    I'm excited to send it to you!


    Christine Kane