So Many Ways to Waste Time. So Little Time to Waste. - Christine Kane

But hey, it’s the weekend. What better time to have a little internet puttering fun time?


  • Anna

    Well, this is a nifty time-waster. Although the motorcycle they put in my beautiful spring picture had to go!

  • Geetali

    Just saw this post! Lovely way to start the week 🙂 Thank you ,Christine.

  • Catherine Cantieri, Sorted

    Man, they came up with some weird things for my favorite interjection (“Crap in a hat”)! Good fun, though! 🙂

  • jess

    Hi Christine, I saw your picture in a woman’s magazine at the doctor’s office (no, really), First or Woman, I forget. It was about vision boards and a lovely big picture next to it. Too bad they didn’t mention your lovely blog…

  • yara

    Enjoyable site,
    Sending my love to everybody and wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

  • sunnymama

    This is great fun! Thank you.