Write About Your 2009 Word-of-the-Year - Christine Kane

As we move into the last month of 2009, I want to make you an offer.

One of my most popular blog posts each year has been the post about choosing a word for your year, rather than doing resolutions.

Click here to read that post.

Everywhere I go, I’m approached by readers of this blog who tell me stories about how that one post changed their year. It’s so much fun to hear about the expansion that this one simple practice has created!

So here’s the deal.


A]  You chose a Word-of-the-Year for 2009…

B]  That word and that intention shaped or changed you in any way…


C]  You want to write a guest post on my blog…

Then, I’m inviting you to write about that word, and about your year on this blog.

If you’d be interested in being a Guest Blogger on this blog, I’ll be running these posts about the Word-of-the-Year starting next week.  YOU MUST TURN IN YOUR GUEST POST BY SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6.

Here’s what to do:

1 – Send an email to my team at info@christinekane.com to let us know you want to do this. We will send you the “Simple Guest Post Guidelines.”

2 – Write your post.

3 – Turn it in no later than this Saturday.

4- We will share your experiences with the world!

Post any questions below!

  • Patricia A. McGoldrick


    Hello Christine,

    On your website in December, I noticed a focus on individuals sharing a meaningful word for their year.
    This year my word has been “now”.
    During some challenging months, your website words have been a source of encouragement and inspiration.
    I wrote about my experience of setting out to make a vision board as I looked to the future.
    I shared my realization about how the board became what I have called a “now board” for me;
    this has prepared me to make an actual vision board once I have ascertained where I am at–now.
    The article entitled “‘Now Boards’ Give Life to Dreams” has been published at http://www.chapterandverse.ca/non-fiction/293-now-boards.html. Thank you so much for inspiring a process that led to a life realization for me and one that I share with so many of my closest.

    Keep up the great work along with your music.

    Happy holidays!


  • Mindful Mimi

    Hi Christine,
    I missed the deadline 🙁 Darn.
    Last year my word was ‘Serenity’. And I think I have achieved this to a satisfactorily extend. Not always 100%, not every day, not when I need it… but I know where it is and how to get back to it. And that is a big step for me.
    My word for 2010 is CREATE. It has backlapped into 2009 already as I have been starting to create a lot of things around me. And I want to continue doing that.
    I want to continue creating a happy home for my husband and kids. I want to create my art, whether it’s painting, photographing or anything else that falls under that category.
    I want to create my creativity workshops in such a way that they become a concept and I can make a living off them.
    I want to create my charity events in such a way that I can create my own charity taking care of them soon.
    I want to create my life around things I love doing.
    I want to create a surrounding that attracts positive, like-minded people that I can help and that also support me.
    That is a lot on my plate, but the ball has been set to roll as you know and the effects start to ripple nicely.
    I will keep you posted.

  • Amanda

    I read your post last year regarding the Word for the Year, and thinking Hey, I love this idea! Simple, practical…I’m IN, I chose “Perspective” and oh my heart. That word has been what I have filtered so many situations, memories and experiences through in 2009. It helped me stay calm. It helped me not lose my temper. It helped me put my mind in gear before putting my mouth in motion. Perspective helped me not take things personally. It helped me get through challenges that had me gnashing my teeth in frustration. It helped me look back and go, Ohhhhh yeah…in a few days/months/year, this is going to feel much different and wow, I can get through it!

    Now my challenge is to select a word for 2010. I’m hard-pressed to part with Perspective, as I’ve come to love it so! Thus, I will add Perspective to my Toolbox of Life Skills to re-use frequently, and search for a new word to learn from in the coming year 🙂 Thanks for such a great idea, Christine!

  • Marie

    I love Iris’s post – my situation is similar, and my word for 2010 is “unstuck.” In some important work and career areas I’m stuck/stymied about change, and I need to break that and get both feet on the same surface. I’d prefer that to be a NEW surface, because I will have gotten past the stuck point and made a change.

  • Patricia

    My word for 2009 was ‘engage’. Christine, I can’t tell you how much velocity that word gave me. Choosing a word for the year, rather than a resolution, is an amazing tool for growth.

  • Sam

    I think my word for the year 2010 will be “Pray”. I do pray often but need to do it more often. Not only for things I think I need, but in gratitude for what I have; including 2 happily married grown children, good health, a home, a very caring and supportive husband, waking up every morning, a good job that I love, people like Christine who add so much insight to my daily thinking, the list could go on. And I hope it isn’t bad luck to start before 2010!

  • Fran

    I read that series of posts from last year and loved the whole concept. So, I’m going to give it a try too. I have decided that my word for 2010 and beyond will be GUTS. It is my latest blog entry. And maybe next year I can write one of those guest posts to talk about all the changes it inspired.


  • Lu

    Ha!!! My post for Dec. 1 is about my 2009 theme word. Great that you are sharing this with so many. It is good to reflect on where that theme has taken you.

  • Kathy

    It was pretty easy to pick a word this year. It is Success. It came into my mind as I read your post and stayed there as I reviewed your list of possible words of the year from last year’s post. I am working on getting healthy by getting in better touch with my body, starting with a weight loss coach and beginning an exercise regiment, David’s working on upleveling his business, I am starting my writing career and have joined your Conscious, Creative, Success Circle… and intend success for all of it. I can be somewhat self sabotaging, feeling guilty that I have success in life and love when others I love don’t. By choosing success as my word I “uplevel” the thought and focus on the end game in all of it.

  • Meredith

    I love this idea — I’ll have to choose one for 2010.

    Iris’ comment is resonating with me. I think I do rather a lot of one foot off the matt, too… hmmm…

  • Chrissy

    Wow! Has it been a year already! I loved that series last year…

  • Iris

    What a fun idea! I read your post last year, but I couldn’t think of a word that resonated with me. Yesterday though, in yoga class, my teacher was talking about having one foot on the mat and one foot off. I realized that I’m that way in EVERYTHING in my life. I’m not committed to my job, yoga, my relationship, my career path, where I live…anything. And I realized that in not committing to anything in my life, I wasn’t committing to myself. So my word for 2010 (starting now) is commit. I want to spend some time and figure out what’s worth committing to in my life, and truly make the commitment. I’m tired of living my life with one foot on the mat and one foot off.