Ms. Kane Goes to Washington - Christine Kane

black-and-white-rock.jpgWell, Northern Virginia anyway.

This Saturday night, I’ll be performing at Jammin Java in Vienna, VA. It’s an early show. 7pm. You can get tickets here.

While I’m aware that this is probably a long way for most of my readers to travel – if you know anyone in the area, please invite them!

And here’s a little bonus — if they print out your email that invites them, and if they bring it to the CD sales table, I will personally give them $10 off of any purchase. (I’ll bet Hannah Montana never offers this kind of deal!)

I performed last weekend – two nights – in Raleigh, NC, and it was remarkable to learn how many people in the audience were there as blog readers. Lots of them had never seen me play before. I don’t know why – but this kind of connection is more fun than NPR interviews and write-ups in major newspapers. (Nneka – you have a fabulous laugh! Your readers need to know that!)

I hope to see some of you there!

  • Lisa D.


    Your show at Jammin Java was great! It was wonderful to see you in concert. Can’t wait until next time!


  • thinkings

    great. charlottesville is reasonably close, and i have lots of friends and family to stay with in richmond. i’ll keep an eye out!


  • Caryn

    Christine, I’m in Utah. We have a folk music festival here every fall. 🙂 I’ll have to recommend you to them.

  • Christine Kane

    hi thinkings — my readers are all over the place. i put up posts about shows like this in case people know people or in case someone happens to be in the area. when I lead my e-Seminar – the participants are overseas, in california, maine – all over the place! sometimes i play in charlottesville – and rarely in the richmond area. but stay tuned. i’ll be adding more dates this year!

  • thinkingS

    Where do most of your readers live? (I haven’t been reading long enuf to have a sense of ‘geography’ –just recently discovered your _fabulous_ and uplifting blog.) I live in Virginia, but I think I’m closer to Asheville than to Vienna. Any concerts coming up in a more in-between location?

    Keep shining!

  • Vince

    I wish I could be there!

    Anyway, it would be great to see you up here in the Washington Twp., NJ Performing Arts Center in beautiful Wash. Twp., NJ (aka South Philadelphia East).

    I’m serious! Willie Nelson has appeared there along with many other big & small name performers over the past several years.

  • Alice

    Hi Christine, will be there Saturday with my husband and a friend–looking forward to it!

  • Vic

    We’d love to see you on Sat, but Eva’s on bed rest because she’s having a baby NEXT WEEK!!

    Sorry to miss a trip through town, maybe we’ll bring the wee one next time.

    Keep your fingers crossed!


  • Christine Kane

    Thanks all! (epiphany girl — that’s called “all the relatives” – thanks for your kind words!) Nora – I’ll see you there! (and diane, i’ll see you in tx in october. sorry it didn’t work out in june.)

  • TheGirlWhoCriedEpiphany

    I am listening to the Boston folk station online from my house in the Hudson Valley and one of your songs just came one (I forget the name, but I love it, the one about the woman who found a puppy alone in an alley on a rainy Christmas ever). I’m smiling now! Wish I were closer to DC, but I love the way music (your music!) draws little constellations of connection all over this part of the world.

  • Diane

    Hey Y’all! If you love Christine and want her to play in your area you just need to follow that vision and make it happen! Can’t wait to see and hear you in person Christine. Woo Hoo…look out north Texas in October!!!

  • Nneka | Spirituality Blog

    Don’t miss it! I was like a groupie in the audience. Christine was great. My friends that went Thursday and Saturday evening loved her.


  • Nora

    I’ll be there!!

    I’ve been listening to your music for a long time now and hearing about fantastic you are from all the strong women in my life and now I get to see first hand. I’m pumped!!

  • Lisa Call

    Colin – try making your browser window wider. The center column of Christine’s blog isn’t fixed width but when pictures appear it misbehaves if there isn’t room for the pictures in that column.

  • Colin

    Correct, and I happen to like your schnozz.

  • Christine Kane

    thanks caryn! I’ve got more performances this year – so keep an eye out. (where are you anyway?)

    colin – maybe your computer issues are just god punishing you for being a smartass. (i’ll bet you use internet explorer for your browser, correct?)

    hi jess – come say hello after the show!

  • Jess

    Yay! I’ll be at Jammin’ Java on Saturday with my husband. I found your blog a few months ago, bought your “Rain & Mud & Wild & Green” CD, and going to the concert is one of my Valentine’s Day presents. I’m excited!

  • Colin

    How can I get the pictures in the blog to “un-superimpose” over the text? Nice profile of your schnozz, by the way 🙂
    Fr. Colin

  • Caryn

    Oh, I’m so jealous! VA isn’t even in the realm of possibility for me, but I wish it were. I still haven’t been able to see you perform live, but I love your CDs, and I have a feeling the live experience would be even better.